Running a Successful E-commerce Business

how to run an ecommerce business

Entrepreneurs who want to build a business that gives them time to live their lives are a dime a dozen. The idea of creating a self-running business is nothing new, but the world of e-commerce has opened up a world of opportunity for savvy business owners-to-be. Still, if you want to grease the gears of […]

Packaging for Women: Done Right

women product packaging

Over the last few years, a focus on women’s issues has risen in prominence in the public sphere. From the pink tax to inequality in the workplace, gender issues have taken center stage in the news more than ever before. Still, there is one issue that few outlets — and brands — have managed to […]

Continued Education Should Be Part of Every Digital Agency

Education Digital Agency

It’s a well-known fact that marketing and public relations are two industries that are constantly in a state of change. This isn’t a bad thing, but this fact does require those working within these industries to ensure they’re up to date on the latest updates. In order to best serve clients in the digital space, […]

Is Your Marketing Optimized for Instant Gratification?

It’s a matter of seconds. That’s, typically speaking, the small window of time that brands have to reach prospective customers through their various forms of advertising and marketing. A few seconds isn’t much time. Yet, in today’s age of instant gratification and impatience, it’s vital for brands to have the ability to snag the attention […]

What is News?

news story

Before making the decision to hire a PR firm, or starting your own campaign, it is vital that you understand the nature of news. Luckily, it’s not rocket science.  There are only two ways to make news: create a story, or follow a story.  Understanding the difference between the two is critical knowledge for anyone […]

Earning Respect in the Workplace

Jeff is a hotshot entrepreneur who up to this point has become accustomed to calling his own shots. However, when a dream job offer appears on his desk one day, he knows he would be ill-advised to turn it down. Stable income, full benefits, and the ability to take a fledgling startup into the stratosphere. […]

The Basics of PR

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or an aspiring social media celebrity, you’ll have surely considered the need to form a solid PR strategy. Like most new players, however, you’re unlikely to have much access to a PR professional or agency. In lieu of your own personal PR team, we’ve covered the basics for you. The first […]

Should More Brands Bring Marketing In-House?

in house marketing

Artificial intelligence and automation have made marketing management more accessible to even those who have no prior experience. Now, an increasing number of businesses are beginning to consider bringing more marketing operations under their own roof instead of sourcing the work to marketing or digital agencies. Of course, a marketing agency holds a lot of […]

Faster than a Speeding Bullet?

social media strategy

If you’re old enough to remember this description of Superman and are in charge of your company’s marketing and reputation, read this because the environment has indeed changed and there’s also a new sheriff in town and its name is social media. What’s faster than a speeding bullet today is the even quicker rapidity of […]

Resolve Customer Issues with Live Chat

customer service

Nervous about adding live chat to your online store? Your reservations are understandable, especially if you’re used to working with customers over email. With email, customers rarely expect an instant reply; you can use these expectations to decide which emails to answer, and in what order. Moving to live chat, however, changes these expectations entirely. […]