Wolverine Lake Issues Website RFP

The Village of Wolverine Lake, located in Oakland County, Michigan, is a community of approximately 4,312 residents, organized as a Council-Administrator form of government. The Village Council is the legislative body responsible for overall operation of the Village. The Village Administrator serves as the Chief Administrative Officer. The Village provides the following services to its residents: general building and administrative, public safety, community environment, and culture and recreation.The Village of Wolverine Lake seeks the bid of a vendor that can accomplish all of the functionality identified in the RFP and has the flexibility of providing this functionality over time, with respect to potential budgetary constraints. Qualified applicants must be equipped to integrate additional features that may be needed or new technologies that may be developed in the future.


Our current website no longer adequately portrays the level of service and professionalism exhibited to our residents on a daily basis. Our website is integral in providing important information regarding: events; board meetings; tax payments; Freedom of Information requests; emergency alerts; e-mail database; and providing accessible forms and documents. It is the Village’s chief resource for disseminating information to the public. As the design and management software are both outdated, the Village has received feedback from the community that the website is difficult to navigate and not user-friendly. With transparency being a major goal, the amount of published information displayed on the website has substantially grown and has overwhelmed the current organizational design. The Village’s ideal website vendor would have the ability to provide on-going organizational maintenance strategies for future information to be published.

Scope of Work:

The goal of this request for proposal is to find an outstanding partner to redesign the Village’s website in order to better communicate with the Village to provide an easy-to-navigate online experience, while better reflecting the professionalism of the Village’s municipal services. The Village’s goal is to create a website that successfully promotes our brand, facilitates a user-friendly environment for accessing municipal services, creates a two way communication between the Village and citizens and simplifies content management while meeting high standards for design quality and visual appeal. The new website will serve as the public face of Wolverine Lake’s government and community while providing 24/7 services for a wide range of users. The current version of our website can be viewed at www.wolverinelake.com.

This new website should support the following goals:

                1. Provide at least the level of functionality of the applications within the current website.

                2. Provide a fresh, sophisticated, updated and user-friendly re-design.

                3. Increase community understanding of how to navigate the website.

Due Date:

May 24th, 2019. 


Please mail three hard copies and one digital to:

Email: admin@wolverinelake.com

Attn: Michael Smith, Village Administrator Village of Wolverine Lake 425 Glengary Wolverine Lake, MI 48390

Agencies with relevant experience include Shift Communications and Zeno Group.

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