Marketers Must Know Analytics

Google Analytics Behavior Flow

In recent years, data and analytics have turned into the foundation of marketing, and marketers and digital pr professionals that have the right proficiency and skills in analytics have a much easier time achieving great results with their marketing strategies. Which means, it’s not important to just collect and track all of the marketing data, but marketers […]

Message Me


If a brand was confident that it could achieve an open rate of nearly 100% with its customers through texting, why wouldn’t it leverage that resource? According to SMS provider Sendmode, 98% is the open rate for text messages. MailChimp reported an 18% open rate for emails. Yet, according to Internet Retailer for Open Market, […]

What Brands Can Learn from the Arts


COVID-19 did a lot of things, mostly negative, to our society. It also exposed cracks around for years but cast an even stronger light on them, particularly the structural racism and need for much more equity and social change. An extensive survey this April and May by cultural marketing firm LaPlaca Cohen and Solve Linett […]

What’s the Difference Between Public Relations and Marketing?

The difference in the breadth and scope of work between these two has changed a lot over the past four or five decades. Before personal computers, cell phones and social media, the difference was simple. PR dealt with the news media and marketing handled advertising. PR people were charged with persuading the media to air […]

5 Unique Steps to Take When Making a Media Kit

As more businesses strive to increase their presence online, there is a need for professionals to present their skills, services, accomplishments, and personality, all in one space. To present a brand professionally, professionals – whether they are vloggers, bloggers, photographers, or videographers – should have a well-presented document that explains key aspects of a brand. […]

Must-Read Public Relations & Marketing Books

We asked some public relations and marketing pros, “What are some inspiring books on marketing or public relations? Classics?” Nick Swekosky, Founder of Market Metrics said: “Ogilvy On Advertising, Content Inc. by Joe Pullizi, and You Should Test That! by Chris Goward.” Ronn Torossian, CEO of 5WPR said, “The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can […]

Budget Marketing Campaigns

Manage your budget so it won’t manage you

The days when an advertisement could be made and refer to most of the target audience are gone. Especially since the need to interact with the customers became a great marketing tool. These days, the customers are all looking for customized and personalized marketing from their favorite brands. The consumers are all focused on themselves, […]

Marketing a YouTube Channel in 2020

What started as a novel idea by three PayPal employees in 2005 and an audience of 30,000 has since skyrocketed to two billion users worldwide today and become the second most popular social platform. Like many adolescents, YouTube has grown up somewhat and is trying out new things and directions.  Web design company Go Globe […]

Marketing Book Recommendations From Her Norm, Etia.Com & Olivia Royce

We asked some marketers great books that inspire them and wanted to share them with our audience: Sonya Schwartz, the founder of Her Norm ( said, “Understanding marketing will help a website founder like me to plan effective strategies that will lead to the success of the business. Technology allows us to learn different information […]

Marketing Books by Nir Eyal, Nico De Bruyn and others…

We asked our readers for great marketing books to recommend, and are some recommendations: Stefan Smulders, founder of said the best marketing book is “… “Hooked” by Nir Eyal. This publication by the Israeli-born leaves behind those harsh and old-fashioned selling strategies and shows us a way to create customer-engagement through very subtle and […]