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Conseil Interprofessionnel du Vin de Bordeaux France-Bordeaux Issues Public Relations RFP

2021-08-15 by Julio Juarez
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The present call for tender from the Conseil Interprofessional du Vin de Bordeaux aims to identify a provider of marketing services in the United States of America for 2021, 2022 and 2023. Background: Striving to perpetuate the expertise of their forebears, the new generation of thirtysomething Bordeaux winemakers found the right compromises between tradition and modernity. • They joined together in a multi-disciplinary network with the aim of developing efficient and sustainable viticulture that would rise to the challenges of the 21st century in terms of oenology, technology, and the environment (the innovative approach put forward by the Environmental Management... Read More >

Carmichael Lynch Relate, FleishmanHillard, Edelman & Ruder Finn News

2020-03-05 by Jim Crickell

Carmichael Lynch Relate, FleishmanHillard, Edelman & Ruder Finn News Developments in the PR space impact the industry in different ways. Here are some notable developments recently: Carmichael Lynch Relate gets Sunbrella’s nod Carmichael Lynch Relate got the nod to become Sunbrella’s agency of record. The decision was reached based on the agency’s reputation in creativity, its extensive knowledge, and strong relationships with key players in the home and design industry. At the same time, Sunbrella’s CMO Steve Pawl pointed out that Carmichael Lynch Relate has demonstrated expertise and commitment to data, insights, and results. Therefore, they are best suited to... Read More >

How To Find A Great Public Relations Firm

2019-04-05 by Julio Juarez

How To Find A Great Public Relations Firm This is a guest interview with Katherine M. Rothman of KMR Communications At its inception, public relations was a tactical operation to crystalize public opinion for Fortune 500 companies, Hollywood studios, celebrities and politicians.  As decades passed and the world became globalized, public relations became a necessary complement to traditional advertising and marketing. Anyone with a professional or public image needs PR representation.  To admit to having a publicist was not the norm. Today, having a PR firm is like a badge of honor- that one is successful enough to be able to... Read More >

The Era of the News Feed is Over

2019-04-01 by Ronn Torossian

The Era of the News Feed is Over After a decade of executive instability, Mark Zuckerberg announced a series of dramatic changes last May. He moved two top executives in a bid to create a new blockchain division, and installed new heads at WhatsApp and the News Feed. He also appointed someone to run a new group dedicated to privacy initiatives, though this last move has flown very much under the radar ever since. Zuckerberg has become known in recent months for his substantive blog posts, but was uncharacteristically quiet about the strategy behind these moves. Now, the method behind... Read More >

Brandon Webb. The Navy Seal. Founder and CEO of Hurricane Media

2019-01-20 by Wilson Scott
Brandon Webb Navy Seal

Brandon Webb: Portrait of a Navy SEAL and Entrepreneur Brandon Webb is an entrepreneur, speaker, author, consultant, combat veteran and former United States Navy SEAL. A highly accomplished individual, he is also known for his sense of humor and for being down to earth and easy to talk to. Born in 1974, Webb left home at the age of 16, and, after completing his high school degree, joined the Navy where he served for over a decade. After his military career, he followed in the family tradition of entrepreneurship and founded Hurricane Group Media, a media and eCommerce company. He... Read More >

Beyond the Roadshow: How to Manage Company Communications in the Lead Up to an IPO

2018-11-10 by Nikki Parker

The IPO market for 2019 looks like it’s going to be a big one for investors. Despite media outlets forewarning of a bear market that could last years, there still appears to be a strong appetite for companies listing here in the US. With 2018 boasting a record breaking 38 IPOs, beating the post dotcom 2000’s, it again looks like 2019 will see some major names go public – and with big valuations. With ride-sharing apps Lyft and Uber both slated for IPO in 2019, as well as household and workplace names Airbnb, Postmates and Slack, we are entering the... Read More >

How Positive Thinking Will Change the Way You Work

2018-10-12 by Jacques Piccard
How Positive Thinking Will Change the Way You Work

What you focus on becomes your reality, at least that’s what peak performance coach and author, Brian Tracy says. Happy people think about the things they want and how to get those things. That’s their focus daily. And they also look for the silver lining in the not-so-positive. Over time, these people do more and achieve more, because that’s what they focus on. If this sort of promise sounds good to you, maybe you might want to employ some positive thinking. If you did, how might this change the way your work life plays out? If you’re reading this article, chances are... Read More >

Big Tech CSR Can Unleash Major Social Change

2018-10-04 by Adam Jiwan
Adam Jiwan and Big Tech CSR

In the United States, disappointment over the political system has led many Americans to look elsewhere for leadership on social change. This stands in stark contrast with the visionary leadership offered by the CEOs of the largest tech firms. Perhaps this is why there was talk of Mark Zuckerberg running for president (at least, that is, before the Cambridge Analytica debacle). One might even say that the reach and financial scale of these companies is so vast that they may as well be considered akin to governments. The annual revenue of the ten leading tech firms in the United States... Read More >

Impact Investing: Making Social Good Pay Well

2018-09-24 by Adam Jiwan
Adam Jiwan - Value Investing

In 2007, the Rockefeller Center convened philanthropists and investors at a convention center in the small Italian town of Bellagio. Responsible investing had already been a concept – shielding money from businesses believed to cause harm – but it was at this gathering that the more active term of “impact investing” was coined. Within a year, the Foundation opened a fund with $38 million behind it. So what is impact investing, anyhow? Impact Investing Goes Beyond The Do-No-Harm Approach of Responsible Investing Instead, it actively seeks to make a positive impact on the world while also making a profit for... Read More >

WealthTech – Changing the Investment Landscape

2018-09-05 by Adam Jiwan

New technology is transforming the way we manage wealth. What has become known as “wealthtech” now permeates consumer wealth management (through robo-advisors and micro investing platforms) as well as institutional wealth management (through brokerage and advisory software). Digital investment solutions represent the future, offering what Forbes touts as a method for delivering superior products at a better price.   Automated Advisors Take Center Stage The robo-adviser segment is growing rapidly. Investment software allows robo-advisers to reach out to investors to advise on money management, offering low account minimums and affordable advisory fees. CBI Insights reports that in a context where... Read More >

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