VNTG PR is an entertainment public relations firm based out of Nashville, Tennessee. Founded by Dominick Sotis in January of 2020, the firm is poised to be one of the most successful startups out of Nashville this year. In an industry struggling to hold its head above water due to the pandemic, VNTG PR is […]

EASTWEST Public Relations Feature

In our continued discussions with leaders in our industry, today we are featuring an exclusive Q&A with Jim James, Founder and Managing Director, EASTWEST Public Relations. The following are the thoughts of a smart, powerful Public Relations executive. How did jumping out of a plane start your career in PR?  At the age of 18 I […]

Solomon Turner PR Feature Interview

Interview with Steve Turner, Principal with Solomon Turner PR in St. Louis.https://solomonturner.com @stlouispr @steveturnerpr  https://www.linkedin.com/in/steveturnerpr/ Bio: Steve Turner is a Principal with Solomon Turner PR in St. Louis. Now celebrating its 30th anniversary, Steve and his partner, Shelly Solomon, are the original founders of the agency. An award winning firm Solomon Turner has been named One of […]

Infinite CBD: A Company Profile

Infinite CBD is an up-and-coming single source CBD company strategically located in Lakewood, Colorado. The start-up utilizes its own chemical-free local hemp farm and industry-leading refinement to produce some of the purest CBD (Cannabidiol) isolates available on the market today. The young company uses only their farm’s locally sourced hemp to produce the base ingredient […]

Company Overview: Nest Bedding, Inc.

nest bedding

Nest Bedding, Inc. specializes in furniture products that run the gamut. The company is headquartered on Concord Avenue in the town of Chico in northern California. Nest Bedding, Inc. has a staff of 50 team members and began operations in 2011.  Nest Bedding, Inc. supplies consumers with an array of choices when it comes to […]

Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence Cleared to Continue Fundraising

Sometimes, trying to do the right thing can cause a PR challenge. Just ask standout Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence. In an effort to be a good community leader and help out victims of the coronavirus, Lawrence initially ran afoul of NCAA regulations when his COVID-19 Family Relief and Support fund came under scrutiny from league […]

Betcris Taking Sports Betting Mainstream

Two years ago, the United States Supreme Court finally repealed the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992, which meant that sports betting became legal once again after 26 years. After the federal ban on sports betting was lifted, each and every U.S. state was then allowed to come up with their own set […]

Mobile Arcade App Replaces Toys With Hand Sanitizer and Toilet Paper

In a tongue and cheek jab due to shortages, Winner Winner™ (www.winnerwinner.com) mobile arcade app is allowing customers to play games winning prizes such as toilet paper and hand sanitizer, replacing plush toys and other novelty prizes. Customers can play these games on their mobile phones – Winner Winner Live Arcade can be downloaded for […]

How Gary Kaplan Built a Legacy in Uganda

Water 4 Africa is Solving The African Water Crisis One Community at a Time Water is essential to the survival of every human being. Millions of people around the world lack access to fresh water and sanitation. In some countries, people spend hours searching for water that they need to complete daily tasks. With no […]