Yahoo! and Marissa Mayer: Guilty or Innocent of Mediocrity?

Talk about the gambit of opinion smacking us all in between the eyes! Just Google Marissa Mayer then hit “news” – Yahoo!’s boss is either able to walk on water, or woefully pitiful as an executive. The news headlines on the Mayer’s one year Yahoo anniversary range from “How CEO Marissa Mayer turned around Yahoo” to “Marissa Mayer Has Improved Everything at Yahoo Except the Most Important Thing”.

Fortune Most Powerful Women Dinner With Marissa Mayer everything-pr

Fortune Most Powerful Women Dinner With Marissa Mayer – courtesy Fortune Live Media

My question on all the Yippeekayay Yahoo buzz is; “Isn’t it pretty clear to everyone by now things like “native ads” on the INTERNET proper, just aren’t going to spur the revenue to Yahoo! or anyone?” Mayer is a lot smarter than this in my view, so heralding something that will not work for anybody in the near future shows a bit of desperation in my book. Don’t get me wrong, I think Yahoo! hiring Mayer was the best move that company could have made at the time. But.

As this article on Huff Po Tech relayed earlier, freaking out the people who pay the freight is not the driving force behind the next business cycle on the web. Yahoo!, every digital company out there in fact, simply has to stop regurgitating the same rhetoric – professing the coming of this or that, when grinding the same old idiotic wheels of mediocrity. Opps, here I am offering opinion now.

Google Marissa and get 59,000 results in 0.52 seconds! And the valued Google customer gets to scour each and every facet of what is otherwise a “meh” announcement of.. well, of mediocrity basically. Sorry Marissa, I know the job cannot be easy in these troubled economic times, but. Let’s face it, a “mixed bag”of decisions, which result in a net loss for a company, is nothing to write home about – no matter whose last name is on the letter.

Mayer has a golden opportunity still, to become the woman executive who absolutely turned around a sinking Internet giant. By the same token, she also has the opportunity to fail miserably. I am not sure Mayer would look as pretty and smart in those garments. So. There you have your 59,000 and one nothing opinion on Yahoo!