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O’Reilly returns to Fox to chat with Hannity

fox news

It seems the falling out between Fox News and its former top draw, Bill O’Reilly, was shorter than advertised. While Bill is not back on the network, he did stop by for a few segments with Fox’s new top guy, Sean Hannity. So, how is O’Reilly doing amid trying to retrofit his career in the […]

Kushner Shifts to Crisis PR

Kushner shifts to crisis PR

There’s definitely a time and place for crisis PR. Usually, you need it before you think you do, and long after you believe everything is “all good.” But this isn’t a story about a brand that pulled the crisis PR trigger too late. It’s about the most prolific family in the country making a move […]

LA Gets Olympics … But is That Good News?

LA gets Olympics

In the contests for the 2024 and 2028 Olympic Games, Los Angeles really wanted to get at least one win. And they did, though they will have to wait a bit longer to celebrate. LA will host the 2028 Games. City Council President Herb Wesson exulted at the news, “Hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games […]

Trump Tweets Energize Morning Joe Audience

Trump tweets energize Morning Joe audience

It seems, when Donald Trump insults you, it can be good for ratings after all. During the Presidential campaign, when President Trump laid into a competitor like “Little Marco” or Lying Hillary, their stock went down. But, after a series of “mean tweets” directed at Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski, the MSNBC anchor’s show saw […]

Aetna Flips the Script on Obamacare Policies


Listening to opponents of the Affordable Healthcare Act, one of the constant siren songs is all the insurers who are pulling out of the system. There have been a good many, and in several states, but none of them got the same buzz as did Aetna when the company announced it would be pulling out […]

Al-Jazeera Under Siege at Home

Al-Jazeera Under Siege at Home

When you take a stand as a brand, especially as a media company, you’re going to get some pushback and criticism. When you do so in the Middle East, that pushback is going to be substantial. And, often, when you don’t take a stand where you should … or if you refuse to … the […]

GE CEO Makes a Bold Political Statement

GE CEO Makes a Bold Political Statement

Despite a blistering barrage of recent criticism from investors, General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt isn’t shying away from sharing his vision for the future of GE. In a recent speech, Immelt made it clear that he believes US companies need to step up and change their attitude if they hope to compete with foreign firms.

Girls Who Code Founder Fires at Ivanka Trump

Girls Who Code Founder Fires at Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump wants to highlight and celebrate women in business, but at least one prominent businesswoman is saying “count me out.” Reshma Saujani, who founded Girls Who Code, is making no bones about not wanting anything to do with Ivanka, at least as long as she’s working for her father.