Branding and Public Relations

2022-01-13 by EPR Staff
Branding Tips

It’s not always easy for smaller businesses to tell the difference between public relations efforts and branding, because both of these tools are used to accomplish a company’s goals. Additionally, both of the tools tend to share a lot of foundational elements, such as research, writing, communication, psychology, and utilizing social and traditional media platforms. However, businesses have to understand the different uses between the two, and the limitations and strengths of each, so that they don’t end up wasting their time and resources pursuing the wrong one. Goal One of the first steps in figuring out the difference between... Read More >

Measuring the Impact of PR

2022-01-13 by EPR Staff
Earned Media Measurement for PR

One of the most common questions that companies have when looking to promote themselves or their solutions is whether PR even works. While it’s not always easy to track the benefits of public relations in comparison to other promotional strategies, such as advertising or marketing, it doesn’t mean businesses should overlook the power of PR. Media Impressions One of the ways that companies can assess the performance of their PR efforts is to keep track of the number of media impressions a company gets over a certain period of time. This goes hand in hand with the number of press... Read More >

NFT business ideas for SME

2022-01-12 by EPR Staff
Blockchain Technology Information Blocks Disgital Global Network Database News

A virtual world of interactions and transactions is driving the need for new technologies and platforms. Many entrepreneurs are realizing the value of NFTs and how NFTs are attracting cash. Nowadays, with NFTs being everywhere, they are perfectly suited to benefit small businesses as well. As NFTs exist on a blockchain that makes transactions secure, they cannot be substituted with a fake. They can always be traced back to the original owner or creator. With their digital permanence being an added advantage, given below are the ways by which NFT technology can help SMEs grow and retain customers. 1) Customer... Read More >

Luxury brands in the NFT space

2022-01-12 by EPR Staff
nft1600 dollar

Luxury brands are becoming increasingly attracted to NFTs. NFTs have become an obsession for luxury brands, and this obsession might increase in the days ahead. NFTs push the limits of artistic expression, and hence brands are increasingly getting in on them as well. The results of these brands’ involvement in NFTs have interesting concepts. It has led to marketplaces like 4K, which allows users to exchange the NFTs they purchase on the website in return for the physical form of that item.  There is also an alternative platform, other than GOAT or StockX, where people can search for collectibles. Given below... Read More >


2022-01-11 by EPR Staff
Riverside Southern California

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) is seeking proposals from qualified full-service, professional proposers with sufficient resources, experience, and ability to provide an array of communication services and educate the public-at-large, as well as specific audiences, regarding the $1.1 billion Clean California program. The program will reduce trash, expand efforts to remove trash from state thoroughfares, and enhance local streets and public spaces by working in collaboration with cities, counties, tribes, transit agencies, and private sector partners to fund local beautification and litter abatement projects. The selected consultant will assist Caltrans in the development and execution of a three-year, multifaceted... Read More >

Social Media and Misinformation in 2022

2022-01-11 by EPR Staff
social media covid teaser

At the end of last year, it was difficult for people to imagine a worse time for social media and misinformation, given the intensity of false news stories regarding the pandemic, vaccines, and elections. However, the following year proved to be up to the task, with misinformation being shared on social media at even greater rates than before. That’s why companies should be prepared to battle misinformation in the coming year.  The trend is far from over, and it seems that it’s going to continue evolving. Although misinformation in the media has existed for a long time, with the advent... Read More >


2022-01-10 by EPR Staff
port orchard city hall lisa kleiner

Purpose/Background The City of Port Orchard’s population and demand for services is growing and expected to grow significantly by 2040. With significant growth comes new challenges for the City to communicate effectively with the public and within city departments. The City has multiple projects underway to improve public utilities, transportation, parks and other significant projects such as master planning exercises that will shape the future of our community. Proactive internal and external communication is vital to informing our citizens about the City’s plans and to solicit input and engagement from the community. The City desires to secure the services of... Read More >

Media Planning Strategy and Awareness Campaign for the Division of Behavioral Health

2022-01-10 by EPR Staff

Purpose The Department of Social Services, Division of Behavioral Health (DBH) is seeking a qualified vendor to develop a five-year strategic plan to support an all-encompassing statewide campaign of publicly funded behavioral health services. The plan shall support the de-stigmatization of behavioral health disorders, provide education and awareness to available resources and supports including 211 as a general information resource option, 1-800-920-4343 for behavioral health resource information and 988 as the behavioral health crisis line effective July of 2022; incorporate messaging with current awareness campaigns supported by the DBH including the support of social marketing efforts to maximize and support... Read More >

Cancel Culture and Reputation

2022-01-09 by EPR Staff
headliner lovinkxbanksy

We’re all living in an era when the social media phenomenon of “cancel culture” is either unavoidable or inevitable. However, the term itself, and “cancellations” aren’t a new thing that became popular with the rise of social media use. Back in the 1960s, people could also “cancel” various brands and corporations, in a slightly different way. All it took back then was people using their financial power by boycotting brands to push for different changes. The only difference between then and now is the fact that companies can get canceled on social media, which fuels those movements. The prevalent use... Read More >

Digital Marketing RFP Issued By University of New Hampshire

2022-01-08 by EPR Staff
Best Colleges In New Hampshire 2021

The University System of New Hampshire (hereafter referred to as USNH or Owner) representing the University of New Hampshire, College of Life Sciences and Agriculture is requesting proposals from digital marketing agencies to design and execute a paid and organic marketing campaign including but not limited to content development; design of ads and landing pages; media placement; brand message refinement; SEO; and target audience segmentation. The selected firm will work with COLSA’s dean and communications director to raise awareness in the state of New Hampshire of COLSA’s undergraduate programs. Background The UNH College of Life Sciences and Agriculture is the... Read More >

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