Media RFP Issued By Maryland Dept of Health

2022-01-16 by EPR Staff

The Maryland Department of Health (MDH or the Department), Office of Family & Community Health Services is issuing this Request for Proposals (RFP) to provide development and design of a print and digital media campaign (including logo and slogan branding) focused on sexual risk reduction education that targets Maryland youth, ages 10-19. The media campaign […]

can of soda being poured into a glass of water


2022-01-16 by EPR Staff

The Department of Health Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Division (“CDPHPD”) is requesting comments and feedback on the proposed scope of work and offeror qualifications that could influence and assist in the development of a Request for Quote (“RFQ”) to obtain advertising services to develop a sugar-sweetened beverage (“SSB”) counter-marketing campaign. CDPHPD regularly conducts […]

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Topic Clusters They Can Boost Your SEO and Content Marketing

Keyword Clustering in SEO

2022-01-15 by EPR Staff

In the last few years, Google’s team of engineers has focused on natural language processing and developing a better understanding of how content on a page interrelates with it. With the help of neural matching the search engine can understand synonyms, which means with every update, users can use more literary terms for search queries. […]


2022-01-14 by EPR Staff

Purpose-Driven Public Relations Efforts

A company that’s able to proactively incorporate environmental, societal, and cultural values into its operations is utilizing purpose-driven PR. Truly purpose-driven companies can make corporate choices that put their purpose over their profits. Although public relations by itself isn’t purpose-driven, a brand can be, and it can use public relations to improve the world around […]

SEO tips everything-pr
2022-01-14 by EPR Staff

SEO and Continuous Scrolling

Many websites have already utilized the continuous scrolling feature, however, Google recently made the same change to its mobile search results. These days, instead of the search engine showing several pages of results at the bottom of a page, in the mobile website, there aren’t any pages any longer. Instead of breaking the results down […]

Branding Tips
2022-01-13 by EPR Staff

Branding and Public Relations

It’s not always easy for smaller businesses to tell the difference between public relations efforts and branding, because both of these tools are used to accomplish a company’s goals. Additionally, both of the tools tend to share a lot of foundational elements, such as research, writing, communication, psychology, and utilizing social and traditional media platforms. […]

Earned Media Measurement for PR
2022-01-13 by EPR Staff

Measuring the Impact of PR

One of the most common questions that companies have when looking to promote themselves or their solutions is whether PR even works. While it’s not always easy to track the benefits of public relations in comparison to other promotional strategies, such as advertising or marketing, it doesn’t mean businesses should overlook the power of PR. […]

Blockchain Technology Information Blocks Disgital Global Network Database News
2022-01-12 by EPR Staff

NFT business ideas for SME

A virtual world of interactions and transactions is driving the need for new technologies and platforms. Many entrepreneurs are realizing the value of NFTs and how NFTs are attracting cash. Nowadays, with NFTs being everywhere, they are perfectly suited to benefit small businesses as well. As NFTs exist on a blockchain that makes transactions secure, […]

nft1600 dollar
2022-01-12 by EPR Staff

Luxury brands in the NFT space

Luxury brands are becoming increasingly attracted to NFTs. NFTs have become an obsession for luxury brands, and this obsession might increase in the days ahead. NFTs push the limits of artistic expression, and hence brands are increasingly getting in on them as well. The results of these brands’ involvement in NFTs have interesting concepts. It […]

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