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The Role of Technology in Market Research

2022-06-02 by EPR Staff
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The role of technology in market research is to enable an understanding of consumer behavior and develop strategies that meet consumer needs. The use of technology helps marketers collect data on consumer behavior through the use of mobile surveys and targeted ads, as well as advertising on social media. Technology also allows for real-time data collection and analysis because consumer data can be fed through an algorithm that updates the information in real-time. It also helps with personalization; by collecting consumer data, marketers can make personalized recommendations based on individual preferences. With the advent of technology and an explosion of... Read More >

NFT Project Beginnings and Basics

2022-05-20 by EPR Staff

One of the popular terms in the last couple of years online has been the creator economy, which is a movement where creators can build their own ecosystems around communities. More recently, the focal point of this type of movement has become NFTs. These non-fungible tokens have started giving the creators in that creator economy the ability to create platforms around meaningful projects and communities. Most of the creators involved with the development of NFTs have already created successful communities on various social media platforms, but with the way that NFTs are changing the way that people do business and... Read More >

Using 5G Technology in Marketing Efforts

2022-04-11 by EPR Staff
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There are certain ways that 5G technology can change the way companies tell their stories by offering new opportunities with the faster upcoming mobile standard. The impacts of 5G technology can range from smaller in certain areas to more significant in others. The rollout of the 5G cellular network is going to change the way the marketing industry operates. According to experts, the new technology is going to allow for the creation of a number of new applications, such as process management apps, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) programs, IoT, and utility metering programs. It will also allow... Read More >

Tips for creatives looking for success in the NFT industry

2022-03-06 by EPR Staff

NFTs are an extremely popular trend in the domain of blockchain, and are capable of transforming the representation of digital ownership. The rising popularity of NFTs will revolutionize the creative industry. Before cryptocurrency, nobody owned anything digital. Videos, articles, memes, and graphics were recycled, and there was no way to acquire ownership of a digital file. NFTs brought about a change. Creators can now sell, exhibit, or lend digital artwork at will. Given below are tips on how people in creative industries can benefit from NFTs. Generate income The NFT space is still in a nascent stage, which means there... Read More >

Top tech trends for UX design

2022-03-03 by EPR Staff
Top tech trends for UX design

We are no longer restricted to interacting and communicating with others through our phones. The new way of connecting beyond traditional channels like through social media platforms or immersive experiences means that UX designers have the technology and scope of designing interactive experiences that did not exist previously. With technology becoming more pervasive, some UX trends, as discussed below, are taking the tech industry by storm. Desktop and mobile apps Desktop applications now require a corresponding mobile app. The popularity of internet browsing on mobile has changed the game of digital design. Nowadays, users use mobiles and computers most of... Read More >

IoT solutions and startups

2022-02-26 by EPR Staff
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One of the significant technological developments in the last decade was the adoption of IoT(Internet of Things) by industries and enterprises. IoT is expected to be adopted by different industries and complement other technologies to make life better. The demand for this technology is expected to grow again after the pandemic, which caused many organizations to slow down initiatives. Some startups are meeting the new and evolving needs of digital transformation products with new IoT analytics solutions, IoT platforms, and other kinds of technologies that will fuel continued growth in the IoT market. Given below are some things that should... Read More >

Size of Blockchain Technology Market Projected to hit $172.9 by 2028

2021-12-02 by EPR Staff
Blockchain Startup Stories

            The market size of blockchain technology was only $3 billion in 2020, but that number has only trended upward ever since. This is due to increased demand for secure and transparent means of payment within as well as outside the banking and financial industry. This has led to increased adoption of blockchain systems within supply chains across the globe. In 2021, it’s market size is $4.9 billion, and it is expected to be worth $67.4 billion by 2026. The market size of the global Blockchain Technology Market is also projected to hit $172.9 billion by 2028. The increase in... Read More >

Tech Giants Google, Blackberry, and Qualcomm Collaborate in designing Next-Gen Automotive Cockpits

2021-11-04 by EPR Staff
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The availability of a new QNX Hypervisor and VIRTIO-based reference design was recently announced by Blackberry Limited. The design is intended to be used to make an Android Automotive design virtual, and it works on the 3rd generation Snapdragon Automotive Cockpit Platform that helps deliver an exciting and premium experience in automobile cockpits. It also gives the market a glimpse into the future. The new design marks a collaboration between Blackberry Ltd, Alphabet Inc, and Qualcomm Inc. Shortly after the new design and collaboration was announced, Blackberry shares were traded higher at $9.69 in the premarket session on Wednesday, a 3.75%... Read More >

HaulerHub: Putting the Power of Logistics in the Hands of Haulers

2021-10-16 by EPR Staff
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As the demand for the digitization of the supply chain industry and e-commerce continues to impact different parties in the logistics industry, reliable haulers have become the focal point of seamless transportation of goods. However, freight brokers have dominated the Cargo transport and shipping industry for a long time, from arranging payment with consignees to scheduling delivery with selected haulers. These intermediaries have affected small-scale and independent haulers who have minimal resources to compete with big players in an industry that abounds with challenges. Although licensed, these third parties often exploit the parties as they arrange shipments. Fortunately, HaulerHub has... Read More >

Intuitive Stock Trading made Simple with TradeUP

2021-09-30 by EPR Staff

TradeUP Securities (“TradeUP Securities,”, formerly Marsco Investment Corp)is rapidly achieving the coveted status as having one of the U.S.'s most trusted mobile trading platforms. TradeUP is the application designed to help you monitor opportunities and place trades from wherever you are.  It is available for download on iPadOS, iOS, and all Android devices. You can download TradeUP from the App Store or Google Play—it is fast and simple to navigate. TradeUP users are matching the more significant market activity traded in the first half of 2021. Signups increased over 100% during this same period. TradeUP offers investment products such as... Read More >

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