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Kushner Shifts to Crisis PR

Kushner shifts to crisis PR

There’s definitely a time and place for crisis PR. Usually, you need it before you think you do, and long after you believe everything is “all good.” But this isn’t a story about a brand that pulled the crisis PR trigger too late. It’s about the most prolific family in the country making a move that … [Read more...]

Trump Tweets Energize Morning Joe Audience

Trump tweets energize Morning Joe audience

It seems, when Donald Trump insults you, it can be good for ratings after all. During the Presidential campaign, when President Trump laid into a competitor like “Little Marco” or Lying Hillary, their stock went down. But, after a series of “mean tweets” directed at Morning Joe co-host Mika … [Read more...]

Al-Jazeera Under Siege at Home

Al-Jazeera Under Siege at Home

When you take a stand as a brand, especially as a media company, you’re going to get some pushback and criticism. When you do so in the Middle East, that pushback is going to be substantial. And, often, when you don’t take a stand where you should … or if you refuse to … the consequences can be … [Read more...]