Top Free Video Editing Programs for 2019

Good video editing software can really showcase your products from every angle, helping you produce professional videos across platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Fortunately, there are a number of easy-to-use video editing programs available, many for free, that can truly help you stand out from your competition. Well-produced product videos are a more engaging […]

Why Do So Many Businesses Fail to Create a Marketing Strategy?


It’s a story that permeates the marketing industry, particularly when it comes to smaller or newer businesses. Often, business owners balk at the prospect of shelling out money on marketing. To them, it seems like a large expenditure that may or may not bring in results. While this is absolutely a risk, and something that […]

This Summer, Try An Online Public Relations Course

Public relations can make or break a business – large or small. Good PR skills are also a vital tool for a range of professions, from politicians to radio presenters, or anyone trying to promote an idea or product. The internet is packed with bursting with online courses offering to help you improve your PR […]

Why Google Rankings and Ads Matter for Any Business

google ranking

An entrepreneur has just hung his shingle up and opened up for business as an independent public relations consultant. Specializing in handling public relations for niche athletes, the proprietor anticipates a low amount of competition in his home area of southern California. After all, most PR professionals tend to work for agencies, which tend to […]

What To Look For in Marketing Managers

marketing manager

The hiring manager is thrilled; she’s just made the perfect hire. The new marketing manager for the company, which is a B2B focused creative agency, graduated at the top of her class from a well-known private university. She interned at a big corporate agency during her summer vacations, and she’s bilingual. When the newest marketing […]

Managing a PR Crisis


All businesses, big or small, will face some kind of public relations crisis in their lifetime. Knowing this will happen — and being prepared for it — is the best way to manage these scenarios. All businesses are vulnerable to a wide range of unexpected threats and in this age of anything going viral at […]

Qualities for Effective Leadership

While having leadership experience is mandatory for most CEOs, it is possible to reach the position and still need to hone these skills. All great CEOs know that they have to be honest about what qualities they possess, and those they do not while also having a willingness to improve the areas that will benefit […]

Do It Yourself PR Pitfalls To Avoid

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When you want to achieve a measured, effective, and consistent public relations campaign, the best option is to hire a PR professional. But, the fact of the matter is, some people either don’t think they have the budget for that, or they feel they can go it alone. More often than not, whether they get […]

The Era of Influencer Marketing is Far From Over

influencer marketing

It’s a truth universally acknowledged: traditional media channels have run their course, and marketing professionals are being forced to adapt. Primetime television is no longer the most sought after advertising real estate, and brands are increasingly willing to fork out millions of dollars for an Instagram influencer ad campaign targeting smartphones across the globe. But […]