What Recession?

Who’s ready? Treasury yields have dropped, economic growth slowed in 2019, and freight shipments have tapered off. A recession is coming although no one can really say when it will occur. History shows that recessions occur about once every six years and last, on average, nearly two years.  Now, a survey by the National Association […]

Sales and Marketing in 2020

Incresase Sales

Thanks to the internet, the way that people make purchases has changed quite a bit, which means any business who has been willing to keep up with those changes and adjust their strategies has proven to be the most successful. While both sales, as well as marketing, have been a part of the key elements […]

Credit Card or DIP?

Credit card debt continues to rise, according to U.S. personal financial information company NerdWallet, but a recent newcomer is also beginning to make its mark with consumers. That newcomer is digital installment plans or DIP.  CivicScience, a U.S. market research, and intelligence firm revealed that the popularity of interest-free digital payment programs jumped from 24% […]

Simple Differences Between Sales and Marketing

Many people tend to think there are practically no differences between the fields of sales and marketing. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. When it comes to marketing, the goal is to inform as well as attract potential leads to a company, a service or a product. On the other hand, with sales, […]

Google Policy Shift Stops Well Short of Ban

google ranking

For three years now, web companies have been facing increasingly loud consumer demands that they do something about false or misleading political advertising on their platforms or using their channels. The rub, of course, is that political advertising is extremely lucrative, and companies are not willing to give up that cash flow without good cause, […]



According to the U.S. Census Bureau, America will become “minority white” in 2045.  If one were to include the LGBTQ, mixed marriages, and other minority communities, this integration of races and groups will occur even sooner. So why shouldn’t integration be any different when it comes to marketing? INTEGRATED MARKETING Diversity in population has also […]

Adapt or Lose

Most corporate leaders should be pleased.  Employment is at a high.  The economy and the stock market are doing well.  So, what is there to worry about? Baby boomers and their predecessors who believed in hard work and company loyalty are retiring.  Many of their replacements are Millennials who already make up the biggest working […]

2020 Influencer Marketing Trends

The world of digital marketing has undergone a series of transformations in recent years, with the evolution of new consumer technology, available platforms and even new languages. As such, there has been a parallel shift in how companies choose to market their products, including a new openness to working with so-called “influencers.” Though the actual […]

How Digital Marketing’s Growth Will Expand Amazon’s Dominance

digital age

Looking at the trends, it’s crystal clear that digital marketing is showing a strong, long-term growth line. According to multiple reports, digital marketing spending will eclipse $146 billion over the next three years. While “search” budgets may plateau, other forms of digital marketing are expected to continue to grow.Voice-based searches powered by Amazon’s Alexa and […]

Evolution Or Revolution


During the first and second industrial revolutions when manufacturing and industrialization were booming, leadership was pretty straightforward.  Leaders told their employees when, where and how to work.  Most leaders made all the decisions and relied on annual performance reviews to rate employees. Communications was one way and from the top down. Today’s reports about the values […]