Top global franchise brands

2022-08-02 by EPR Staff
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In spite of the pandemic, many franchise brands have continued to increase their reach. Franchising gives people the opportunity to own their business without taking on the associated risks. They can use a successful business model and they do not have to figure out how to create one. Franchise owners use a structure that has been given to them and has been known to work. Given below are companies who are doing it best. Arby’s  - Arby's offers numerous advantages to its aspiring franchisees. They are one of the fastest growing in the dine-out sector and is the second largest... Read More >

Business lessons learned from the pandemic

2022-07-31 by EPR Staff

Obstacles can always be treated as a learning experience. It may take quite a few years to recover from the damage caused by the pandemic, there are different ways in which the pandemic has changed the way we live and work. Businesses have learned very hard lessons on how things can change suddenly irrespective of how well they were going before. The turmoil has made businesses take measures so that they can protect themselves from the next disaster. There are key business lessons that the pandemic has taught some of which have been given below. Diversify the supply chain The... Read More >

Reducing inventory costs

2022-07-29 by EPR Staff
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The pandemic and its resultant economic challenges have reduced the amount of money available. When money is tight, customers want more for less. As people have relocated over the past couple of years due to the pandemic, many areas have experienced stockouts since the inventory in those areas was not ready for this shift. Other than population-based demand changes, retailers have also been anticipating demand shifts because of an increase in online shopping and other shopping trends. Retailers have to reevaluate their inventory strategies and consider reducing costs to achieve success. To stay in the game, businesses should consider reducing... Read More >

Four-day workweek

2022-07-28 by EPR Staff
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A lot of studies have been done on working four days a week, some companies have already started implementing it. Everyone loves a 3-day weekend, long weekends are always a cause for excitement. A lot of questions arise about the four-day workweek. If this was made the norm, would a business soar? Would this impact productivity negatively? Most arguments seem to be in the favor of a four-day workweek. The advancement of technology has affected the five-day workweek. Longer hours do not necessarily mean more productivity.  Trials According to a study done at Microsoft in Japan, a four-day workweek led... Read More >

Leading Omnichannel Marketing Efforts from Brands

2022-07-26 by Ronn Torossian

By now, most companies have figured out that customers want to engage with businesses across a variety of communication and public relations channels. However, at the same time, most companies also feel overwhelmed when they have to start implementing an omnichannel marketing strategy. That's why one of the best ways to implement this type of strategy is to learn from examples. Disney Disney is one of the pioneers in this type of marketing effort because the company has managed to navigate the combination of TV, in-person, and digital marketing for a couple of decades now. The omnichannel marketing strategy from Disney... Read More >

Portable tech accessories

2022-07-25 by EPR Staff
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Tech accessories help to increase productivity. Given the fact that technology is indispensable, gadgets play an important role in our daily lives. Work and entertainment are becoming seamless with devices and they are becoming a necessity in most homes. Given below are some tech accessories that are portable. Bluetooth frames by Soundcore Audio glasses have the advantage that the user does not need to drown out their surroundings as they enjoy music or receive a call. Earbuds can drown out environmental noise. Bluetooth frames by Soundcore have four speakers and two microphones in sunglasses. The frames come in three different... Read More >

Tips on Buying an Apartment in New York City

2022-07-24 by EPR Staff
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Having purchased real estate in New York City, Ronn Torossian says given the competitive space of the New York City real estate market, it's not always easy for people to find and buy the right apartment that they can start living in. Fortunately, with the right space, anyone can start and end this kind of journey with success. Searching The hottest real estate seasons in New York City are summer and spring, which means that it's important for future homeowners to start searching for an apartment as soon as possible. In fact, it can take over a month of simply searching and looking... Read More >

Steps for Purchasing an Apartment in New York City

2022-07-23 by EPR Staff

New York City has over 8 million people living in it, and it's a popular tourist attraction on top of that. The residents of The Big Apple have plenty of opportunities to experience all sorts of things given the city's financial and business centers, upscale communities, and a variety of places that people can visit. However, when it comes to living in The Big Apple, buying an apartment is one of the most important things someone needs to make a decision on because the home should be a welcoming private space.  Budget It's quite expensive to live in New York,... Read More >

Side hustle ideas

2022-07-06 by Ronn Torossian
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People often take up side hustles when they are looking for alternate ways to make money. They might have financial goals or they might be looking forward to earning from projects that they are passionate about. Sometimes, pursuing a passion is just not feasible. A major portion of the population do not find their main job fulfilling. That is when a side hustle can let a person use their creativity and even benefit from it. Given below are some side hustle ideas that are becoming increasingly popular. Freelance copywriting Since almost every field needs freelance writers, it means that there... Read More >

Benefits of having a side hustle

2022-07-05 by EPR Staff

Everybody can do with a little bit more money. That is why people are adopting the strategy of side hustle to supplement their income. A side hustle is an additional means of making money outside someone’s 9 to 5 job.  Multiple sources of income are always welcome. Side hustles have other benefits too. They help people to learn new skills and pursue a passion outside of traditional working hours. Side hustles are becoming increasingly popular because they give people additional financial opportunities that a traditional job cannot. A lot of Americans have no savings set aside for rainy days. This... Read More >

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