Tips on effective blogging

2021-09-19 by Jade Minh
business blog

Blogging can act as the cornerstone of a social media marketing strategy. This is a relatively stable hub for sharing detailed and important information with an audience. It is an effective way to amplify a brand’s voice and core values, and to build authority within a business niche. The more blog posts get shared, the better a site will rank in search engines. Given below are some ways with the help of which blogs can successfully captivate an audience. 1) Include social sharing - Every blog should include social sharing widgets so that users can easily share its content with... Read More >

Basics of SEO for Online PR

2021-09-18 by Julio Juarez

SEO can be an important part of the PR strategy for a brand. The goal of SEO is to enable search engines to match relevant content to user search queries. It also returns the content of a business as high on the results page as possible, preferably on the first page of results. SEO professionals always try to add the latest tweaks that get search engine attention. Additionally, there are some core strategies that help a website and other online content make the most of search engine visibility. The truth that cannot be ignored is that users rarely read beyond... Read More >

Google and Apple Revenues to be Affected by New Legislation in South Korea

2021-09-13 by JamesD

By allowing app users to pay software makers directly for the software they use, legislators in South Korea have passed a new law that will effectively end the fat commissions that tech giants Apple and Google earn from app sales. This affects the business model with which these companies operate and with which they make so much revenue from commission on app sales. Before this new legislation was passed in South Korea, software users were, like everyone else across the world, compelled to pay for applications through the payment gateways provided on Google’s Play Store and Apple’s iOS platforms. Similarly,... Read More >

Women’s empowerment as the message of a brand

2021-09-11 by JamesD
Loreal Paris BMAG Article What Is Womens Empowerment and 10 Women Led Organizations to Support D

Women’s empowerment means promoting women’s sense of self-worth, their capacity to make their own choices, and their right to influence social change for themselves and others. It is important to find out how women across different age groups perceive women’s empowerment and what type of messaging would resonate best with them. Now women are not portrayed as flawless beings, having their unspoken but understood place in the home, office, and social arena. But there seems to have been a change in the representation of women. It seems to acknowledge the fact that women of all ages, races, and sizes deserve... Read More >

Finding the Right Music Audience for Campaigns

2021-09-07 by Jim Crickell
Sheet Music Luke Lewis

New musicians can easily get lost in the crowd with over 60 thousand new songs being uploaded to Spotify on a daily basis. However, despite how oversaturated the entire music industry seems to be, most record labels are still creating over-the-top marketing campaigns for their top artists. Most of the time those big campaigns pay off, especially when when smaller campaigns end up turning smaller artists into bigger deals. However, plenty of other up-and-coming artists never make e their break or show their true potential if they don’t reach the right audience at the right time. In those types of... Read More >

The importance of logos

2021-09-06 by JamesD
importance of logo

A logo reveals the identity of a brand. The combination of text and imagery not only gives people the name of a business, but it also serves as a visual symbol that represents the vision of a business. It is a part of branding strategy; a symbol that leads to instant brand recognition. In the UK the last episode of the popular sitcom Friends, ran on a Friday. The poster rearranged the show’s logo to read, ‘ENDS FRI’. Most customers care about their experience with a brand. A logo signifies the deeper connection the customer has with a brand. A... Read More >

Top Email Marketing Benefits

2021-09-03 by JamesD
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According to research from marketers, email marketing is an incredibly successful and widely utilized marketing channel. Small businesses can also utilize email marketing campaigns in various ways. There are plenty of benefits to email marketing campaigns, which makes them a very useful tool depending on the goal of the business utilizing it. Generating Leads One of the ways that companies can generate more leads is by  encouraging their website visitors to sign up for an email newsletter or a marketing list. Another beneficial strategy is to encourage all of the newsletter subscribers that have already signed up to forward the... Read More >

Tips on Global Google Ads

2021-09-02 by JamesD
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Most of the best practices in terms of paid search tend to remain the same, however, companies that are looking to expand into international markets for the first time, or simply want to grow their local presence, should be paying attention to certain strategies and details to get better results. Location Research One of the frequent mistakes that most companies make when targeting a brand new location is not doing any research into the details of what that location encompasses. For example, plenty of companies in the UK are looking to target the entire country, and they simply look to... Read More >

Innovation in Marketing and Operations

2021-09-02 by Jim Crickell
pexels luca nardone 3651820

The self-driving startup from Russia, Yandex, and the online food ordering company GrubHub, have started collaborating to deliver food to college campuses across the United States. This collaboration is the latest innovation, which will have hundreds of self-driving robots on six wheels basically act as food delivery trucks in various cities across the US. Although this delivery service powered by robots isn’t going to start until the fall, when college students finally return to their campuses, it’s set to be incredibly effective. Yandex, frequently described as the Google of Russia, the company that will be operating the self-driving robot. The... Read More >

Driving Traffic Through SEO

2021-09-01 by Jim Crickell

Most marketers already understand that the speed at which different SEO techniques are changing is constantly increasing. This is because Google’s algorithm is getting more powerful and gathering more data every  day. That means it's not only analyzing and understanding websites, but that it's also incredibly effective at keeping thousands of people within its algorithm. However, these types of things are what make it a lot harder for companies that are relying on the organic search traffic from Google as a promotional effort. By making knowledge panels a lot more prominent, disguising ads, and displaying images or videos at the... Read More >

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