PR Campaigns Not Delivering? Do This to Fix It

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When a single PR campaign misfires, there could be a number of different reasons. However, if your public relations efforts are consistently failing to bear fruit, one or more of the following common PR problems are the likely reason. Let’s review these common reasons for PR failure and what you can do to turn that […]

Facebook Dips its Toes in Hot Water- Again

According to the New York Times, Facebook is set to merge data from its three messaging services- Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp- into a single platform. The move has since been confirmed by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself, with Zuckerberg claiming that the platform merger is not set to occur before 2020, with the process only […]

The Natural Progression of Leadership

Adding Thought Leadership To Your Marketing Strategy

Management and leadership. The two seem to go hand-in-hand, but there is often a divide between management and their employees. There are a million problems that arise – whether the employees feel the manager is unqualified, or the manager feels the employees are lazy, there is often a simple lack of respect between the two. […]

Brian Gefter Stays On Top of the Trends

In 2008, Brian Gefter had an idea. Together with business partner Michael Satsky, Gefter wanted to bring an international-feeling nightlife scene to New York City. New York City – perhaps one of the top destinations for any nightlife lover. But, Gefter noticed, the issue was that most of the nightclubs felt very…New York. There was […]

Motivating Employees Is Simple

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A bold statement, to be sure. However, it really is not so difficult to motivate and energize a workforce, so long as the one leading it is willing to put in the work. Happy workers are productive workers, that is no secret. But what’s the secret to motivating a group of employees to work hard […]

Haute Living Launches New Haute Beauty Platform Featuring The World’s Most Renowned Plastic Surgeons

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The elite, expert-curated Haute Beauty by Haute Living network is a highly-sought after platform – which may be visited at – featuring over 60 renowned plastic surgeons and beauty experts in key markets like Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Texas and Chicago. The digital platform offers members personalized digital and social branding by connecting Haute Living’s readership with […]

Tips on creating purposeful content

Whether you’re a small local business, a large global organization or a charity, the key to good PR and marketing is creating good and relevant content. Good content enhances your brand’s reputation, attracts customers, and is successful in converting potential customers to paying customers. Below are a few tips on how to create content that […]

How to be an innovative PR firm

As a PR firm, business innovation might not be at the top of your list, but it should be. As we head in 2019, there are probably a lot of things that your firm has in mind to achieve and improve. One of those things should be being a more innovative business. Without innovation, growth […]