VOXUS Public Relations Chosen as Agency of Record for ToteVision

Voxus PR Firm

VOXUSvocus public relations is the newest agency of record chosen by ToteVision.The public relations firm will be responsible for planning and executing a campaign involving media relations and brand positioning to ensure maximum exposure for their client.

“VOXUS’ organizational model is refreshingly different. They eliminated costly overhead and offer a tremendous amount of senior-level attention. This translates into a very efficient program that delivers tremendous PR value for the spend.” said Mark Lakefish, VP of business development at ToteVision. “they showed an uncanny ability to quickly understand our technology and the unique challenges we face in the monitor and TV market.”

ToteVision is a manufacturer that produces customized LCD screens and televisions for commercial purposes. Originally founded in the early 80`s, the company has been a leader in television since that time. They have produced everything from portable televisions and miniature LCD monitors to more specialized, custom equipment that is currently being used in a range of industries including the hospitality, security and similar industries that have need of their specialty monitors.

VOXUS is a public relations firm with years of experience in brand recognition and placement. They pride themselves on keeping their campaigns to a manageable size while getting the biggest publicity possible. This is done by keeping their overhead low and promotion high. The firm is looking forward to working with ToteVision, the innovative LCD monitor company.

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