Grow a Business With Return Customers

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Recent developments worldwide have landed many a business in a tough spot - far from an ideal situation. The good news is that marketing experts recommend that businesses foster customer loyalty to overcome this difficult situation. Customer loyalty is based on repeat purchases and return customers, … [Read more...]

Effective Advertising for Maximizing Business Growth


Marketing and advertising are dynamic industries that are constantly evolving and reinventing themselves in order to embrace all of the new media and tech that allows them to reach audiences in brand new ways. However, in order for businesses to drive more growth through their marketing and … [Read more...]

What Marketing To Do Before Launching


When businesses are looking to develop a brand new product, they need to plan a few things before that new product becomes available to the public. And while a coming soon page is a valuable tool in promoting that new product or business venture, as it can function as a sneak peek to the public, as … [Read more...]

Marketing Predictions on Next Year

Future Expectations

We asked some experts for predictions on what marketing and PR will look like next year, and received interesting commentary. Mike Paffmann, CEO of recently formed Virgo PR says that 2021 will be a year of change, as well as growth for public relations and marketing firms of all sizes.  Paffmann … [Read more...]

Year to Come: Rise In Video, SEO & Authenticity

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A lot of talk about what next year will bring for public relations and communications and different experts are sharing different thoughts. []Powerhouse Communications President and PR industry veteran, Kristin Daher says we can expect to see many changes in PR and marketing in … [Read more...]

The Future of Email Marketing

It took Paul McCartney long enough, but last year, he finally responded publicly to rumors that he had been killed in a car accident back in 1966 and that the Beetles had been keeping it a secret all this time. In addressing the rumor, McCartney repeated a well-worn Mark Twain saying, “The reports … [Read more...]

OnlyFans Promoting and Marketing

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We asked some experts about how to promote and market on OnlyFans, a rapidly growing site which allows content creators to earn money from users who subscribe to their content.  We asked experts how to promote and market and succeed on OnlyFans – here are some answers.  SEO … [Read more...]