MSLGROUP India Hired As New Public Relations Advisor for World Vision India

world vision public relations

World Vision India has announced their new public relations campaign will be run by MSLGROUP India, known locally as Hanmer MSL. With the aid of the communications firm, World Vision intends to increase public awareness of the developmental issues that India faces and encourage people to collaborate in solving the problems.

World Vision India has been aiding children and families that live in abject poverty in the country for the past 50 years. The programs the organization has set up are designed to solve problems with the long term solution in mind, so the charity focuses on community development, which will be sustainable over a longer period of time. They also work to provide immediate disaster relief. The Christian organization is taking their public relations a step up now to increase the public`s awareness of their projects.

Hanmer MS&L is a public relations company that has a history of working with World Vision India.

“It is a matter of great honour for us to be associated once again with World Vision India. In the past, we shared a wonderful working relationship with them, largely because we believed in the work that they are doing.” Says Sunil Gautam, Managing Director, Hanmer MS&L Communications Pvt. Ltd.

Hanmer MS&L was founded in 1999 and is based out of India, and serves as the local office of MSL Group. The company specializes in communications and has more than 45 offices throughout the country. They pride themselves on being one of the best communications companies in India and work hard to keep that reputation going by taking on clients such as World Vision India.


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