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Finance & PR: 5 Leading Financial PR Firms and Why They Stand Out

Adding Thought Leadership To Your Marketing Strategy

Financial PR is not only demanding, but also varied and complex. While offering PR professionals the opportunity to engage with the ever-changing financial markets, PR agencies have the role of advising a wide variety of financial professionals. Fundamentally, financial PR professionals play novel roles in managing and improving reputations prior to Initial Public Offers (IPO) […]

Marketers Must Know Analytics

Google Analytics Behavior Flow

In recent years, data and analytics have turned into the foundation of marketing, and marketers and digital pr professionals that have the right proficiency and skills in analytics have a much easier time achieving great results with their marketing strategies. Which means, it’s not important to just collect and track all of the marketing data, but marketers […]

Everything-PR Q & A With Dick Grove – CEO INK Inc. Public Relations

Dick Grove – CEO INK Inc.

Dick Grove has managed the gamut of business and consumer communications from financial and investment relations, to high-tech campaigns and products, crisis management, and the vagaries of the entertainment world. He’s served in the MarCom C-Suite with companies like Itel Corpration, GE Capital and IT&T as well as a V.P. with industry powerhouse Burson-Marsteller. In 1997, […]

Q&A with Montieth & Company CEO, Montieth Illingworth

This is an interview with Montieth & Company CEO, Montieth Illingworth on Public Relations in the Wake of Covid-19 Montieth & Company is a global communications consultancy that provides a comprehensive set of communications solutions to deliver high-value, measurable outcomes. The firm was founded by Montieth Illingworth in 2007. Today, the firm operates through global hubs […]

Q&A with Lori Rosen, Founder, Rosen Group

WFH:  The Most Popular Acronym in 2020: How One Agency Executive Adapted for the Long Term You’ve had a public relations firm for 35 years—and like most PR agency executives, have been working from an office. How has the shift to Work from Home (WFH) been? When we left the office on March 12th, we […]

Gain an Advantage with Competitive Intelligence

To any NFL team, gathering as much information about the competition is essential to winning. The six-time Super Bowl New England Patriots got caught videotaping signals of New York Jets’ coaches during a 2007 game in an incident dubbed Spygate, which resulted in fines and sanctions. The Pats were caught again in December for videotaping […]

Q&A with Rhonda Rees: Public Relations Expert

What is it like to handle clients in the age of Covid-19, and what specific media challenges have you faced? I have had a very unique perspective in representing clients that have been directly involved and/or impacted by our current Coronavirus pandemic.  It’s been both a challenge, as well as an uplifting experience to present […]

Insights from With Global Alliance

Global Business

With Global Alliance, a global network of tech PR and marketing agencies, launched in January of this year with just five founding members. By June, the With Global Alliance (WGA) membership had doubled in size to include 10 firms, servicing 26 countries, all with deep tech expertise and hands-on senior leaders.  Operating in the international […]

Interview with Turbine Labs founder Leigh Fatzinger

Q1: What is Turbine Labs and why is it important to PR professionals? Turbine Labs is an AI-powered, journalist enhanced intelligence platform that helps PR pros deliver higher quality insights to decision-makers and stakeholders faster than ever before.  PR professionals face an increasing number of challenges in proving the impact and efficacy of their efforts. […]

Rembrandt Flores of EFG Feature Story

Today an interview with Rembrandt Flores.  Start from the beginning, how did your career happen?  My career was a pure accident! I was working in production on an international TV show for E! and was put on a shoot that sent me on a trip with the show’s guest celebrity host and their publicist.  That […]