Boldly NY New York Wine & Grape Foundation Issues Event Management RFP

2021-10-24 by JamesD

To accomplish its mission and meet industry need, NYWGF leads two (2) important industry events annually, the B.E.V. NY Conference and the New York Wine Classic Awards Ceremony. NYWGF is seeking a partner to help support the planning, logistics, and implementation of both events Background: The New York Wine & Grape Foundation (NYWGF) was created […]

hawaii rfp


2021-10-23 by JamesD

The HTA is a State agency established under 201B Hawai‘i Revised Statutes to manage tourism for the State. The HTA is administratively attached to the Department of Business Economic Development and Tourism (DBEDT). The HTA’s powers and responsibilities include coordinating with global marketing contractors, visitor industry partners, travel trade, MCI partners, and community stakeholders to […]

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Push the Envelope PR: Agency Profile

2021-10-22 by JamesD

The full service communications agency Push the Envelope PR was founded back in 2006 and works with clients in the beauty, fashion, wellness, and lifestyle industries. Located in New Jersey, the agency was created out of an intense love and passion for beautiful things and sharing them with the rest of the world. Push the […]


Los Angeles County Department of Arts and Culture
2021-10-22 by Jim Crickell

Creative RFP Issued By Los Angeles County Department of Arts and Culture

Los Angeles County Departments of Arts and Culture (Arts and Culture) and Workforce Development, Aging and Community Services (WDACS) seek a Creative Strategist to work in partnership with WDACS as an Artist-in-Residence. The Creative Strategist will collaborate with staff from the Community Centers division of WDACS to develop a project that may include artistic interventions, […]

clem onojeghuo n6gnCa77Urc unsplash
2021-10-21 by Jim Crickell

Effective Promotional Tips for Fitness Brands

With the vast number of marketing channels available to companies, it’s easier than ever to reach consumers to raise awareness for brands and generate more sales. Whether it’s a small gym or a large fitness brand, marketing is one of the most important segments of its business operations. Although there are some situations where fitness […]

2021-10-21 by JamesD

Utilizing Video Content Across the Buying Journey

When a company is creating its business website, it takes a lot more than coding up a homepage and calling it a day. Most of the time, it also involves creating additional pages that give the customers more details about the company itself and its products or services, the overall industry, and much more. The […]

andrew seaman sQopSb2K0CU unsplash 1024x678 1
2021-10-20 by Jim Crickell

Marketing Tips for Restaurants

These days, there are so many restaurants all over the world, that the competition is quite fierce, and the most successful locations are the ones that can give it their all. That’s why restaurants have to employ strong marketing strategies and tactics, that will improve their business, get the attention of consumers, and help them […]

12 promotional strategies to increase your sales
2021-10-20 by JamesD

Growing a Business with PR Strategies

At the very core of every PR strategy is a collaborative effort, especially when it comes to creating strategies and campaigns that will help a business build and maintain a positive brand image while connecting it to its target audience. Utilizing efficient and effective public relations strategies is the key to growing a business and […]

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