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Clinc, a Pioneer in Conversational AI

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Clinc AI The scientific field of artificial intelligence is rapidly growing with new technology created and its use expanding into every industry on the list. As AI developers across the globe continue to see consistent breakthroughs with deepened, more specific research and improved … [Read more...]

Gone Phishin’

Gone Phishin’ That phrase with its new spelling appears to be the rage for cybercriminals these days. 76% of all companies surveyed last year reported being victims of phishing attacks. The most popular in the second quarter of 2019 were free webmail sites and SaaS followed by the financial … [Read more...]

Japan Takes on Big Tech

Japan Takes on Big Tech Tokyo is at it again. Japan has begun drafting guidelines that will be used to introduce more regulation into the US tech giant-dominated domestic digital market. This time, the goal is to weave together the protection of competition and protection of user privacy and … [Read more...]

Is Artificial Intelligence Coming for Your Job?

Is AI Coming for Your Job? Persado is an artificial intelligence-driven company that utilizes machine learning to create compelling copy and branding words for companies looking for a boost. While services such as what Persado offers are attractive and innovative, some marketing professionals … [Read more...]

Big Tech’s 2019 PR Challenge: Tax

Big Tech's 2019 PR Challenge: Tax

Big Tech's 2019 PR Challenge: Tax March 2018: at France’s request, the European Commission has put forward two proposals for the reform of corporate tax rules and a tax on the big technology players. The aim of this new legislation? To adjust tax laws so that any company with significant digital … [Read more...]