Wonder Woman Short Film Mesmerizes YouTube Comic Fans [video]

Wonder WomanSome of you super hero fans out there will be interested to know DC Comics’ Wonder Woman may well be the next Hollywood blockbuster. An intriguing short flick broadcast across YouTube has grabbed the attention of nearly one and a half million viewers, and that’s in just a day! Currently 2.5 million people have enjoyed the flick at post end.

The short, by Rainfall Films of LA, shows Wonder Woman is in fact a sadly neglected comic hero in feature length movie-making. The film, featuring Rileah Vanderbilt as Wonder Woman, provoked what can only be classified as a “fanatical reaction” by YouTube enthusiasts. The 2:34 minute film (below) by Director Sam Balcomb, was announced on Comic-Con and the announcement poster (at left) teased those who were present and visiting the various Rainfall web presences as well.

The other lovely “Amazons” featured were portrayed by  America Young, Clare Grant,Rileah Vanderbilt, Alicia Marie, Kimi Hughes, and Christy Hauptman, according to a statement on Rainfall Films’ website by the director.

For those readers interested (men mostly perhaps) you can check out more of Wonder Woman on the Rainfall Films Facebook pages. You can also connect with the production company via Twitter to show support for the making of Wonder Woman the feature film.


  1. Phil Butler says

    Well yes Emily, were I female I expect I would enjoy watching my Amazon Queen whipping up on scrappy dudes as well. My question for the filmmakers is, “will there be some lady evildoer to dispatch too?”

    Fun no matter who the audience is. Long overdue.


  2. Emily says

    “For those readers interested (men mostly)”
    ^ Pretty sure that’s the opposite of what this film is going for.

    • Mihaela Butler says

      LOL, Emily. I don’t think that sentence referred to what the film is going for. But if you look at the comments on the video, and the FB page of Rainfall, you will see “men mostly” in the comments. ;)

      As far as who is really interested in this, personally, I am equally mesmerized. Did you like it?

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