Westwood College Chooses Groundfloor Media for PR

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Westwood CollegeWestwood College, an educational center that features 17 locations across the nation, plus a well ranked online campus, has made a decision today on their public relations campaign. The college has decided to go with Groundfloor Media as their public relations agency of record for all of their school locations. The choice was made through a bidding competition in which Groundfloor Media came in first.

The public relations firm is planning to work on an integrated communication campaign that they will design and implement. The campaign will include media exposure through local marketing, social media, and community outreaches, as well as being more proactive about communication with the media.

“It is a true honor to be able to spread the word about Westwood College and its amazing students and faculty,” said Laura Love, founder and president of GroundFloor Media. “With a changing job market and more than two thirds of new jobs requiring a college education or advanced training, it is clear that our education system is in need of innovative education programs like those offered by Westwood.”

In 2008, Westwood College saw a 20% increase in students and hopes that with the help of Groundfloor Media, they can continue to grow throughout 2009. They also plan to offer more degrees and expanded programs to students, attracting even more enrollees over the next few months. The fact that they offer entire online courses that don`t require students to set foot on campus is a huge selling point for the college, as well.

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