2022-06-28 by EPR Staff

REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL FROM INDIVIDUALS OR FIRMS INTERESTED IN PROVIDING SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING SERVICES TO THE CITY OF UNION CITY FOR THE PERIOD JULY 1, 2022 THROUGH JUNE 30, 2023 Introduction Pursuant to the Fair and Open Process described under N.J.S.A. 19:44A-1, et seq., the City seeks Requests for Proposal (“RFP”) for Social Media Marketing […]

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Utilizing YouTube Videos on Other Platforms to Improve the Buying Journey

2022-06-28 by EPR Staff

When companies think about their public relations efforts, they tend to think about generating more positive media coverage, and video content isn’t always at the top of their minds. However, it’s precisely the video content that companies can create that can generate a lot more positive coverage and help customers move further down the buying […]

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How to generate leads online

2022-06-28 by EPR Staff

A lead usually refers to contact with a potential customer. To generate leads online, asking people for their contact information is never really enough. A combination of ideas and tools have to be used to build relationships with potential customers. The target audience has to get something worthwhile. This is where lead magnets come in […]


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2022-06-27 by EPR Staff

Creating Relevant YouTube Videos for PR

Companies can improve their public relations efforts in plenty of different ways, with one of the most effective ones being video content. Although research has shown that most people’s attention spans have been decreasing, there’s plenty of room for companies to start utilizing long-form video content, specifically on YouTube. Then, companies can re-purpose that long-form […]

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2022-06-27 by EPR Staff

Sustainable product packaging

Consumers today might switch loyalties and buy different products if they meet environmental standards. It is important for customers that businesses they associate with have a sustainability focus. The same goes for packaging. How sustainable the packaging of products is will have a direct effect on brand loyalty. Sustainable packaging is increasingly becoming a standard. […]

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2022-06-26 by EPR Staff

Effective Strategies for Repurposing Video Content

Plenty of times companies are looking for ways to publish long-form videos, and during those times the go-to platform of choice tends to be YouTube. However, many companies tend to forget that they can repurpose a singular long video into shorter pieces of content on other platforms as well. With the right strategies, companies can […]

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2022-06-25 by EPR Staff

Utilizing Content Marketing the Right Way

Companies tend to frequently look for ways to get in front of the target market and set themselves apart from their competitors. Most of the time, companies tend to focus on their unique selling point as a differentiator from other companies, however, sometimes that’s not enough. In those times, companies can start relying on the […]

Branding Tips
2022-06-24 by EPR Staff

RFP Issued For University’s Branding Initiative

Thursday, July 7, 2022 @ 2:00 P.M. CT Deliver Bid Response to: Debbie Carpenter University of Houston-Clear Lake Procurement Department, Attn: Debbie Carpenter 2700 Bay Area Blvd. – North Office Annex II (NOA II) Houston, Texas 77058 SECTION I INTRODUCTION 1.1 GENERAL: Nestled on a 524-acre wildlife and nature preserve, University of Houston-Clear Lake (“University” […]

2022-06-24 by EPR Staff

PR tactics to build a brand

PR is an important tool for a brand to further its reach. It can help a brand get media placements that can further develop its identity. It is an effective way, not only to build a brand but also to communicate to a target audience and attract further investment. To appeal to various audiences, brands […]

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