What Kind Of Clients Wouldn’t Companies Represent?

2020-10-31 by EPR Staff

What kind of client wouldn’t you work with is a question we asked some experts. 

Here is what they said:

Richard Edelman CEO of the world’s largest PR firm has said that “PR is not like the law – Not everyone deserves representation,” and has also said that “We do not accept clients that seek to deny climate change.”

Ronn Torossian, CEO of 5wpr said “We follow the no asshole rule more than anything else when it comes to what clients we won’t want to work with.”

Jeremy Harrison, Founder of Hustle Life said, “In all my years handling a client, there is only one type that I wouldn’t represent. I can deal with almost all kinds of people but not when we’re clashing about how to run things, the know-it-all type. For campaigns to work, we need cooperation and unity. We must be able to mesh our knowledge, and together, form a movement that will embody your company.

After presenting you with my idea, we can continue to debate which options we should go for. But if you’re the know-it-all type of a person and don’t want to work with other people, I would rather say no. Suppose you just want to put in all your input and do it your way, without taking into consideration my feedback as an expert. In that case, we should part ways immediately. Chances are, we wouldn’t be able to properly run the campaign because our focus and objectives are different. For a third-party to be successful, we need to combine our forces, collaborate, and work towards a common goal.”

Skyler Reeves, president & CEO of Ardent Growth, an SEO company said, “We’re very careful when it comes to working with potential clients who have something to do with terrorism, online scams and Ponzi schemes. We try to do our due diligence first to avoid being associated with their businesses.”