Vocus Enhanced with Customer-centric Press Release Distribution from Marketwire

Vocus and Marketwire have signed a partnership to enhance CisionPoint with new press release distribution options. Vocus customers are now offered better reach for their news through Marketwire’s distribution channels.

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Vocus already offered powerful press release distribution and reach through Vocus Web Distribution, with over 3,500 of the most-visited news websites, online services and news aggregator databases for as little as $150 per release. With Marketwire, Cision enhances distribution list, and offers a number of customer benefits including:

  • Geo-targeted distribution to media, financial analysts, online influencers and social networking sites, overlaying reach with relevant industry segments
  • Analytics and monitoring, press release performance comparing options, as well as the ability to generate reports in multiple formats
  • Multimedia press release format, including hyperlinks, pictures, audio and videos
  • Social media features to share press releases on key social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube
  • Editorial review
  • Efficiency in meeting regulatory filing and disclosure requirements in the United States and Canada
  • Advanced press release SEO features strengthening exposure in search engines

The Marketwire features and functionality became available to all Vocus customers with the launch of the release of CisionPoint.

What can CisionPoint do?

CisionPoint handles assorted tasks using multiple tabs – easily all at the same time. CisionPoint assists at every step of a PR project including research, extensive media database, use lists to contact media sources via the PowerSearch function, calendar press release distributions, track client’s media coverage, and follow-up on what worked or didn’t in the PR campaigns. Users can track interactions with journalists, including press release distributions, emails, phone calls, and personal notes.

Check PR campaigns’ outreach and effectiveness by brand, product, region, and message. Tailor reports for specific outcomes, analyze client’s presence on social media, and prove ROI on campaigns.  CisionPoint allows comparison with your efforts with competitors’ results.

The Marketwire features and functionality will be available to all Cision customers with the launch of the spring release of CisionPoint.

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