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2014-04-16 by Aaron Sarno

The recent Heartbleed snafu has many running scared. If something this “simple” can get missed, and exploited, just how safe is our information online. 

Zeta Interactive

For many, the answer to this vital question is, “I just don’t know.” While it’s true that nothing is absolutely foolproof, and certainly impregnable – after all, people really did escape from Alcatraz – there are many steps you can take to maximize security and minimize potential risks. One way is to follow the series of steps you have seen recently at tech sites like CNET and consumer sites such as Mashable.

Change your passwords, monitor your bank accounts, and email accounts, as well as your social media accounts, and other online personas. And as we at Zeta Global know, you should definitely take another look at Big Data.

Big Data works for businesses and non-profit organizations of all sizes, allowing you to map out the entire schematic of your data. This gives you the power to accurately analyze any threats to your internal information security. Plus, you can use the information you discern to find potentially unprotected information, and create redundant systems to keep it airtight.

A bonus benefit Big Data can help you achieve is better protection from unintentionally crossing boundaries on any regulations. Every business has best practices and legal guidelines it must follow. For many larger or specialty businesses, these regulations can be dizzying. Big Data can help you sort your information, and make sure you are compliant where it counts.

Once you have taken advantage of the benefits Big Data can offer, let your customers know you are investing in their security. While you may choose not to make any promises, making your customers aware of the actions you are taking on their behalf will also help you invest in brand building and general goodwill.

About the author: David A. Steinberg is CEO of Zeta Global, a big data company named as one of Forbes’ Most Promising companies for 2014.

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