Request for Proposal

Everything PR News covers the full-range of Public Relations, communications services and marketing related topics. Near the top of the list for those at work at Public Relations firms is getting new clients, so requests for proposals (RFPs) are always a welcome sight.

Check out our RFP page for up-to-date opportunities to find your next client. Just in case you’ve not submitted an RFP before, here are some things to keep in mind. Don’t start filling anything out until you know if the project is a good fit for your firm. Follow the format required by the company requesting proposals.

RFPs are often formal in their requirements. Send your proposal exactly as they want it – otherwise it’s just wasting time. If the RFP gives a general address to submit proposals – do research (if permitted) and discover who makes the decision. Address your submission to that person’s attention.

The first page of your package should be a summary of your offer, including reasons why your firm is the perfect choice for the prospective client. Be clear and concise.

There are many PR, marketing and PR communications firms – and if you are looking for a PR agency of record, forward the information using the instructions and email listed on the Everything PR Contact Page.

We would be happy to help you find the perfect fit, or email us directly at info@everything-pr.com.

St. Paul Communications RFP Issued

The Contractor will provide communications, strategic marketing, business and community engagement work for an upcoming two-year construction project located on Interstate (I)-94 between Western Avenue and Mounds Boulevard; and on I-35E between I-94 and University Avenue in St. Paul. The construction will largely consists of pavement repair and resurfacing, bridge and ramp work and pedestrian […]

PR Agency Needed By Canara Bank

Canara Bank

Canara Bank invites sealed applications from eligible PR agencies for Selection as Bank’s PR agency for enabling its Public Relations services. Canara Bank proposes to engage a PR agency for the services mentioned in the scope of work of this Tender document. The Public Relation Agency will be responsible for developing and implementing any Public […]

Creative RFP Issued By UN Capital Development Fund

Bureau of External Relations and Advocacy Seeks Digital Marketing

The overall objective of this assignment is to develop a professional video based on the key successes made of the project for the target audiences along with some key way forward for the development of the micromerchants. The broader objective is to showcase the key research findings, field scenario, key changes made and recommendations through […]


The purpose of this RFP is to invite Respondents to submit their Proposal for the provision of Services. The intent of this RFP is to identify a primary full service agency who is passionate about educating, influencing, and changing perceptions and behaviour in occupational health and safety. WorkSafeBC is seeking a strategic partner who will […]

Marketing RFP Issued By Boston Public Health Commission

Boston - everythingpr

The Boston Public Health Commission (BPHC) is a political subdivision of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and functions as the local public health department for the city of Boston. BPHC’s mission is to protect, preserve, and promote the health and well-being of all Boston residents, particularly the most vulnerable populations. The Mayor’s Office of Health and […]

Marketing Agency Needed by Texas Department of Transportation

This solicitation is for services to assist the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) and its partners in the development of a year-long statewide impaired driving campaign. This public awareness campaign will combine all previous TxDOT impaired driving campaigns which include the following: 1.1. Football Season-November through February 1.2. Christmas/New Year Holiday Season-December; 1.3. College and […]

Downtown Development Authority of Hamtramck Issues Branding RFP

The Downtown Development Authority of Hamtramck is interested in creating a DDA Website. The goal for the website includes, but is not limited to, the following:  • Develop a brand that reflects that identity and history of the community  • Improve communication between the DDA with the constituents they serve.  • Promote community and economic […]

Tourism RFP Issued By Montgomery County

The intent and purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to establish a contract through competitive negotiation for an integrated marketing campaign for the Montgomery County Regional Tourism Program. Desired active run period for this campaign is September 2020-June 2021. This campaign plan will be built and delivered in a cohesive manner so that […]

DeKalb County Fire Department Issues Media RFP

DCFR’s top priority is providing exceptional public safety service to our community. DCFR seeks an award-winning contractor to provide marketing and advertising services, outreach, DeKalb County Fire Rescue Department Darnell D. Fullum, Director / Fire Chief 1950 West Exchange Place Tucker, GA 30084 training, research and strategy, partnership development, and communications. Required capabilities include:  • […]


The Texas General Land Office (“GLO”) and the Veterans Land Board (“VLB”), (collectively the “Agency,”) are seeking proposals from qualified vendors to assist the GLO in enhancing the Agency’s Historically Underutilized Business (“HUB”) Program through the provision of marketing, outreach efforts, education, and training. The selected vendor will also review the current Agency processes for […]