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McDonald’s on Improving Business Operations and Performance

2022-05-19 by Ronn Torossian
McDonald’s hoping tech brings back customers

Recently Mcdonald's announced that it would be introducing a brand new system in the next year that would be assessing how each of its franchise restaurants is performing. According to the announcement, this new assessment system is meant to help the fast food chain better support its objectives regarding the growth plan. Response After the announcement, many franchisees expressed their opinion to the public, with plenty of them questioning the timing of this new system while the entire country is undergoing a labor shortage which has also impacted the operations of many Mcdonald's franchises. In fact, according to two different... Read More >

TikTok bans misogyny and misgendering

2022-03-12 by EPR Staff

People face many kinds of attacks online, and one of these is called gendered and sexualised disinformation. Billions of people around the world use social media to connect, debate, learn, and share. Social media can also be an important place to address social injustices. For instance, women from all over the world used social media platforms and #metoo to expose the violence, abuse, and harassment they face offline. TikTok has taken up the responsibility to ban any content related to misogyny and misgendering to ensure safety and a sense of wellbeing for users. Updating community guidelines TikTok has more than... Read More >

Preventing a PR Crisis in the Royal Family

2022-03-03 by EPR Staff
Queen Elizabeth II

Recently, Queen Elizabeth II announced that she wanted Camilla, Prince Charles's wife, to become Queen Consort whenever Charles takes the throne. In a statement on the eve of Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee, which marked 70 years of her time on the British throne, she noted that whenever Charles became King, the public should give Camilla and Charles the same support that she received throughout her years on the throne. Endorsement She also expressed that one of her wishes for when the time comes, was for Camilla to be known as Queen Consort, and continue her Royal service. With Prince... Read More >

Vice Burger voted best burger at South Florida Food and Wine Burger Bash

2022-03-01 by EPR Staff

At the South Florida Food and Wine Burger Bash on Friday February 25th, Judges Dwyane Wade, Reverend Run DMC, Chef Ahmad Alzahabi, The Points Guy, and Al Roker from NBC, voted Vice Burger as the #1 Burger. Vice Burger uses ground fresh daily wagyu beef, authentic Parisian brioche bun, and most importantly applies a proprietary cooking method which uses both industrial grade steam as well as intense heat for caramelization, creating a piping hot, juicy, and melty delicious cheeseburger. Vice Burger has amassed a cult following in Miami as the city’s best burger and now as the winner of Burger Bash... Read More >

Marketing RFP Issued By The Connecticut Housing Finance Authority

2022-02-18 by EPR Staff
Connecticut Port Authority Issues RFP For Communications and Marketing Services

Scope of Work CHFA is seeking qualified organizations to serve as a MyHomeCT Resource Center (“Resource Center”). Households in the State will need different levels of support as they navigate their housing challenges. The goal of each Resource Center is to provide comprehensive broad-based support that will assist a wide range of impacted households. CHFA has identified a list of activities that are necessary (each grouping of similarly skilled activities, a “Role”) in order to meet the needs of MyHomeCT and serve the community. The Resource Center must have current staff qualified to perform the tasks associated with each of... Read More >

Hidden Mystery behind PR

2022-02-12 by EPR Staff

Public Relations has become an integral part of the world of any business today. While most companies in the past would only be concerned about the product they are selling and how to sell it more effectively, this is no longer the case, because things have changed a lot. Today, people are not only concerned about the quality of their products, but also about the quality of the services they provide. Public relations is meant to help brands build a strong and well-founded reputation. Its main goal is to increase the visibility of a particular brand, product, or service for... Read More >

Protecting Consumers and Websites

2022-01-28 by EPR Staff
Using Consumer Reviews and Influencer Marketing to Boost PR

According to research, the number of data breaches has been steadily increasing in the last few years. There are certain industries, such as healthcare and government, that are particularly vulnerable to data breaches. According to data, when it comes to the healthcare industry in particular, breaches have increased by nearly 60%. While there are no well-defined warning signs or solutions for website breaches, understanding what the threat entails, as well as learning the best ways to prevent and deal with a breach, can benefit any company. A data breach is considered to have taken place anytime information is taken from... Read More >

Promotional channels in fashion marketing

2022-01-19 by EPR Staff
hermes spring summer 2017

A promotional mix combines different types of promotional tools to promote a brand’s products and services, and to communicate its message to consumers. The ultimate aim, of course, is to support sales and persuade customers to purchase. Similarly, with a promotional mix that includes advertising, sales promotion, and PR, fashion marketing has specific promotional channels. The important promotional channels in Customer segmentation in fashion marketing are given below. Fashion Press Before the rise of the digital ecosystem, fashion industries used specialized magazines as part of their communication strategies. Magazines still play an important role in fashion promotions. Fashion magazines, both... Read More >

Volkswagen’s AR driving experience

2021-12-31 by EPR Staff

Based on emerging patterns, augmented reality is being used by automakers to give potential consumers the opportunity to explore their vehicles. The automotive sector is undergoing rapid development. The industry is trying to improve the driving experience for users. The application of augmented reality can help the industry save time and money. It can also revolutionize the way purchases are made. Volkswagen announced a new web-based augmented reality technology experience via certain Amazon boxes. It aims to bring a sensory experience of the new Taos SUV to online shoppers. Users can experience a virtual drive on a 3D map by... Read More >


2021-12-15 by EPR Staff

The Alabama Seafood Marketing Commission (ASMC) was established through Executive Order on March 18, 2011. The ASMC is comprised of fifteen voting members appointed by the Governor to represent the many and varied industries and entities related directly and indirectly to Alabama’s seafood industry. Membership also includes the ex-officio non-voting members from the Alabama Tourism Department, the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, the Alabama Department of Public Health, and the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries. The ASMC also has non-voting members from the Baldwin County and Mobile County Legislative Delegations, and a representative of the Alabama Governor’s... Read More >

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