What did People buy for their Pet Dogs during the Pandemic?

Dogs were a source of comfort in the pandemic, and their owners took extra care to ensure that they were safe from infection. Many people bought masks, gloves, and goggles to protect themselves from the virus when they visited their pets. They also bought special food to feed them and extra blankets and beds to keep them warm.

Some people even went as far as buying special dog cages so that they could quarantine their dogs at home if needed. There were many things that people bought for their pets during the pandemic, but it was not to protect them. People bought them to keep them busy and happy so they would not get lost or run away.

Dog Items that were Popular during the Pandemic

The pandemic was a big deal for the pet industry. People were worried about buying food and supplies for themselves, so they were also worried about buying food and supplies for their dogs. So what did people buy?

·         Dog toys: Do toys were some of the most frequently purchased dog items during the pandemic. The toys were meant to keep the dogs occupied while their owners were out of the house or at work during the day.

·         Food: Not only did owners buy food for their dogs, but they also made sure that they had plenty of water available at all times, especially while they were at work. One pet company, Petco, says they saw a 27% increase in sales of dog food during the pandemic.

·         Collars and Leashes: This is another thing that people bought for their pet dogs during this time period. Collars were worn every day by most dogs in order to identify them as well as prevent them from getting lost or running away from home. were worried about letting their pets outside unsupervised, so they wanted them to be identifiable with ID tags and leashes if they were out in public during this time of crisis.

Pet Adoption Increased during the Pandemic

Millions of dogs were adopted during the pandemic.  In some cases, entire families took in strays. In other cases, families with pets gave them away to anyone who wanted them.  The result was that many more dogs were available than usual, and many people were looking to adopt dogs for the company during the quarantine season.

The Pet Adoption Center at Humboldt County Animal Shelter in Eureka, California, is one of many public shelters that saw an increase in adoptions during the pandemic.  Shelter manager Rachel Lanser described a notable spike in adoptions in April and May, which she attributes to the rise in people looking for companionship after losing loved ones or being forced to self-isolate for extended periods.

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