An SEO Guide for New Websites

It’s never too late, or too early, for organizations to formulate an effective SEO strategy. With COVID-19 turning the global economy on its head, many businesses are now appreciating the importance of a comprehensive online profile. In many cases, this includes establishing a new website. The list of tasks for creating a new website can […]

Taxonomy, Economy. Who Cares?

CMOs looking to re-energize and even restart successful campaigns after the COVID-19 pandemic should be paying attention to taxonomy. Scientists’ definition of the word relates to the systematic categorization of plants and animals, based on their natural relationship with one another. In taxonomy, lions, tigers, leopards and even house cats would all be classified together.  […]

Marketing To Gen Z

We usually hear the word “next” when we’re in line at the bank or ticket counter, but lately, marketers are beginning to hear it more and more in context with Generation Z or Gen Z. This is the generation that comes after the millennials. They were born between 1996 and 2010 and number about 72 […]

Challenges That Sales and Marketing Teams Can Overcome

Variations in industries and brands in B2B and B2C landscapes can pose numerous sales and marketing challenges. Tailoring buyer journeys across B2C and B2B landscapes, for instance, is a challenge. As a consequence, difficulties abound when organizations try to meet the needs of different prospects, and the distinct use cases in sales and marketing teams. […]


We all know the importance of personal annual health checkups.  The same sage advice applies to companies.  With the holiday season wrapping up, now’s a good time to catch a breath as well as to reassess the health of the current SEO framework in preparation for the new year and the anticipation of even more […]

Pandemic Digital Marketing Tips

Developing and implementing a digital marketing and digital PR strategy during COVID-19 is riddled with challenges, particularly for small businesses already fighting an uphill battle in terms of reach and resources. Even so, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic doesn’t mean digital marketing strategies should be tossed out the window. The goal of digital marketing remains the same: to […]

Revolution in Political and Digital Landscape

Not only is 2020 a major election year, but the tech industry is also bracing for a number of potentially sweeping changes on many fronts around many parts of the U.S. For starters, 49 states and the U.S. territories have joined Texas in a joint bi-partisan antitrust investigation of Google. This probe is happening in […]

Mailchimp for Dummies

It’s fair to say that most businesses have been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, and owners are growing increasingly concerned with the challenge of sustaining their firms and staying connected with their audiences during these uncertain times. While there is no digital marketing and digital pr solution for surviving the ever-evolving, COVID-19 pandemic, one thing remains true: […]

Social Proof

When Cervantes penned the words “The proof is in the pudding” back in 1605, he certainly wasn’t thinking about social media, at least as it relates to social proof. On the other hand, that phrase, along with others like “Seeing is believing” appears to align with social proof, the concept that lots of folks today […]

Sales and Marketing in 2020

Incresase Sales

Thanks to the internet, the way that people make purchases has changed quite a bit, which means any business who has been willing to keep up with those changes and adjust their strategies has proven to be the most successful. While both sales, as well as marketing, have been a part of the key elements […]