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Creating a Successful Event PR Campaign

2021-09-10 by Jim Crickell
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A vital piece of every promotional strategy is public relations, especially when promoting events for a company. Plenty of the time local media outlets tend to target a local community, which means media coverage in local publications for an event will result in the event reaching the right people. However, companies that don’t have the right approach to PR will end up wasting their time without the benefits of positive media coverage. Additionally, there already are plenty of events both locally and globally in most locations, and without strong PR any company’s event will get lost in the crowd. Additionally,... Read More >

Q & A With All Points Digital

2021-06-08 by JamesD
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How do you develop interesting campaigns? For our company (All Points Digital), everything starts with understanding our client’s business. We do a discovery process of our client’s business, by going through their entire business process from A-Z (not just the marketing component). By understanding the process, budgets, profit margins and pain points we are able to make educated campaigns based on real business goals (not just traffic). Additionally, we operate an omni-channel approach to all of our digital marketing efforts, especially when we are looking at SEM and SEO. All Points Digital evaluates search efficiency by optimizing the channels together whereas most agencies view... Read More >

Police & Public Relations

2020-11-06 by Julio Juarez

Many are concerned about the police and public relations. We asked some PR pros what police can do to improve their reputations.  Many organizations, including the National Police Association are fixated on improving the lives – and reputations – of police departments nationwide. Andrew Blum, a crisis PR pro with AJB Communications, said “First, given all the bad press the police have gotten, they need to have a seasoned in-house PR person for their departments, and their budget can afford it, they should consider having a crisis PR agency on retainer. Without these, by the time a shooting or protests happen,... Read More >

Falwell Resigns, Creating a PR Opportunity for Liberty

2020-08-30 by Ronn Torossian

It’s been a tense last couple of weeks for one of the nation’s largest evangelical colleges, Liberty University. The president, Jerry Falwell, Jr., initially resigned, then, according to him, ‘never really resigned.’ Then, later in the week, he resigned (again), this time personally and, apparently, officially. The resignation comes as the embattled former university head faces major scrutiny from his evangelical, conservative base, as well as university trustees, because of reports of his involvement in a years-long affair his wife had. The fall from grace has been both fast and steep, as Falwell had been, until very recently, one of... Read More >

Former Student Alleges Elite School Mishandled Rape Allegations

2020-08-17 by Jim Crickell

Back in 2017, a student at Waterford School, an elite private school in Utah, a went to officials alleging an off-campus sexual assault. Then, according to the student, “administrators held a meeting with the rest of her class” in which they “shared details of the allegations” before refusing to help the then 17-year-old, girl enforce a protective order against her classmate. Having received no acceptable response from the school, the girl, Tabitha Bell, who is now a legal adult, filed a lawsuit, saying: “I don’t want anybody else who goes to Waterford to be hurt in the same way I... Read More >

Full Swing PR, Co Communications Public Relations Predictions

2020-07-09 by JamesD

Full Swing PR, Co-Communications Public Relations Predictions Many things happening – and many PR predictions experts.  As an industry expert and business owner, Caitlin Copple Masingill is the founder and President of Full Swing PR, and shares how her company has thrived, even during the pandemic, "The pandemic has brought home that public relations benefit greatly from being part of an integrated digital marketing campaign. Clients are demanding ROI more than ever as they advocate for marketing spends in a climate of cuts. Pitches to journalists have to be excellent to cut through the noise and in light of newsroom cuts. ... Read More >

Public Relations Predictions From Tiller Marketing, onePRgroup & More…

2020-07-08 by JamesD

Public Relations Predictions From Tiller Marketing, onePRgroup & More… We asked marketing executives what the future of public relations is, and here are the answers we got:  Cat Nilsson of onePRgroup said, "Public Relations has always been vital for businesses in order to increase brand awareness and their credibility with their target audience, and because of the inherent purpose behind it, I only see PR increasing in value into the future. Although COVID-19 has had a significant impact on many companies, particularly small businesses, I believe that many still see PR as a necessity and PR professionals have been able... Read More >

Digital vs. Traditional PR

2019-12-11 by Julio Juarez

When it comes to public relations, people have probably asked themselves this question at least once: digital PR, or traditional PR? This question is the embodiment of the change that PR has faced in the 21st century, thanks to the evolution of the field of digital marketing. Some of the most successful companies have decided that embracing digital PR means getting a broader audience that can’t be reached with traditional PR strategies. The Differences The best way to really understand what digital public relations mean, it’s important to highlight the differences between the two fields. With traditional PR, brands are... Read More >

Nike PR: Year of Two Public Relations Crises

2019-11-08 by Ronn Torossian

Nike Public Relations: Pivotal Time for Nike Brand Nike PR has suffered two PR crises in 2019 that continue to have reverberating effects throughout the company and country even as the year draws to a close. While the two are very different in nature, they have been handled well, but not before causing some damage to Nike’s stock. Zion Williamson Shoe Tearing The first of Nike's PR crisis, was the result of Zion Williamson’s shoe falling off during one of the biggest and most-watched games of the year. As a global sports manufacturing brand, Nike suffered some bad publicity because... Read More >

Emerging Trends in PR Firms Shaping the Marketing World

2019-08-05 by Jade Minh

Emerging Trends in PR Firms Shaping the Marketing World Expanding paid digital practice, mergers, and acquisitions, reducing the number of employees and sealing major deals with international companies. These are some of the shifts currently experienced in the marketing space, making a huge impact on the services offered by influencer marketing agencies and brands. Spurt in revenues is also another noticeable result of the deployed strategies. FTI CONSULTING FTI Consulting, a strategic communications group enjoys a steady growth in all of its sectors; from energy to life sciences. The stratcom group registered a 2.8 percent increase in Q2 revenues to... Read More >

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