Effective Marketing Tactics for Small Budgets

Five Low-Budget Marketing tactics

Companies are always looking for ways to expand their reach and find more consumers that are going to be interested in their solutions, and the way to do that is through marketing tactics. However, many small businesses don’t have big budgets the same way that big brands and corporations do. For … [Read more...]

Music Marketing on Social Media

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In the last year, people’s attention spans have drastically shortened, largely due to the pandemic as well as the rising popularity of a number of social media platforms. Having people around the world stay at home and spend most of their free time scrolling down the social media apps on their … [Read more...]

Inclusive advertising


To avoid appearing desensitised , common human values, irrespective of age, gender and ethnicity should be amplified in marketing. It is a strategy which guarantees that products and services will be used by more people. It expands the customer base and also helps in creating a positive brand … [Read more...]


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What is conversational marketing? Conversational marketing is a procedure which attracts website visitors through activities that are dialogue-driven. This type of inbound marketing primarily focuses on interactions with the consumer. Conversation always leads to a deeper understanding of … [Read more...]


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The Library Shop operates under the Retail Section of the Library’s Office of Business Enterprises. The Library of Congress Shop supports the Library’s mission through the development and sales of products based on the Library’s collections, exhibitions and architecture. The Library Shop features … [Read more...]

Basics of Website Backlinks

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how to create backlinks 900x493 1 When it comes to website SEO, aside from keywords, one of the most important factors is high-quality backlinks. When indexing and crawling websites, search engines look for relevant keywords within a web page, and look for backlinks within the website in order to … [Read more...]

Using Instagram to build a brand

3 Fantastic Examples of Instagram Contests That Fuel Marketing Goals

There’s no sign of Instagram slowing down anytime soon. Instagram is not just about choosing filters to transform images and sharing them with others. Studies have shown that on Instagram, users are more likely to be shoppers than on any other social networks. There are nearly one billion active … [Read more...]

The Dos and Don’ts to Writing an Effective Lede


Most public relations professionals are already familiar with the fact that they have to create attention-grabbing stories to get any sort of media coverage. However, the first sentences of the story are the most important aspect when creating one. These first couple of sentences are where all of … [Read more...]