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Expedia advocates getaways for Black Friday

2021-11-29 by Ronn Torossian

The pandemic has left people eager for a change of scenery. Virus tests and forms essential for travel have made planning and organizing trips more difficult. Holiday shoppers are also craving to travel freely again. Quite a few may even wish to travel to places they see on TV screens and in catalogs. A lot of people are beyond ready to leave their homes for a weekend getaway or more. With people working from home, taking time off from work allows recovery and relaxation. This observation led to Expedia group’s latest marketing campaign. It is centered around a 15-second video... Read More >

Improving Omnichannel Marketing Efforts

2021-11-23 by Ronn Torossian

Most modern consumers tend to be impulsive in their purchases, which makes them unpredictable.   And with the many  ways that consumers can make purchases, they don’t have to pay a lot of attention in researching a product or a business. They also tend to expect brands to follow them around throughout their buying journey, instead of the other way around. That means companies have to anticipate the needs of consumers while also providing a positive experience throughout their  buying journey. That’s where omnichannel marketing efforts become very beneficial to brands, as they give consumers positive experiences with the right messages... Read More >

Marc Roberts’ Miami Worldcenter changed the Landscape of Downtown Miami

2021-11-22 by JamesD

Miami Worldcenter is one of the most luxurious and most visited places in Miami, Florida, with more than 200 shops in this mall. Marc Roberts co-founded it, and it has a great variety of shops, with plenty of options to choose from. This makes it a great place to shop, while it also offers an amazing view of the city.  Miami Worldcenter can be visited for window shopping or products purchases, and it is a great place to visit in Miami. The center is a mixed-use complex in Downtown Miami. It consists of three buildings and features a luxury hotel and residences... Read More >

Toyota begins Production of Award-winning Yaris in Czech Republic

2021-11-21 by JamesD
toyota corolla 2010

The manufacturing of Toyota Yaris cars has commenced in the Toyota's Motor Manufacturing facility in the Czech Republic (TMMCZ). The model is being produced in the manufacturing plant in Kolinis. The Yaris was the Car of the Year 2021, with the TMMCZ plant becoming the second in Europe to produce the Yaris,  which is the best-selling car in the region. The other European plant manufacturing the Yaris is the Toyota Motor Manufacturing facility in France (TMMF). The TMMCZ plant used to be known as TPCA, and full ownership of it was given to Toyota Motor Europe in January, with the... Read More >

Volkswagen Sued in Germany over Climate Change

2021-11-18 by JamesD
Volkswagen diesel fix approved

            Greenpeace Germany, an organization that promotes environmental sustainability, has, together with environmental activist Clara Mayer, sued automaker Volkswagen in a German court because they believe the company isn’t doing its bit to fight climate change.             Volkwagen was issued with a list of demands by Greenpeace Germany and Mayer, who also stated that they give the company two months to consider their demands. One such demand is to end the production of cars with internal combustion engines by 2030. They also want the company to cut its carbon emissions by more than 60% from 2018 levels by 2030.            ... Read More >

Industrial Conglomerate General Electric is about to be Broken into Three Companies

2021-11-17 by JamesD
auto public relations - automotive industry

America’s General Electric company is a historic and storied conglomerate whose stock used to be one of the most commonly-held stocks in the US. According to recent reports, the industrial titan is about to be broken up into three individual companies focused on healthcare, energy, and aviation. The break-up is in line with the organization’s drive to reduce its debt burden while making its business processes simpler. The move is also aimed at giving the company’s poorly-performing share price a needed boost. On the other end of the spectrum, the move signifies how conglomerate businesses have fallen out of favor,... Read More >

Digital RFP Issued By University of Houston-Clear Lake

2021-11-13 by JamesD
houston public relations

The University is seeking a digital agency to provide a full range of digital marketing/advertising services including creative and media buying. The successful vendor will have a strong track record of managing digital marketing campaigns to support lead generation and enrollment marketing for 4-year universities. Background: Nestled on a 524-acre wildlife and nature preserve, University of Houston-Clear Lake (“University” or “UHCL”) has become a cornerstone of higher education along the upper Gulf Coast of Texas. Located midway between Houston and Galveston, Texas, adjacent to NASA’s Johnson Space Center and the Armand Bayou Nature Center, the University serves a diverse student... Read More >

Mercedes Benz sells sustainability with electric vehicles

2021-11-06 by JamesD
Mercedes-Benz C Class

The shift to electric mobility is essential in building a sustainable future. Daimler AG, whose luxury automobile brand is Mercedes Benz, is pushing ahead with the change to emission-free mobility. Sustainability is one of the key elements of Daimler’s corporate strategy and hence they are ready to make Mercedes Benz all electric by the end of the decade. Mercedes Benz will offer battery electric vehicles in all segments the company serves. All new vehicle architectures will be electric-only from 2025 onwards. Customers will be able to choose an all-electric alternative for each model the company makes. Mercedes Benz intends to... Read More >

Hailo Secures Largest-ever Funding in the Edge AI Space

2021-11-03 by JamesD
AI Jumpstart slider

Israeli AI chipmaker Hailo raised an additional $136 million on Tuesday during a private fundraising event participated in by Gil Agmon, the CEO and majority shareholder of Delek Motors and Poalim Equity, an Israeli-based investment bank. The new funding for Hailo is intended to support the expansion of edge AI as demand for the technology increases across the world. Hailo’s $136 million funding is the biggest of its kind in the edge AI space, and it was necessitated by the explosion of advanced AI processors demand. These processors are being increasingly used in automobiles, smart retail ventures, smart cities ,and... Read More >

Fair Employment and Great Opportunities at BLK

2021-10-25 by Jim Crickell
Employment everything-pr

For many people, getting a second chance in life is the key ingredient that they really need to truly achieve their potential. That’s one of the reasons why these days, plenty of companies, such as BLK, have started hiring felons and providing them with an opportunity to secure work and a stable source of income. While rebuilding a life might be challenging, given the right support and opportunities, practically everyone can get another chance at an everyday life. Since jobs are made for people, BLK believes that investing in its community means there shouldn’t be any unnecessary barriers in the... Read More >

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