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Marketing Strategy Tips for Real Estate

2021-10-18 by Jade Minh

One of the most challenging, yet lucrative industries has always been real estate, and according to a recent study, many homebuyers tend to make purchases with the help of brokers or real estate agents. Not only that but according to the study, most of those buyers ended up only looking into a single real estate […]

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Internal Power Balance Shift and Crises

2021-10-17 by JamesD

In the last few months, a number of different brands and corporations in the tech industry have undergone a noticeable shift in employee culture. Everything started when the US finally started rolling out the Covid-19 vaccines, which promised to put an end to the pandemic, as well as remote work altogether. However, just as with […]

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Implementing Changes and Regulations in Tech

2021-10-16 by JamesD

According to a recent announcement from the European Commission, which is the executive branch of the European Union, there might be new plans that will be forcing electronics and smartphone manufacturers to include a common USB-C charging port on all devices.  This new announcement is likely going to have the biggest impact on Apple, as […]


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2021-10-15 by JamesD

Utilizing Voice Search in Promotions

Over the last few years, the search engine landscape has been largely dominated by voice search. Many people find voice search quite convenient since all it takes is for the user to speak into their device instead of typing out keywords into a search bar. Most people from the younger generations prefer to speak their […]

2021-10-15 by JamesD

Handling Delicate Issues Publicly

Recently, a number of Facebook users who came across a video of a British tabloid outlet that featured Black men, received an automated prompt from the platform asking if they’d like to continue seeing videos relating to Primates. This led to Facebook apologizing for the “unacceptable error”, pausing all the artificial intelligence features that produce […]

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2021-10-14 by JamesD


Humboldt County is seeking proposals from a qualified Humboldt County-based entity to work with County staff and leadership to develop a distinct national and industry “branding initiative” for Humboldt County grown cannabis and cannabis related products and services.  The selected proposer will serve as the County of Humboldt’s lead contracted agency for cannabis marketing initiatives […]

2021-10-14 by Jade Minh

E-commerce Websites and Public Relations

When it comes to utilizing public relations efforts, e-commerce stores can see plenty of benefits– especially if all efforts come from honesty. Whatever message is going to be shared with the target audience should be true and factual, because making false statements in any PR effort is pointless. This is especially true in today’s age […]

Destination British Columbia Issues Management of Marketing Strategy RFP
2021-10-13 by JamesD

Marketing RFP Issued By University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia (the ”UBC” “University”), Development and Alumni Engagement Group, intends to hire an Event and Experiential Marketing Consultant. The University of British Columbia is a Tier One Research-Intensive University, consistently ranked among the world’s top 35 Universities. UBC’s two major campuses, located in Vancouver and Kelowna, offer more than 65,000 students […]

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2021-10-13 by Jim Crickell

Inclusivity in Marketing: LGBTQ+ Advertising Dos and Don’ts

Why create an entire campaign geared towards the LGBTQ+ community? How about their over $1 Trillion in buying power in the US today? To top that, the median income of a same-sex couple is 23% above that of straight households. And most importantly to a business? LGBTQ+ consumers are more than twice as loyal to […]

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