YouTube’s One Billion Users: The Ultimate Influencer

Google Inc’s YouTube announced yesterday their unique users per month reaching one billion for the video viewing and sharing favorite. Half the digital population hits YouTube on a daily basis.


Isn’t YouTube an amazing success story? Think about it, the service is no really any sort of rocket science, many services mimic or even better Google’s video giant in form and function, yet somehow we have all come to know and love YouTube. And in a little bit of self aggrandizement, YouTube tooted their own horn over the revelation that one in every two Internet users visit the video entity.

According to the post on the official blog, advertisers are maybe the most savvy about the good PR and marketability of video mixed with the number one billion,  according to the post the Ad Age Top 100 brands ALL have ads on YouTube. Generation C, goofy canine tricks, world events, whatever happens in those moving frames, we are gobbling it up in record numbers and across all devices.

Remember back in 2006 when Google snapped up YouTube for a record $1.6 billion? About half the people talking back then said Google’s decision makers were crazy. The video startup’s potential to last was the biggest question for critics. CEO Larry Schmidt back when commented on the buy; “This is the next step in the evolution of the Internet”, and as it turns out he was the Magnificent Karnak on this one.

A billion hits a month, now that’s some serious marketing mojo. And just look at how creative and engaging ads are getting.


  1. Jeremy says

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