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Full Swing PR, Co Communications Public Relations Predictions

Many things happening – and many PR predictions experts.  As an industry expert and business owner, Caitlin Copple Masingill is the founder and President of Full Swing PR, and shares how her company has thrived, even during the pandemic, “The pandemic has brought home that public relations benefit greatly from being part of an integrated digital […]

Public Relations Predictions From Tiller Marketing, onePRgroup & More…

We asked marketing executives what the future of public relations is, and here are the answers we got:  Cat Nilsson of onePRgroup said, “Public Relations has always been vital for businesses in order to increase brand awareness and their credibility with their target audience, and because of the inherent purpose behind it, I only see […]

Digital vs. Traditional PR

When it comes to public relations, people have probably asked themselves this question at least once: digital PR, or traditional PR? This question is the embodiment of the change that PR has faced in the 21st century, thanks to the evolution of the field of digital marketing. Some of the most successful companies have decided […]

Emerging Trends in PR Firms Shaping the Marketing World

Expanding paid digital practice, mergers, and acquisitions, reducing the number of employees and sealing major deals with international companies. These are some of the shifts currently experienced in the marketing space, making a huge impact on the services offered by influencer marketing agencies and brands. Spurt in revenues is also another noticeable result of the […]

How is Public Relations Different from Advertising?

There’s an old saying in public relations: “Advertising is what you pay for, publicity is what you pray for.” When it comes to the age-old battle between advertising and public relations, it’s a case of unpaid versus paid, credible versus skeptical, earned versus purchased. Advertising is hardly filling, and public relations just tastes so, so […]

The Basics of PR

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or an aspiring social media celebrity, you’ll have surely considered the need to form a solid PR strategy. Like most new players, however, you’re unlikely to have much access to a PR professional or agency. In lieu of your own personal PR team, we’ve covered the basics for you. The first […]

What is PR?

This could be a very short article. Ultimately, PR is the business of persuasion. It is the process of trying to convince an audience outside your usual sphere of influence in order to promote an idea, sell a product, garner support for a position, or gain recognition for accomplishments. But don’t just take my word […]

Is Cause Marketing A Good Approach for Your Business?

Marketing by appealing to or supporting a cause is on the rise. Why is this? Consumers are increasingly averse to marketing gimmicks and publicity stunts, and they want to find a true connection with the businesses they patronize. But before just jumping on the bandwagon and finding a cause to support and insert into marketing […]

E-Commerce: How To Optimize Your Product Page

You’ve opened your first online store, and the numbers look good at first. Thanks to a killer online marketing strategy, you’re funneling people to your store in healthy numbers. There’s only one problem: not enough of these visitors are taking that final step and adding your product to their cart. It’s time to revise your […]

Exponential Growth is Paramount for Balanced Health Botanicals

Growth is the name of the game in the burgeoning CBD industry. With the enactment of the 2018 Farm Bill, which opened up more legal doors for the manufacturing and sale of cannabidiol products for public consumption, more brands are putting their name in the hat to be the next big thing. One such brand […]