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Interview With Brafton’s CMO: Jeff Baker

2021-09-17 by JamesD

Interview with Jeff Baker, the CMO for Brafton’s marketing team. He specializes in SEO research and testing. In his personal time, he is a woodworker and jogger. He hosts a podcast that can be found below: 1.    What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced as a CMO? I come from an account management and […]

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Lawyers and Public Relations

2021-09-17 by JamesD

To try to attract or retain clients, most attorneys these days tend to rely on public relations and marketing efforts. The ones that don’t utilize these tools end up losing out. Several decades ago, most of the legal industry believed marketing and public relations to be unethical and tended to avoid promoting themselves. However, these […]

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Marketing RFP Issued By Florida Department of State

2021-09-17 by Jade Minh

The Florida Department of State (herein referred to as the “Department”), Division of Arts and Culture (herein referred to as the “Division” or “DAC”) is requesting proposals for fullservice, multi-platform marketing campaign services. Background: Founded in 1969 in response to the creation of the National Endowment for the Arts, the Division began life as the […]


2021-09-16 by Jim Crickell

Communications RFP Issued By The University of Oklahoma

The Board of Regents of the University of Oklahoma is seeking: Vendors to provide a comprehensive, strategic, creative dynamic effort to provide world class communications with the implementation of new projects and services, including: marketing, media and public relations, web communications and interactive/social media. Scope of Work: The successful vendor(s) shall: i. Be a full-service […]

2021-09-15 by Jim Crickell

Tells Staff to continue Working from Home until January

Google’s sizable workforce has been working from home for more than a year now. The search giant told its employees to work from home when the pandemic hit. Now, nearly two years since it first told workers to begin working from home, Google has pushed back office resumption for its staff by three months, to […]

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2021-09-15 by JamesD

Maximizing PR Efforts

Effective public relations strategies are constantly changing, and what used to be an effective strategy even a year ago may no longer be practical for companies. That’s why companies have to keep up to date with the most relevant and current efforts which will help them get more attention and maximize their PR efforts. Today’s […]

2021-09-14 by Jade Minh

Thailand to Start Collecting Tax from Foreign Tech Firms

In an unprecedented move, Thailand has announced its plan to start charging and collecting value-added tax (VAT) from technology corporations operating in the country. The plan is to generate about 5 billion baht– the equivalent of $154.7 million– from the tax every year. The announcement was made by a senior official of the government.         […]

Acuity Knowledge Partners
2021-09-14 by Jade Minh

Q&A with Damian Burleigh, Chief Revenue and Marketing Officer, Acuity Knowledge Partners

·         What is your role at Acuity Knowledge Partners and how have your responsibilities been redefined by the pandemic?  As the Chief Revenue and Marketing Officer (CRMO) at Acuity Knowledge Partners (Acuity), I lead all sales, account management and marketing activities for the global organization.  My role, and sales and marketing in general, has seen remarkable […]

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