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Brands and TikTok Stories

2022-05-16 by EPR Staff

When TikTok started going viral and attracting millions of users a couple of years ago, most social media platforms started shifting their attention to short-form video content. One of the biggest competitors to TikTok became Instagram due to its Reels feature, along with YouTube Shorts, both of which started promoting short-form video content. However, TikTok […]


Successful Off-page SEO Strategies for Brands

2022-05-15 by EPR Staff

Aside from link building, off-page SEO involves plenty of other activities that don’t always result in brand new backlinks from another website to a company’s website. In fact, even just posting and leaving comments can be considered an off-page promotion. There are several strategies that companies can use to improve their off-page SEO efforts, but […]

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Improving SEO Rankings

2022-05-14 by EPR Staff

Once a company has set up its website and it’s fully functional, many businesses find that t’s not generating enough traffic or engaging the current website visitors. This is a very common issue, as about 90% of most content online doesn’t get organic traffic from Google. The best way to solve it is to conduct […]


5 Tips to Deal with Global E commerce Digital Marketing Challenges
2022-05-13 by EPR Staff

Challenges for digital commerce

Digital commerce has its own set of challenges. The digital commerce industry has been growing and so have its challenges. The pandemic has witnessed the shift to digital commerce, and people have started using e-commerce to make purchases that they would have previously bought in brick-and-mortar stores. Shopping is definitely easier, but it has also […]

Top tech trends for UX design
2022-05-13 by EPR Staff

Implementing website pop-ups effectively

The graphical overlays that pop up on a website after a visitor spends a certain amount of time on them or after they take a specific action on them, are called pop-ups. Most people have come across a pop-up or two on the Internet.  Most companies use pop-ups to gather the email addresses of their […]

2022-05-12 by EPR Staff

MA Office of Travel & Tourism Issues Marketing RFP 

Address: 136 Blackstone Street, 5th Floor, Boston, MA 02109 The MA Office of Travel and Tourism (MOTT) is seeking proposals from experienced Massachusetts marketing agencies in public relations, marketing strategy, social media, graphic design, and advertising support services for a marketing campaign to promote Massachusetts to tourists and travelers. The campaign will include innovative promotional […]

2022-05-12 by EPR Staff

Common SEO Challenges for Companies

One of the only constants in the SEO industry is change. While it might feel like those changes are out of the control of companies, there’s plenty that’s leftover that companies can control, more specifically the way they react to change. However, there are certain challenges that companies tend to come across in their SEO […]

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2022-05-11 by EPR Staff

Efficient PR crisis management in 2022

A PR crisis can occur anytime. How a company responds to a crisis will determine the impact the crisis has on the company’s reputation. The last couple of years have made businesses experience how a crisis can affect operations. Preparation for a crisis involves assessing the crisis, and readying the tools and  resources that need […]

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2022-05-11 by EPR Staff

Types of effective website pop-ups

There are plenty of different ways that companies can encourage their website visitors to convert. That doesn’t always have to mean generating more sales, and instead can sometimes mean getting website visitors to join an email list, sign up for an ebook, or book a demo, for instance. One of the reasons why companies should […]

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