Asking for Positive Reviews


In today’s world of digital dominance, reviews can make or break a business. According to the digital media firm, Cox Media Group, 67.7% of consumer purchasing decisions are swayed by what’s revealed on brand review pages. Not only do negative reviews mean a potential loss of business and … [Read more...]

“Ask, and It will be Given to You”

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This immortal biblical verse from Matthew the Apostle epitomizes what astute leaders of today did to maintain their success throughout the pandemic. Ocean Spray was one such success story and has chalked up several successes. It demonstrated that user generated content (UGC) can positively improve … [Read more...]

Employers Getting Ready for the New Normal

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With projections forecasting that most Americans who wish to be vaccinated against COVID-19 will be able to get their shots by mid-summer, optimism has risen that life and business will return to normal soon afterward. However, with forecasts that more Americans will be working remotely and other … [Read more...]

Creating a Business with a Purpose

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Businesses that have a purpose other than generating profits and economic value for the owners and stakeholders should explain how everyone that’s involved in the business itself, is making a difference. This way, companies are able to give everyone a sense of meaning and get a lot more … [Read more...]

Building a Conscious Business

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Beyond simply getting profits, plenty of business owners start out with another clear purpose and values that accompany the main purpose, especially when it comes to making any business decisions. As people are constantly changing and evolving, it’s normal for business owners and their companies to … [Read more...]

Agency Diversity Efforts: Are They Working?

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Like many companies and brands, ad agencies, too, responded to events of last year and called for diversity and inclusion with various initiatives. Agencies were probably driven to act more quickly after the CEO of The Richards Group made what even many of his staff felt were racist remarks during a … [Read more...]

Diversity and the Changing Colors

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When the first millennials were born in 1980, the census bureau reported that about a fourth of all census tracts in the US. were nearly exclusively white. Fast forward to 2045 when the Brookings Institute forecasts that minority groups will collectively make up more than half the U.S. population. … [Read more...]

Voice Technology Matters


When American fantasy writer Brandon Sanderson said, “What was the point of a little voice? Weren’t voices for being heard?,” he may not have had voice technology like Google Assistant in mind, which this year has already been installed in over a billion devices and climbing. But his quote sure … [Read more...]

Challenges in Marketing


With the advent of social media and online marketing, new and unique challenges have appeared in the marketing industry. When a brand is building a marketing plan, several things must be addressed to make the campaign successful.  Some things to consider include brand purpose and message, … [Read more...]

Mastering Crisis Communications

Crisis situations are inevitable, both for bigger and smaller companies, but the main thing that can change a company’s outlook during such a situation is how it will handle the crisis itself and communicate with its customers.  For example, a few years ago, when Samsung released its newest … [Read more...]