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What is conversational marketing? Conversational marketing is a procedure which attracts website visitors through activities that are dialogue-driven. This type of inbound marketing primarily focuses on interactions with the consumer. Conversation always leads to a deeper understanding of … [Read more...]


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The Library Shop operates under the Retail Section of the Library’s Office of Business Enterprises. The Library of Congress Shop supports the Library’s mission through the development and sales of products based on the Library’s collections, exhibitions and architecture. The Library Shop features … [Read more...]

Basics of Website Backlinks

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how to create backlinks 900x493 1 When it comes to website SEO, aside from keywords, one of the most important factors is high-quality backlinks. When indexing and crawling websites, search engines look for relevant keywords within a web page, and look for backlinks within the website in order to … [Read more...]

Using Instagram to build a brand

3 Fantastic Examples of Instagram Contests That Fuel Marketing Goals

There’s no sign of Instagram slowing down anytime soon. Instagram is not just about choosing filters to transform images and sharing them with others. Studies have shown that on Instagram, users are more likely to be shoppers than on any other social networks. There are nearly one billion active … [Read more...]

The Dos and Don’ts to Writing an Effective Lede


Most public relations professionals are already familiar with the fact that they have to create attention-grabbing stories to get any sort of media coverage. However, the first sentences of the story are the most important aspect when creating one. These first couple of sentences are where all of … [Read more...]

Practical Advice for Winning Marketing Strategies

The last year has been a difficult time for everyone around the world, and there still isn’t a set timeframe outlining when things will go back to normal. Fortunately there is still some good news in sight.  That news is  that companies with actionable marketing plans that have clearly … [Read more...]

Monetizing a blog

10 Value Investing Blogs to Check Out!

A blog considerably improves website SEO and increases the strength of the online presence of a brand. A blog can garner mass attention and go viral. It can bring business, recognition, sales, and traffic. With skilled marketing, a blog can be successfully embedded in consumers’ perception of a … [Read more...]

Small Business Marketing Tips


Small business owners don’t have to worry about waiting to create a large enough budget to be able to create marketing campaigns. In fact, before small businesses spend a single cent on marketing, business owners should consider learning several marketing tips that are specifically beneficial for … [Read more...]

Boosting Social Media Marketing Strategies

Social media

In the past couple of decades, social media slowly crept into consumers’ lives until it became their focal point. These days 7 in 10 Americans are on social media - Brands and corporations took notice of this change, and ever since then, social media platforms have offered platforms for the highest … [Read more...]