Why Digital PR is Now a Primary Concern

Technology is always growing and shifting due to advances and changes in consumer demand. Now, with vastly more people staying at home, both for work and in their free time, technology is shifting to meet current demands, and some industry watchers believe these trends could signal a long-term sea change for many different industries.

At its most basic, more people are adopting and adapting technology than they have previously. From social media to virtual meetings, huge numbers of people across multiple demographics are making technology a part of their day-to-day experience. Now, with more people transitioning online, brands have a ready opportunity to make tremendous strides in their digital consumer communication.

What this also means is that brands which already had a stable and scalable digital platform and online marketing strategy have a significant lead on companies that have lagged behind in this area. Not because people expect everyone to go digital forever, but because people are making shifts in behavior now that, in many ways, will continue to be habits – or at least options – after the pandemic has run its course.

Companies that have built-in digital strategies that touch or enhance every aspect of their business model are set up well for success, but that doesn’t mean other companies are just out of luck. What it does mean is that brands that saw their digital PR as secondary or as a bonus need to understand that this should be a primary concern for the foreseeable future, and that, later, shifts in this direction will still have significant value.

That’s not to say a strong digital platform is a fix-all solution for a company that is already floundering. Just being more focused online won’t erase institutional problems or communication challenges, because simply showing up where the people are is not a cure-all for structural problems or poor communication. The message and how it’s delivered still matter.

That said, ignoring the fact that most people are living significant portions of their lives online now will not help either. Instead, what’s needed is a comprehensive, evidence-based, vision-specific digital pr, marketing and influencer marketing agency. built around a message that is unique to the brand and customized for its core audience.

This means that digital PR should now be a primary driver of any brand’s marketing plan if they wish to connect with consumers where they are and give them what they are looking for. Digital PR strategies, connectivity, social media, digital marketing and distribution, seamless integration between consumer-facing online interfaces, and other digital communication tools are now a priority for many companies that have traditionally treated it as an afterthought. Companies that understand this and have implemented measures and protocols to embrace this reality are scaling. Those that have not are beginning to fall further behind.

Ronn D. Torossian founded 5WPR

Ronn Torossian is CEO of 5WPR