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3 Ways to Succeed with Big Data

2015-03-02 by David Steinberg
big data

The jury is back, and it has been for years. Big Data can help you drive revenue to your business. But it’s not a magic elixir or a miracle cure. It will need help. Your help. And, since it’s your business we figure you will be amenable to lending a hand. 1 – Understand what’s happening With Big Data, you are introducing another tool in your business success strategy. This is not the end-all-be-all, and it is certainly not the entire picture of success for you or your company. You need to understand and maintain a “big picture” perspective that... Read More >

General Electric and the future of Big Data

2014-12-16 by David Steinberg

Big Data has always been a big commodity, but many businesses are not sure how to capitalize on the benefits. General Electric, however, has found a way to not only harness Big Data, but also share with other companies. With Big Data becoming more and more essential, this strategy is something that can’t be missed. General Electric has been capturing and analyzing information from its machines in order to gain insight into how to run the machines better. The four-year-project has yielded major results and revenue of over $1 billion per year. Now, G.E. is looking to sell this service... Read More >

David Steinberg Of Zeta Global Says Big Data Works Fast

2014-12-01 by David Steinberg

Notice anything different about your social media news feed and online advertising since Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Well, if you shopped for anything online this past week or two but didn’t buy, you can expect to see it reflected back at you for the immediate future. Shop for a fire pit this holiday? Expect that item to continually pop up on your page, particularly while the weather supports the best time to buy. What about electronics? Well, as the string of bowl games and big games gets closer, expect to see that TV figure prominently in your ad box.... Read More >

How the LAPD uses Big Data To Enforce The Law

2014-11-17 by David Steinberg

There’s no doubt about it, law enforcement in the 21st century is all about technology. Sure, police work still requires brave, smart, dedicated people to get the job done, but the tools they use to fight crime today are much different than they were even a generation ago. Case in point, more and more large agencies are turning to Big Data to help them keep the peace. The Los Angeles police department increasingly uses technology that can not only inform patrol officers where crime is most likely to be committed, but it can also track ex-cons who are believed more... Read More >

Predicting Ebola and 3 Other Ways Big Data Is Changing The World

2014-09-09 by David Steinberg

It’s a lot of geek speak.  Data mining. Analytics. Information Processing. All of these comprise what techs call “Big Data,” and it’s the method which businesses analyze massive amounts of data to make better decisions.  The data has always been out there, but now that it can be collected and analyzed at lightning speed, the world is changing for the better. Healthcare Big data can be tricky with healthcare due to privacy laws, but by tracking healthy people, big data is amassing amazing insights. Big data can constantly monitor vital symptoms 24 hours a day, creating a very large control... Read More >