Puns as a device in advertising

2021-10-11 by Jim Crickell

Puns can be useful as a marketing strategy. Despite having a questionable reputation, punning is considered to be among the highest displays of wit. Wordplay can be a powerful strategy for audience engagement. It can be catchy and fun, and can help a brand to stand out from the crowd. However, one has to be careful while using puns, as excessive usage can make a brand seem outdated. Humor, in the midst of pandemic and financial meltdown, can lead to positive feelings and hence more customer engagement.  There are several famous punchlines based on puns. Some examples are, ‘Nothing runs... Read More >

Interview With Brafton’s CMO: Jeff Baker

2021-09-17 by JamesD
jeff employee headshot

Interview with Jeff Baker, the CMO for Brafton's marketing team. He specializes in SEO research and testing. In his personal time, he is a woodworker and jogger. He hosts a podcast that can be found below: 1.    What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced as a CMO? I come from an account management and production background. In many ways, life is a lot simpler when you have someone telling you exactly what you need to do and when it needs to be done. Your priorities are laid out perfectly in front of you; your calendar is filled with what... Read More >

Women’s empowerment as the message of a brand

2021-09-11 by JamesD
Loreal Paris BMAG Article What Is Womens Empowerment and 10 Women Led Organizations to Support D

Women’s empowerment means promoting women’s sense of self-worth, their capacity to make their own choices, and their right to influence social change for themselves and others. It is important to find out how women across different age groups perceive women’s empowerment and what type of messaging would resonate best with them. Now women are not portrayed as flawless beings, having their unspoken but understood place in the home, office, and social arena. But there seems to have been a change in the representation of women. It seems to acknowledge the fact that women of all ages, races, and sizes deserve... Read More >

China’s Influence on the Market for Luxury Goods

2021-09-05 by JamesD
Perfume scaled 1

Chinese customers constitute a third of the world’s luxury shoppers, so you can bet the world’s top luxury brands pay close attention to events and holidays in China. This focus is in order to harness the Chinese market in order to grow brands in the world’s most populated country. It is in line with this ideology that Fendi selected actor Xu Kai to be its brand ambassador after running several campaigns featuring the Chinese actor over the years.   Luxury brands like Fendi believe in using local Chinese celebrities and personalities to promote their brands and expand their reach into... Read More >

Successfully Shifting Operations and Strategies

2021-08-30 by Julio Juarez
Pokemon GO bonuses

The viral smartphone game Pokémon Go is turning five this year, and despite not being as viral as when it first started, it’s still as popular as when it was first introduced. The game has a large number of fans, creating various anniversary events around the world, and is making a lot of profit. According to certain analytics, it seems like the game has brought in over $5 billion since it was first launched back in July 2016. That means it averages around a billion dollars every year, for a game that first began as a viral sensation. This means... Read More >

Deciding on a Course of Action During Backlash

2021-08-23 by Jim Crickell
amazon fulfillment center 010

Plenty of Amazon employees across the US have been talking about the work conditions in Amazon warehouses for several months now. The latest complaint from warehouse workers is that the internal temperature has become too hot to be able to work efficiently. Recently, there was a federal complaint that was filed by a group of employees that works at the largest Amazon warehouse in New York City. In it, the warehouse workers stated that there was no ventilation, and the dirty fans ended up spreading the warehouse debris into the worker’s eyes. Some employees were also fainting from heat exhaustion,... Read More >

Louis Vuitton set to launch Mobile Game to Celebrate Anniversary

2021-08-17 by JamesD
louis vuitton Women RW LV x LOL DI2

Luxury Powerhouse company Louis Vuitton is one of the companies that set the tone for the rebound of the luxury market post-covid-19.  LVMH, the umbrella group that owns Dior, Tiffany, and Louis Vuitton, made nearly 14 billion Euros, a whole 14% higher than the revenue the group earned some years back, before the pandemic. After conquering the luxury goods market, next to Louis Vuitton has its sights set on the mobile game market, with its launch of a mobile game on android and iOS platforms called Louis: The Game with NFTs. The game was released on Wednesday to celebrate the... Read More >

Podcasting for profit

2021-08-17 by JamesD

Podcasts help brands reach a target audience. Audio content consumption and podcasting have become increasingly popular over the years. The convenience of listening to podcasts also plays a major role in its popularity. People can listen to podcasts in the gym while exercising, commuting to work, or while travelling. The growth potential of podcasts as a marketing tool is huge. Podcasts resonate with consumers and there are a few ways how and why they can be used to create a relationship between a brand and consumers. 1)      Fewer barriers-  Podcasts can be made from studios, homes or even from the streets.... Read More >

Alexei Orlov Talks Brand Fusion

2021-08-16 by Wilson Scott
thismintymoment 54512322 115515106082683 8236553061545640411 n

According to Alexei Orlov, most brands serve, but only an elite few go beyond. These brands create the trends along with bearing the responsibility of setting them. They serve and reshape. Success and notoriety come because they do more than lead. They transform opinion and reshape the way we think. These truths are told in enduring ways since they understand the necessity to speak in the familiar voice of the everyman. Authority brands create staying power. These transcendent brands become part of the patina of what you know. Do you remember a moment, any moment, where someone was telling you... Read More >

Effectively Introducing a Startup Company

2021-08-13 by JamesD
small business start up tips

Introducing a brand new business, or a startup happens every day, which is why having a short pre-prepared speech which can explain what the company does in a clear and succinct way is necessary for business owners. This short introduction is also called an elevator pitch, and it’s used to get others interested in what a company does. An elevator pitch is also useful to create more interest in a product, a project, an idea, or even a person, and it’s usually only a few sentences long. Introducing a company isn’t just useful for sales people that are looking to... Read More >

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