TradeUP’s Tools and Features Make Mobile Trading Easy for Everyone


TradeUP is a powerful and easy-to-use mobile trading app that allows you to control your stock market investments even with a full schedule, especially if you are a first-timer. Through Marsco Investment Corp, TradeUP offers investment securities products like stocks, mutual funds, bonds, and ETFs, as well as brokerage assistance. You’ll have an edge when trading on TradeUP with FREE advanced tools that include 40+ indicators, one-tap access financials, and real-time quotes.

The TradeUP platform emphasizes in-the-moment market updates and easy-to-use features that enable you to decipher market trends and improve your investment portfolio on the daily. TradeUP’s grab bag of trading tools makes it simple to stay ahead of your trading goals. The money you invest in the market can grow without having to pay an intermediary a fortune. TradeUP fees are minimal from the beginning.

Whether you’re a novice, first-time investor, or seasoned trader who has intricate knowledge of the stock market’s inner workings, this is the perfect trading app for you. 

Downloading the mobile app is simple and straightforward. Once you open a new account and make an initial deposit of at least $100, TradeUP offers you 2 chances to get free stocks as a gift for trading on their platform. You can actually earn up to 4 chances to win a free stock with a larger initial deposit. When you open an account you’ll receive one stock valued between $2 and $15, and when you make a qualifying deposit you’ll receive a free stock valued between $15 and $1000. 

TradeUP makes moving your money from another investment brokerage cost-effective and straightforward. The mobile trading app will reimburse any transfer fees up to $200 when switching your investments to TradeUP

TradeUP's mobile User Interface
TradeUP’s mobile User Interface

Mobile  Trading Opportunity 

Do you use an iPhone? Mobile Android? You can use any mobile device when you TradeUP. The application is available for download on iOS, iPadOS, and all Android devices. Downloading TradeUP is quick, and you can do it from the App Store or get it on Google Play.

The mobile app makes trading easy. You can view market activity, initiate trades, and monitor your portfolio’s performance daily. TradeUP also gives traders access to tools directly from the app to make more knowledgeable trading choices.

TradeUP is available for iPhone and Android phones.
TradeUP is available for iPhone and Android phones.

Discover Feature

Do you want first dibs at the most lucrative possible trade opportunities on the market today? The Discover Feature is one of many TradeUP tools that simplify the trading process and help you earn more now! 

The feature monitors essential news happening around the world that could directly affect your trading choices at the moment. Whether it is a rise in trading prices, a political shakedown, or a significant business acquisition, any news you need to make informed trade decisions is here.

Discover Feature also keeps a list of the top 100 most active stocks then passes along that information in easily-decipherable plans to you so you can take advantage of those moments of good fortune. 

IPO Subscription for Individual Investors

TradeUP has support for individual investors to discover and invest in public offerings. If they meet TradeUP’s risk requirement, they may have the chance to invest in companies at the Initial Public Offering price (with no additional fees or commissions),which is before the shares trade on a stock exchange.

IPO Special Offers for App Users
IPO Special Offers for App Users


Are you looking for stocks with precise criteria? Screeners allow you to narrow down a search for stocks with similar attributes. Do you want to see all stocks valued at less than $20? Do you want to see a list of stocks with a return on asset percentage more significant than 5%? Screeners will narrow down the stock list by category to show you the stocks that you are looking for all in the same place.

TradeUP offers Screeners to app investors
TradeUP offers Screeners to app investors


With the Watchlist, TradeUP allows you to attach your favorite stocks to one list to monitor their performance at the same time. This feature is easy to use and guarantees you’ll always stay on top with free real-time stock quotes.

Customizable and Integrated Research Tools 

Compared with similar apps, TradeUP provides more in-depth information to help you make quality trading decisions. Also, within the Discover Feature, TradeUP offers users a Financial Calendar. The calendar takes all of the corporate happenings for the stocks that you watch, so you can monitor those corporations’ actions and stay in front of those changes. You can also monitor earnings, dividends, and new initial public offerings (IPOs) through this feature. 

TradeUP's Financial Calendar
TradeUP’s Financial Calendar

Heat Map

The color-coded Heat Map tool aggregates stock information by sector of business and allows you to see how they match up against competitors. The heat map will enable users to see market activity relevant to the industries that relate to their investments or interests. This feature makes it easier to find new trading opportunities as well as quickly.

Overall, TradeUP gives users customizable options and, so you can view the market information that you need the way you want to view it. With various, easy-to-understand integrated charts, you can analyze the market quickly and more accurately to make the right decisions for you at any moment.

TradeUP offers many ways to understand and identify your potential earnings with its powerfull set of tools.

Paper Trading Account

Are you a new investor or wish to refine your trading strategies? If you want worry-free trading practice, open a TradeUP paper account to expand your investing experience, and sharpen your skills. You can try your hand at real-time trades with absolutely no risk involved. Your paper account is free, and you’ll start with $100,000 in virtual cash in your fictional account. If you make a mistake, you can reset the amount and start over at any time. You can learn how to reach your goals using virtual cash, but with all of the TradeUP market knowledge at your fingertips.

The paper account will come in handy for market veterans who have never traded on an app-based platform. The paper account allows you to understand the subtle trading process differences, so you don’t get into the real market and lose money due to differences in function. Practice makes perfect, and that is precisely what the paper trading feature supplies to TradeUP users.

TradeUP's Easy-to-use interface helps you make money.
TradeUP’s Easy-to-use interface helps you make money.

Fast Order Entry

There is an instant order entry feature to make it quicker to submit orders. The feature saves users the hassle of filling up an order placement page. This fast order entry feature streamlines the whole trading process.

Detailed Charting and Analysis

With more than 30 drawing tools and real-time quotes and indicators, TradeUP allows users to see critical trends and information in various, digestible formats. This information includes and helps you understand everything from advanced intraday and historical charts to corporate news and real-time market volatility. 

Make Investing Easier Than Ever

From the beginner to the seasoned trader, TradeUP offers a simple and efficient way for anyone to optimize their assets and grow their trading portfolio when you are on-the-go. It takes less than five minutes to open an account using the simple, streamlined application process. Then, the sky’s the limit. The app makes it easier than ever to watch market fluctuation in real-time, research corporate habits affecting your portfolio’s value, initiate trades, and monitor performance. Every feature and tool on the TradeUP platform simplifies the trading process and can get you earning more today.

IPO Warning

*Risk warning: Participating in IPO/follow-on offering and other activities poses higher risks to retail customers and may cause all capital losses. It is not suitable for every investor; individual investors must meet the requirements of TradeUP to participate in IPO subscription.

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