TikTok Marketing and Brand Marketing

TikTok is a phenomenon – and brands are clamoring with how to market on Tiktok and reach consumers on this vital platform.  Many different thoughts on how to succeed on marketing on TikTok and implications of Brand Tiktok. "Brands who are laser-focused on cementing their cultural presence … [Read more...]

Interview with Purplegator President Bob Bentz

Today, an interview with Bob Bentz, President of Purplegator. Q: Thanks for taking the time to participate in our interview today Bob. I see that you have an interesting background and we are pleased to have you here today. Let’s start with your book, Relevance Raises Response: How to Engage and … [Read more...]

Growth Marketing – A New Breed for New Times

growth hack

As implied in part of a quote by popular American fantasy novelist Brandon Sanderson, some traditions may come and go. It goes, "But merely being tradition does not make something worthy." The quote could trigger the motivation that causes marketers to move from focusing on one part of the funnel to … [Read more...]

SEO And PR Intersection

One of the most important advantages that a business can have when it comes to public relations is SEO. Because the goal of PR is to provide relevant and valuable information to the people that are looking for that information. Meanwhile, SEO aims to direct all of that information so that it gets in … [Read more...]

Email Is Still Vital

email marketing

For marketers, email is vital and will continue to be even more so in the future due to the increased use of social media since the pandemic. What’s changed is how CMOs need to maximize their communications in social media, including their emails, to achieve success. However, some brands have … [Read more...]

Personalized Emails for Marketing Success

Personalized Emails for Marketing Success Although mobile messengers and chat applications have been exponentially growing in the past few years, email continues to be an essential part of everyone’s daily online life. Billions of people still use emails, and research shows that it will remain a … [Read more...]

Marketers Must Know Analytics

Google Analytics Behavior Flow

In recent years, data and analytics have turned into the foundation of marketing, and marketers and digital pr professionals that have the right proficiency and skills in analytics have a much easier time achieving great results with their marketing strategies. Which means, it’s not … [Read more...]

Message Me


If a brand was confident that it could achieve an open rate of nearly 100% with its customers through texting, why wouldn’t it leverage that resource? According to SMS provider Sendmode, 98% is the open rate for text messages. MailChimp reported an 18% open rate for emails. Yet, according to … [Read more...]

What Brands Can Learn from the Arts


COVID-19 did a lot of things, mostly negative, to our society. It also exposed cracks around for years but cast an even stronger light on them, particularly the structural racism and need for much more equity and social change. An extensive survey this April and May by cultural marketing firm … [Read more...]