Former Miss “Can Diego” Launches PR Company

Whitegate Public Relations

Whitegate PR was founded with the purpose of the company to “bring effective communications services to the world.” That’s altruistic!

The company was founded by Dana Humphrey who is the only person behind the business. I am already in awe: the lady must be Wonder Woman! Serving the whole world is tough business, I give you that! Pretty she is, and she takes pride in being a former “Miss Can Diego”

But in the press release published at we find something else about the founder: she is only human. After all, she started her own business after being laid off from her Marketing Manager position in November 2008.

With the unemployment rate up to 7.6 percent, talented and credible professionals are launching their own small businesses, and becoming entrepreneurs in response to lay-offs. Dana Humphrey was laid off from her Marketing Manager position in November 2008 and has since started her own sole proprietorship: Whitegate PR.

Dana is obviously young. Being laid off happens, to all of us – and I suppose the reasons behind the lay off were recession related. Transparency is also a good thing, but… mentioning a “lay off” in a press release about a company/website launch really takes off from that “talent and credibility” she’d like to display.

Dana Humphrey Whitegate PR

The story continues: we learn that Dana moved out of a shared living situation in Brooklyn to pursue his career in full-force. How is that relevant for pursuing a career in “full force”? Does this mean that people who live in “shared” apartments cannot have a career or what?

And for the last straw:

Whitegate PR combines online, print and multi-media campaign strategies to help reach and exceed a company’s goals. After taking comprehensive look at the business model, honing in on the target audience, Dana Humphrey, Whitegate PR’s Founder, is able to advise and implement targeted marketing plans, which include viral and guerrilla marketing tactics, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and press release distribution.

OK, I will believe all of it when, and only when, the very will be SEOed!

I hate doing this to a younger colleague, but I think that no one should endeavor in a business without knowing what they are doing. I have no doubts she has some PR experience, but SEO is not her thing. When someone tries to teach you that keyword stuffing is the way to “optimize” sites, you know there must be something wrong with the “SEO approach” at least. If Dana does know SEO then she should never allow on her site such an article. As a matter of fact, all I could see on her site were articles re-published from iSnare, ArticleBase and others.

To make a long story short: Dana, optimize your site to add credibility to your business if SEO is something you want to sell to your customers. Publish your OWN content on the site, show people YOUR expertise, not that of some obscure article writers. The content you have on your site is already full of grammar and spelling mistakes. For someone who “Passed the GSP exam” a site full of such errors is not the best “visit card.”

Source: Whitegate PR launches new website in response to recent freelance demand.

Update: Dana deleted all aspects I refered to in this article. You can no longer see on her site that she was Miss “Cand Diego” in 2007 and 2008, but you can probably find her pictures on this site: All content she had from article directories was deleted too. This is a good thing. Dana, if you need help to optimize your site, contact us – I see you left things as they were from an onsite SEO perspective. Deleting content is not enough.


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    Oh, and if she’s looking at her web stats at all, she’s probably getting more traffic to her site from this article than she’s had in a while!

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    Starting your own business can be tough as I know first hand having quit my job at the beginning of 2008 to launch my own company. I know I’ve made my share of mistakes getting going.

    But I’ve always felt that overstating my level of expertise would be unwise, especially in this global online marketplace. The truth is way to easy for someone else to find. Besides, being honest about my skill set is a great help in managing client expectations.

    Dana’s LinkedIn profile shows her current position is, “PR and Marketing Guru.” Looking around her website that seems a bit overstated.

    I noticed that Dana’s got 10 positions listed on her LinkedIn profile since 2002, only 2 of which lasted over a year. Having bounced around a bit myself at times, I’m thinking that might be a sign that she’d do well with her own business.

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    I see this a lot, particularly online. If you look at the majority of “make money online” blogs, they are run by people who haven`t yet made a cent! I agree that it`s very important to have some experience and present yourself professionally if you want to be taken seriously.

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