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Branding RFP Issued By City of Grand Haven

2022-01-23 by EPR Staff

The City of Grand Haven owns and operates the Grand Haven Community Center, located in downtown Grand Haven, 421 Columbus Ave. The center was built in 1966, with an addition and major renovations completed in 2007. The Center operates as a performance venue, an arts center, a wedding reception venue, it has a commercial kitchen, […]

Multi-year Communications RFP Campaign Issued

2022-01-22 by EPR Staff

The Guilford County Schools serves approximately 70,000 students. GCS is the third largest district in North Carolina, serving students across 126 schools in urban, suburban and rural areas. We have 48 magnet and choice schools with 66 programs. The school district is approximately 132 square miles. The District is seeking proposals from qualified vendors for […]

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Digital RFP Issued By Old Port of Montreal

2022-01-21 by EPR Staff

Old Port of Montreal Corporation Inc. (the “Company”) is an agent Crown Corporation that owns and operates the Old Port of Montreal and the Montreal Science Centre. The Company’s mandate consists of developing and promoting the development of the Old Port of Montréal’s territory, and of administering, managing, and maintaining the property as an urban […]


a guide to qr codes and how to scan qr codes 1
2022-01-21 by EPR Staff

Generating Leads With QR Codes

Aside from having a user-friendly business website,  many companies are looking for other ways to use mobile marketing in lead generation . After a company creates its own website and optimizes it for mobile users, there are a number of mobile tools it can use to attract new customers. One of the easiest tools to […]

2022-01-20 by EPR Staff

Branding RFP Issued By City of Shawnee, Kansas

The City of Shawnee, KS, requests the submission of proposals from qualified firms to provide research, marketing, design, and implementation services as the City develops a new community brand. The intent is to create a strong “umbrella” brand that expresses the City’s identity. The City is looking for creative, energized, collaborative consultants who have experience […]

Fake Reviews
2022-01-20 by EPR Staff

Fake news and corporate reputation

Over the past few years, fake news has become a major part of any discourse around the media. Fake news that leads to negative headlines can damage the reputation of a company, bring down its stock price, and set off a PR nightmare. In the corporate world, fake news can act like a suicide bomber. […]

2022-01-19 by EPR Staff


The City of Bethel is seeking proposals from qualified public relations firms (“PR firm”) to improve the effectiveness of the organization’s communications with the public. The City is prepared to pay a professional firm to develop press releases, social media posts, public service announcements, and other appropriate media vehicles for public distribution. The firm should […]

kids furniture
2022-01-19 by EPR Staff

Marketing for kids’ furniture

Nowadays kids know what they want, and if they don’t have the money for it themselves, they just ask an adult to buy it for them. More and more decisions by kids are happening in stores. Families shop together in an effort to save and share time , which allows for kids to see and […]

hermes spring summer 2017
2022-01-19 by EPR Staff

Promotional channels in fashion marketing

A promotional mix combines different types of promotional tools to promote a brand’s products and services, and to communicate its message to consumers. The ultimate aim, of course, is to support sales and persuade customers to purchase. Similarly, with a promotional mix that includes advertising, sales promotion, and PR, fashion marketing has specific promotional channels. […]

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