Cheap and Ethical: Mutually Exclusive Branding?

The global fashion industry is facing an existential crisis: after exploding across the globe in search of ever-cheaper places to manufacture its treasures, stories of worker abuses are as depressing as they are consistent: violence, brutally long hours, unpaid wages, dangerous conditions, and perpetual poverty. Last year, workers at an Indian factory known for supplying […]

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Enterprise Services Issues RFP For Creative Services

Enterprise Services is soliciting proposals to establish Service Contracts with experienced and qualified Communications Professionals and Firms to perform graphic design and associated layout and production coordination services for preparation of marketing materials, digital communications, publications, promotional materials, and other related projects. Background: The Department of Enterprise Services manages many business and operational services that […]

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Staying In the Game: How Marketers Can Stay On Trend without Losing Their Roots

Sandy is a marketing consultant. She’s worked independently, helping brands grow their businesses with effective marketing strategy, for over 25 years. Sandy has had to evolve and grow as marketing trends come and go, and sometimes she still admits that she gets a bit “old school” with her strategy. Not every marketing professional can say […]

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PR News From Susan Magrino, Golin and Havas PR

The public relations industry has been busy at the start of this second quarter of 2019. With new hires and fresh faces cropping up weekly, it’s best to stay on top of the latest news. DeVries Bolsters Its Wellness Arm Communications specialty firm DeVries Global has hired a new SVP for Health + Wellness in […]

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The University of Nottingham Issues RFP For Advertising and marketing services

The University of Nottingham requires the services of a strategic media planning agency to build a global reputation and to support the University in meeting its annual student recruitment targets. As part of the marketing strategy, there are a number of annual digitals, marketing and communications campaigns delivered globally. Background: The University of Nottingham – […]

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Lamar Community College

Lamar Community College Issues Marketing RFP

LCC is soliciting proposals for marketing services and marketing leadership for the college to accomplish the marketing needs of the college and structure the marketing framework and processes for the future. Background: Lamar Community College has operated with a Marketing Director and an outside marketing services firm for the past two years. After the resignation […]

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The Era of Influencer Marketing is Far From Over

It’s a truth universally acknowledged: traditional media channels have run their course, and marketing professionals are being forced to adapt. Primetime television is no longer the most sought after advertising real estate, and brands are increasingly willing to fork out millions of dollars for an Instagram influencer ad campaign targeting smartphones across the globe. But […]

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brand usa

Brand USA Issues RFP For Marketing Agency

The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to identify the appropriate vendor to assist the Global Trade Development team in the development of global strategic planning and execution in Asia, to include specific programming and standard operating procedures described below. Vendor will be required to provide a high level of strategy and oversee […]

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university of edinberg

University Of Edinburgh Issues Media Buying RFP

The University of Edinburgh requires a media buying agency for strategic advice and recommendations, and procurement of on and off line advertising space. The overarching objectives of our media activity are to drive local and international applications for undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD programmes, build awareness and recognition, and support our commercial operations. Scope of Work: […]

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What Makes a CEO a Great Leader? 

While some of the qualities of being a great leader come naturally to some CEOs, this isn’t always the case. Many of these skills are teachable and may not be so obvious. All great CEOs know that they have to be honest about what qualities they possess, and those they do not, while also having […]

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