Communications Lessons from Taylor Swift

2022-01-18 by EPR Staff
taylorswift single release mine

Everywhere people turn these days, they can’t seem to get away from Taylor Swift, and that seems to be continuing into 2022. Just in the last three years, she’s managed to release three new albums, Lover, folklore, and evermore, as well as two that she re-released with additional songs, Fearless (Taylor’s Version), and Red (Taylor’s Version). The last one got 90 million streams on Spotify on its release date, November 12.   Swift herself managed to make history in the music industry by releasing a 10-minute version of one of her most popular heartbreak anthems from Red (Taylor’s Version). The song, once the album was released,... Read More >

Libra Title Retains Virgo PR

2022-01-18 by EPR Staff

Virgo PR, a New York PR agency that creates campaigns that delights audiences and attract attention, has been named PR agency of record for Libra Title, a leading title insurance agency in the New York region. Virgo-PR launched a year ago and has exceeded $1 Million in revenues for 2021, with a client list which includes Opensea and other market leaders.  Libra Title is a full service title insurance agency serving the needs of consumers, investors, banks and private lenders in New York.   By bringing technology into the world of real estate and streamlining the closings process Libra Title has created... Read More >

ZipoApps / Tech talk with the entrepreneur, co-founder and CEO Gal Avidor

2022-01-18 by EPR Staff

This month, we conducted an interview with ZipoApps co-founder and CEO Gal Avidor. We asked him about the tech market, performance innovations, and the unique technology that makes ZipoApps a company worth watching. Gal, ZipoApps is a rapidly growing player in the field of purchasing, leveraging and optimizing of mobile apps and other digital assets; you have raised tens of millions of dollars in a relatively short time. What is the story behind your company? We at ZipoApps have developed our own distinctive technology that helps purchase and boost digital assets such as mobile apps. ZipoApps’ unique technology enables us to run a practical and... Read More >


2022-01-17 by EPR Staff
cook county health

Cook County Health (CCH) provides a wide range of health care services without regard to a patient’s ability to pay. The System operates the John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital of Cook County, a tertiary, acute care hospital and Provident Hospital of Cook County, a community acute care hospital. The System also operates a network of community health centers offering primary and specialty care and diagnostic services; the Cook County Department of Public Health (“CCDPH”), the certified local public health department serving most of suburban Cook County; Cermak Health Services of Cook County, serving the Cook County Jail and the Juvenile... Read More >

Ways to achieve brand trust

2022-01-17 by EPR Staff
branding tips

Brand trust makes a noticeable difference to a business. Brand trust affects sales. It builds loyalty, and can help a business weather any storm. Building brand trust is a crucial part of any marketing strategy. Today, brands are up against a pandemic. With each crisis, brands face new challenges to delivering on the promises they make with their products and services. Given below are ways by which brands can establish trust for long-term success. 1) Refine customer experience - There’s nothing as harmful as a customer contacting a company only to be addressed by a confused employee on the other end. To... Read More >

Media RFP Issued By Maryland Dept of Health

2022-01-16 by EPR Staff

The Maryland Department of Health (MDH or the Department), Office of Family & Community Health Services is issuing this Request for Proposals (RFP) to provide development and design of a print and digital media campaign (including logo and slogan branding) focused on sexual risk reduction education that targets Maryland youth, ages 10-19. The media campaign will be statewide, targeting youth in all 24 Maryland jurisdictions, with the goal of increasing awareness of sexual risk reduction strategies to reduce unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections with a primary focus on abstinence from sexual intercourse as the preferred prevention method. Campaign materials... Read More >


2022-01-16 by EPR Staff
can of soda being poured into a glass of water

The Department of Health Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Division (“CDPHPD”) is requesting comments and feedback on the proposed scope of work and offeror qualifications that could influence and assist in the development of a Request for Quote (“RFQ”) to obtain advertising services to develop a sugar-sweetened beverage (“SSB”) counter-marketing campaign. CDPHPD regularly conducts campaigns to communicate the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle (avoiding tobacco use, being physically active, and eating well) to prevent and manage chronic diseases. Previous campaigns include: Check Your Pressure, Choose Healthy Now, Control Asthma, COVID-19 Vulnerable Populations, Hawaii No Vape, Prepare for the... Read More >

Keyword Clustering in SEO

2022-01-15 by EPR Staff
Topic Clusters They Can Boost Your SEO and Content Marketing

In the last few years, Google’s team of engineers has focused on natural language processing and developing a better understanding of how content on a page interrelates with it. With the help of neural matching the search engine can understand synonyms, which means with every update, users can use more literary terms for search queries. However, despite the search engine improving, most website owners tend to optimize their pages with a handful of keywords in mind. That’s an outdated practice, especially with the knowledge that landing pages tend to rank for hundreds of keywords in search engines. With Google continuously... Read More >

Purpose-Driven Public Relations Efforts

2022-01-14 by EPR Staff

A company that’s able to proactively incorporate environmental, societal, and cultural values into its operations is utilizing purpose-driven PR. Truly purpose-driven companies can make corporate choices that put their purpose over their profits. Although public relations by itself isn’t purpose-driven, a brand can be, and it can use public relations to improve the world around it. Purpose-driven PR isn’t about creating campaigns and promotional materials, but rather about a way of thinking that everyone in a company agrees upon. There are plenty of ways that companies can support their consumers, communities, and even the world overall. Between donation campaigns and... Read More >

SEO and Continuous Scrolling

2022-01-14 by EPR Staff
SEO tips everything-pr

Many websites have already utilized the continuous scrolling feature, however, Google recently made the same change to its mobile search results. These days, instead of the search engine showing several pages of results at the bottom of a page, in the mobile website, there aren’t any pages any longer. Instead of breaking the results down into several pages, the search engine now shows the first four pages worth of search results through a continuous scrolling feature. While many companies used to utilize pagination to break up different pieces of information on websites, it’s not an ideal choice for user experience... Read More >

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