Request for Proposal

Everything PR News covers the full-range of Public Relations, communications services and marketing related topics. Near the top of the list for those at work at Public Relations firms is getting new clients, so requests for proposals (RFPs) are always a welcome sight.

Check out our RFP page for up-to-date opportunities to find your next client. Just in case you’ve not submitted an RFP before, here are some things to keep in mind. Don’t start filling anything out until you know if the project is a good fit for your firm. Follow the format required by the company requesting proposals.

RFPs are often formal in their requirements. Send your proposal exactly as they want it – otherwise it’s just wasting time. If the RFP gives a general address to submit proposals – do research (if permitted) and discover who makes the decision. Address your submission to that person’s attention.

The first page of your package should be a summary of your offer, including reasons why your firm is the perfect choice for the prospective client. Be clear and concise.

There are many PR, marketing and PR communications firms – and if you are looking for a PR agency of record, forward the information using the instructions and email listed on the Everything PR Contact Page.

We would be happy to help you find the perfect fit, or email us directly at info@everything-pr.com.

Virginia Agency Issues RFP


The Department of Historic Resources (DHR) is a mid-sized agency that is responsible for the identification, evaluation and protection of historic resources throughout the Commonwealth. DHR has various divisions which include Administrative Services, Easements, Review and Compliance, Tax Credit, … [Read more...]

RFP of N.C. CCR&R Council Website Redesign

banner 2 2

Our primary objective is to continue to build brand identity, awareness and interest in our local and statewide services. We want to provide a platform for staff from N.C. CCR&R organizations across the state to use for gaining knowledge and sharing information critical to the CCR&R system … [Read more...]

City of Blue Island Issues Website RFP

city of blue island

The City of Blue Island seeks to engage the services of a qualified firm to provide design and content management services for a new website. The City’s goal is to create a website that successfully promotes our brand, facilitates a user-friendly environment for accessing municipal services, creates … [Read more...]

Digital Marketing RFP Issued By Hospital Association

Staff for website employment page web

The Mat-Su Health Foundation (MSHF) is the official business name of Valley Hospital Association, Inc., which shares ownership in Mat-Su Regional Medical Center (MSRMC). In this capacity, the MSHF board members and representatives actively participate in the governance of Mat-Su’s community … [Read more...]

Marketing RFP Issued By Ride Smart

transportation 2

SMART is the regional bus system in southeast Michigan providing approximately 10 million rides annually to get people to work, school, medical appointments, shopping centers, entertainment and cultural areas. SMART directly operates fixed route, Connector/Americans with Disability Act (ADA) … [Read more...]