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Rembrandt Flores of EFG Feature Story

Today an interview with Rembrandt Flores.  Start from the beginning, how did your career happen?  My career was a pure accident! I was working in production on an international TV show for E! and was put on a shoot that sent me on a trip with the show’s guest celebrity host and their publicist.  That […]

Q&A with Novita Communications’ Christine Abbate

Novità Communications, an award-winning integrated marketing and communications agency that caters to the architecture and design communities and is headquartered in Tribeca NYC. A certified WBE, Novità has been recognized since 2017 as one of Observer’s PR Power 50 Agencies. Prior to founding Novità in 1996, Christine was Director of Marketing & Promotion for the Italian […]

Motti Peer, CEO of ReBlonde On The Future of PR

the future of influencer marketing

Feature Interview with Motti Peer, CEO at ReBlonde, the agency behind Viber’s boycott of Facebook shared extensive thoughts with us. He said today in an exclusive interview, “It’s a time to focus more on thought leadership. As PR experts it’s our professional responsibility both to our clients, editors, and ultimately readers, to ensure the thought […]

Q &A with Tara Ackaway, CEO of Social Wise Communications

In this exclusive interview Tara Ackaway of Social Wise Communications shares an inside look at her company values, mission and daily inspirations.   Fueled with ambition, big dreams and an open mind, Tara Ackaway, CEO and founder of Social Wise Communications headed to The Upper West Side in Manhattan to tackle the first day of a powerful internship […]


Who are you and what do you do? My name is Christie Lawler and I am the Founder & Owner of CJL CONSULTiNG, a niche marketing agency that serves the restaurant, hotel and entertainment chains across the U.S. I also am the Founder of our philanthropic arm – The WITI Group – a 501(c)(3) organization that […]

Interview with Steve Markman, Markman Speaker Management LLC

Q-Given today’s challenging economy, marketing and PR efforts should be front and center for your company. But how do you rise above the noise? A-One way to do boost visibility is through public speaking. By speaking at public forums – at conferences, seminars and forums held by independent event organizations, associations, professional and industry trade […]

Introducing: Bespoke Real Estate, King of the Hamptons

The Hamptons, part of the East Egg of Long Island, is known for its miles of glittering, sandy beaches, its status as a vacation spot for Manhattanites, and lavish real estate. For those seeking opulent, waterfront homes at an equally opulent price tag, there’s no better brokerage firm but Bespoke Real Estate. Known for their […]

Q & A With Paige Arnof-Fenn of Mavens & Moguls

We conducted an interview with  Paige Arnof-Fenn of Mavens & Moguls  How has Covid affected your business? I  started a global branding and marketing firm 19 years ago in Cambridge, MA.   I am very concerned about the  spread of this virus and the short and long term impact it will have on the economy.    We have had […]

Everything PR Q&A With CEO of Red Lorry, Yellow Lorry

Key Questions to Ask When Refreshing a PR Strategy

A Q & A with Guy Walsingham, CEO, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry ·         It’s fair to say it’s been a tricky quarter for all PR agencies. How has it been at Red Lorry Yellow Lorry? It’s certainly been an unusual time. Like businesses in all industries, we’ve had to adapt quickly, but our sector has been impacted less […]

Q & A With Michelle Lyng of Novitas Communications

Q: How Does Joining a Global Network Benefit an Agency? As boutique agencies continue to chip away market share from behemoth agencies, it is inevitable there will be growing pains. Too often – still – small and mid-sized agencies are told they cannot compete for top tier accounts – even when that statement is wholly […]