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Keyword selection tips for SEO

2022-08-07 by EPR Staff

Businesses cannot afford to operate in the dark when it comes to keyword selection. When a business wants to build an audience from search engine traffic, they cannot make guesses. Some search engine visitors can be attracted by creating content even without a SEO strategy. Each post may not take a business to the first […]

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Navajo Nation Department of Justice Issues Lobbying RFP

Navajo Nation Crisis Counseling Care Project Marketing and Media Consultant

2022-08-06 by EPR Staff

Navajo Nation Division of Behavioral and Mental Health Services (DBMHS) is requesting for proposals from consultants to provide program marketing (print, radio, and display), website design and development, and media services for the Navajo Nation Crisis Counseling Care Line. The goal of this grant is to establish crisis counseling regular services throughout five agencies (Eastern […]


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2022-08-05 by EPR Staff

In-House PR Team Essentials

Companies that rely on in-house public relations departments or teams can always rely on these people for various public relations efforts. Between creating and sharing press releases and emails and communicating with employees, in-house, public relations teams are incredibly effective. In fact, most in-house PR teams don’t need to be made up of dozens of […]

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2022-08-05 by EPR Staff

Marketing RFP Issued By New Mexico State University

Bid Date & Time: 8/8/22 8:00am Scope: Provide Digital Campaign Services SPECIFICATIONS/SCOPE OF WORK PURPOSE New Mexico State University (NMSU) is requesting proposals from qualified firms to provide professional media and advertising services for digital campaigns. Successful applicants will support Marketing and Communications with the planning and execution of digital advertising campaigns. SERVICES The following […]

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2022-08-05 by EPR Staff

Increasing Ranking on Search Engines

Companies that have brick-and-mortar stores tend to have a difficult time conceptualizing the buying journey of their customers. Although one of the most popular marketing efforts that they rely on is word-of-mouth marketing, there are plenty of other ways that customers can find these types of businesses. One of the most effective ways to do […]

2022-08-04 by EPR Staff

Podcast Content Development Services

Due Date: 8/11/22 Buyer: Michael Green Phone: 480-350-8516 Purpose: The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to award a contract to a qualified firm (Contractor) to develop custom-tailored, personality-driven podcast content featuring high-profile guests designed to increase the brand profile and social media presence of the Tempe Police Department.  Scope of Services: […]

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2022-08-04 by EPR Staff

When Companies Need to Create In-House PR Teams

Whenever a company has grown enough to need more help for success, most businesses start turning to public relations to increase their target audience and convert more consumers. However, aside from working with specialized public relations agencies, some companies also have the opportunity to create their own in-house PR teams that will only be catering […]

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2022-08-04 by EPR Staff

Digital Content & Communications RFP Issued By The Schott Foundation

Proposal Due Date: 8/5/22 Proposal Requirements  Proposed approach to the deliverables and activities, including regarding increasing engagement, expanding our audience, and executing project management. Resume/LinkedIn Bio(s) Links to 1-3 work samples, especially similar projects for philanthropic organizations Two client references Proposed work schedule and project management process with client check-ins For more information, please contact […]

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