Former MWWPR Executive Weiner Pleads Guilty To Sex Crimes

2017-05-23 by Jason Tannahill

Former MWWPR Executive Weiner Pleads Guilty To Sex Crimes

The sad, strange saga of former New York congressman Anthony Weiner, a former MWW PR executive, may be finally coming to a close. Weiner pled guilty to some of the charges outlined in the case against him built around his repeated sexual text messages with a 15-year-old girl.

Weiner’s political ambitions had long-since been derailed by his seemingly compulsive need to randomly sext relative strangers before this most recent case made the headlines. According to reports by the Associated Press, Weiner admitted he was guilty of transferring obscene material to a minor, though there’s no word yet on some of the other charges.

This case began last September, in the midst of a heated Presidential race in which Weiner’s then-wife Huma Abedin played a large role, as candidate Hillary Clinton’s aide and close confidant. The whole issue hit the headlines after a teenage girl contacted the tabloid site The Daily Mail, claiming that she and Weiner had been sexting for months.

The FBI opened an investigation, eventually seizing Weiner’s laptop, which ended up at the center of the email debacle that, in part, helped to sink Clinton’s campaign. Regardless of the facts around the laptop, rumors swirled thick and fast, causing people to grab hold of a series of mostly unsubstantiated information.

But was definitely true is that the seizure of the laptop led to the announcement by then-FBI Director James Comey that the Bureau would be reopening the closed investigation into Clinton’s handling of State Department business on her now-infamous private email server.

That investigation didn’t bring out any new information, but the insinuations alone leached support away from Clinton, and the candidate was quick to point the finger at Comey for reopening the investigation.

Meanwhile, every time it was brought up, the public was reminded of Weiner’s proclivities for sexting random women … then they found out the “woman” at the center of this investigation was a 15-year-old girl. Suddenly, in the headlines and in the minds of millions of people reading the stories, the “pervert” was a “predator.”

Until that point, Weiner’s sexual behavior hadn’t had too much of an impact on his political career, but the investigation into this incident destroyed his chances of resurrecting his career … at least for the foreseeable future.  Of course, one also wonders why a PR firm like MWWPR would have hired someone with such a record.

What comes next for the former Congressman? Jail time.

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