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Utilizing Content Marketing the Right Way

2022-06-25 by EPR Staff
content marketing

Companies tend to frequently look for ways to get in front of the target market and set themselves apart from their competitors. Most of the time, companies tend to focus on their unique selling point as a differentiator from other companies, however, sometimes that's not enough. In those times, companies can start relying on the content they create to grab the attention of the target audience and make them interested enough for the potential customers to want to stick around and learn more from the business. Content resource One of the biggest mistakes that many companies end up making with... Read More >

Content Marketing: Looking Back and Looking Ahead

2021-03-22 by EPR Staff
digital apps

When the 16th annual Content Marketing Awards for 2020 were announced in October, it predictably generated a wave of excitement for the winners but also raised questions about the future of content because of the pandemic. Enter TURN ON – Das Saturn Magazin, winner of not just CMI’s Project of the Year, but also their Best Content Marketing Program and Best Content Marketing Program in Retail. As Europe’s largest electronics retail chain, Saturn’s goal was to reach a young demographic known for blocking and avoiding online ads and who didn’t pay much attention to traditional advertising channels. Gaining their trust... Read More >

Marketing To Gen Z

2020-05-14 by EPR Staff

Multicultural group of friends using cellphones - Students sitting in a row and typing on the smartphones We usually hear the word “next” when we’re in line at the bank or ticket counter, but lately, marketers are beginning to hear it more and more in context with Generation Z or Gen Z. This is the generation that comes after the millennials. They were born between 1996 and 2010 and number about 72 million. Why? At first blush, it would be easy to dismiss this younger generation, but here are a few things to consider. A July 2018 article in Forbes... Read More >

Tips on creating purposeful content

2019-01-29 by EPR Staff

Whether you’re a small local business, a large global organization or a charity, the key to good PR and marketing is creating good and relevant content. Good content enhances your brand’s reputation, attracts customers, and is successful in converting potential customers to paying customers. Below are a few tips on how to create content that is strategic and purposeful: Do research on your audience As renowned marketer Brian Gefter has noted, “Before creating content, the first thing to do is to conduct research on your audience. To create an effective content strategic, a deep understanding of your audience is crucial. If you... Read More >

Using Facebook to enhance marketing efforts

2019-01-22 by EPR Staff
Using Facebook to enhance marketing efforts

With its fair share of ups and downs - well, mostly downs - in the last year, Facebook is still reeling from its PR and image crisis. Concerns over privacy breaches and controversy over how its leadership handled issues are just a few of the problems the social networking site faces. Despite these issues, Facebook is still a major tool for marketing and a great way for businesses to reach new and old customers. Home to over two billion active monthly users, it would be irrational to rule out Facebook as a platform for spreading information about your business and... Read More >

Three tips on building a strong tech brand

2018-12-24 by EPR Staff

“A brand that captures your mind gains behavior and a brand that captures your heart gains commitment”, according to the brand strategist Scott Talgo. This definitely holds true for developing brands across different industries. In the tech industry, branding has been a hot topic lately with tech companies dominating the top brand charts - think of Google, Apple, Facebook or Amazon among a few. Having a strong brand means you’ve differentiated yourself from your competitors and you’re easily recognized amongst the plethora of tech products in circulation. This translates into greater trust, more loyalty, and better conversion rates. Here are... Read More >

How will Streaming Change the Emmys?

2016-09-19 by Ronn Torossian

5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian comments on the future of Streaming Live Events. The continued success of streaming video content has many traditional TV networks trying to figure out how to jump on the bandwagon without destroying their current, profitable business model. The NFL recently announced a deal to stream Thursday Night Football on Twitter, and many NCAA games are available to watch on ESPN3. Meanwhile, many new popular shows are only available through streaming services. Netflix and Amazon are fighting tooth and nail against each other and against traditional networks for recognition. And it looks like, this year, they will... Read More >

Making Biotech Advances Known

2016-08-03 by EPR Staff
Making Biotech advances known

Biotech may seem highly technical to everyone outside of the field, and in fact, it may be exactly that. But even highly technical things can become understandable when discussed in the right way. Advances in biotech often happen in minute adjustments, so it seems pointless to keep the public informed about every little thing. But when the big stuff happens, it’s important that it is shared openly and in a way that is easily understood by the average person. You cannot assume that people know what your product is and what it does, or that they won’t care just because... Read More >

Pawtucket, Rhode Island issues Marketing RFP

2016-07-31 by EPR Staff
Pawtucket, Rhode Island issues Marketing RFP

The City of Pawtucket, Rhode Island seeks an agency to assist in the design, implementation and maintenance/administration of its multi-faced digital and traditional marketing needs. Pawtucket is a city of 71,148, persons founded in 1671, at the strategic falls of the Blackstone River and the upper tidewaters of Narragansett Bay. It is a city with a special place in the industrial history of the United States. For it was here at the Slater Mill Historic Site that Samuel Slater successfully constructed and operated machines for spinning cotton yarn in 1793. The past decades have seen concerted efforts to diversity the... Read More >

Dona Ana County, New Mexico Issues Public Relations RFP

2016-07-16 by EPR Staff
Dona Ana County, New Mexico Issues Public Relations RFP

About Doña Ana County Doña Ana County (DAC) in New Mexico is seeking a PR firm with experience in marketing and public relations, specific to solid waste and environmental issues. The chosen agency will be required to gather information and use facts to describe events, ideas, or issues that are primarily relevant to the established Illegal Dumping Partnership (IDP) on environmental issues, educational outreach related to illegal dumping and recycling and media coverage. Scope of Work Coordinate media coverage to include print, audio and video press releases. Collaborate with County staff and attend special meetings for the purpose of compiling information... Read More >

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