Automating Marketing Tasks for Efficiency

2021-11-23 by Jade Minh
4 marketing tasks you should already be automating

Most marketers these days are very busy people, and although they might know which tasks they need to automate to free up some time, it still takes time to set up the automation process itself. Fortunately, that’s not always the case, and with the multitude of automation tools that are available to marketers these days, it’s easier than ever to streamline a workflow. Email Content Automation One of the most efficient segments of any marketing strategy that can benefit from automation is email marketing. One example of email automation is setting up automated emails that will deliver various content opt-ins... Read More >

Marketing for architecture firms

2021-11-17 by Jim Crickell
how to market your architecture firm 5 best tips

With the process of advertising being revolutionized and reinvented, architecture firms are also using new strategies. With the help of online marketing, architecture firms can reach prospective clients. Digital channels provide cost effective solutions for client engagement and can be ideal for communicating what makes a firm stand out. For some time now, architects have relied on word-of-mouth.   The online world is becoming increasingly important for developing business. The ways by which architecture firms can stand out from competition and thrive are given below. 1) Content marketing - It is important to create a content marketing plan for websites and... Read More >

Managing an Email Subscriber List

2021-11-15 by Ronn Torossian

Most email marketing efforts are all about the numbers, which is why plenty of marketers avoid removing any email addresses from their subscriber lists. However, before a company even gets to the point of removing emails from an email list, it should have an established list of email subscribers in the first place. People can sign up for an email subscription in exchange for a lead magnet. That lead magnet can be a discount or something else that is beneficial for them, such as a resource. Once people start signing up for an email subscription, it's time to manage that... Read More >

Link Building and Digital PR Strategies

2021-11-08 by Jade Minh
link posting

Over the last few years, PR efforts and SEO have come together through link building, which is a great way for companies to get genuine backlinks from authoritative websites. When outlets have big audiences they tend to become picky about what they’re going to publish, which means companies must have a strong digital PR strategy if they want their press releases to stand out from the crowd and get published.  That also means companies should work toward getting backlinks organically and through editorial coverage instead of artificially building backlinks because Google values the former a lot more when ranking websites.  ... Read More >

Creating a Marketing Plan

2021-11-05 by JamesD
Marketing intelligence1200

Without a sound plan and  strategy, companies won’t be able to know what they’re trying to do with their marketing efforts. That’s why the first step in creating any sort of marketing campaign is to create a plan and a strategy that encompasses the following five basic steps. Goals and Budget The first step when developing a marketing plan is to define the company’s overall future business goals and to set goals to accomplish them  sometime  between the next one and three years. There are different goals a business can have in the long term, and they can be focused... Read More >

Marketing Medtech Companies

2021-11-04 by Jim Crickell
GettyImages 1184804468 600x336 1

Like many others around the world, healthcare professionals have also been greatly affected by the changes in remote work that were brought on by the global pandemic. As more people are becoming used to working remotely and communicating in the digital sphere, plenty of MedTech companies have also realized how important it is to adapt to those changes and incorporate digital elements such as e-commerce, digital marketing, and virtual sales. With the help of digital marketing strategies, companies in the MedTech industry can benefit from powerful new ways to personalize their engagement with their target audience - healthcare professionals. It... Read More >

Promoting Wellness Brands

2021-11-01 by JamesD
Valley Health Plan

As another end to a stressful year is approaching, and the world is still trying to navigate the impact of the global pandemic and its constant shifts in consumer behavior and values, one of the industries that has  successfully persisted throughout all of that has been the wellness industry. While innovation has been booming across many industries, with brands trying to show how relevant they can be and implement the latest technologies and promotional strategies, wellness brands have only been pushed further into the spotlight. Hims and Hers One of the brands that has  been pushed into the spotlight and... Read More >

Free Digital Promotion for Small Companies

2021-10-25 by JamesD
pexels photo 938965

Not every company has a big budget to spend on promotion and marketing in its early stages, but that doesn't mean there aren’t some very effective ways to get a company's name out there and in front of its consumers. Although years ago, before the Internet, more small businesses had a handful of ways to market their products in cost-effective manners, such as sponsoring small local events or printing out flyers, these days there are a number of different opportunities online. Listing services Companies that register their businesses on Google places can reach more consumers easily because they'll end up... Read More >

Effective Promotional Tips for Fitness Brands

2021-10-21 by Jim Crickell
clem onojeghuo n6gnCa77Urc unsplash

With the vast number of marketing channels available to companies, it's easier than ever to reach consumers to raise awareness for brands and generate more sales. Whether it's a small gym or a large fitness brand, marketing is one of the most important segments of its business operations. Although there are some situations where fitness brands can benefit from word-of-mouth marketing and acquire more members or customers that way, when it comes to more competitive markets, that approach is never enough. Most fitness clubs are local businesses, which means that they generally have to compete with other local fitness clubs.... Read More >

Utilizing Video Content Across the Buying Journey

2021-10-21 by JamesD

When a company is creating its business website, it takes a lot more than coding up a homepage and calling it a day. Most of the time, it also involves creating additional pages that give the customers more details about the company itself and its products or services, the overall industry, and much more. The same strategy should be utilized with video content. However, plenty of times, companies tend to utilize a single video that’s presented on the company’s homepage and be done with it. Yet, that’s just the tip of the video content iceberg, especially when it comes to... Read More >

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