Request for Proposal

Everything PR News covers the full-range of Public Relations, communications services and marketing related topics. Near the top of the list for those at work at Public Relations firms is getting new clients, so requests for proposals (RFPs) are always a welcome sight.

Check out our RFP page for up-to-date opportunities to find your next client. Just in case you’ve not submitted an RFP before, here are some things to keep in mind. Don’t start filling anything out until you know if the project is a good fit for your firm. Follow the format required by the company requesting proposals.

RFPs are often formal in their requirements. Send your proposal exactly as they want it – otherwise it’s just wasting time. If the RFP gives a general address to submit proposals – do research (if permitted) and discover who makes the decision. Address your submission to that person’s attention.

The first page of your package should be a summary of your offer, including reasons why your firm is the perfect choice for the prospective client. Be clear and concise.

There are many PR, marketing and PR communications firms – and if you are looking for a PR agency of record, forward the information using the instructions and email listed on the Everything PR Contact Page.

We would be happy to help you find the perfect fit, or email us directly at info@everything-pr.com.

UNDP Seeks Communications Agency

This project intends to develop the capacity of MOFA to adapt to the changing work environment through 1) utilizing and developing the capacities and expertise of personnel; 2) applying modern technologies to meet requirements of the diplomatic and consular work; 3) integration of performance according to standardized criteria, operations and systems. In this respect, the […]

DOLI Virginia Issues Marketing RFP

The Virginia Department of Labor and Industry (DOLI) is seeking an agency to construct and execute a six (6) month campaign utilizing television advertisement and online digital marketing to promote and raise awareness and visibility of the Registered Apprenticeship program. The Offeror will submit a proposal outlining a comprehensive Marketing Campaign that will create interest […]

Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation Issues Market Research RFP

The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) is requesting bids from vendors interested in providing a market intelligence tool that offers integrated access to a variety of data to analyze business and industry strategy. This data mining tool should include: • Access to company financials and transaction data; • Tools to monitor corporate and business development […]

Santa Clara Family Health Plan Needs Marketing Agency

Santa Clara Family Health Plan (SCFHP), a local not-for-profit Medicare and Medi-Cal managed care health plan in Santa Clara County, is seeking the services of a qualified agency to promote the SCFHP brand and make us the choice for beneficiaries enrolling in Medi-Cal and Cal MediConnect. It is SCFHP’s intent to appoint the selected bidder […]

Branding RFP Issued By Billings Symphony Orchestra

Billings Symphony Orchestra

The Billings Symphony Orchestra & Chorale is ready to make a change to modernize and ensure brand consistency. We are looking to create a welcoming and vibrant brand that not only represents our organization but expresses our connection with the community. We are seeking proposals for creative development of our logos, style guides, and select […]

Becca PR: Elegant PR Agency


Becca PR is a creative communications agency where the goal is simple – ensure elegant public relations. Attention to detail is at the heart of Becca PR, which means the agency focuses on the little things that are seemingly invisible to most people.  Their onboard experts are great at finding the best stories and tailoring […]

Fairfax County Seeks Marketing Firm

Fairfax County

The Fairfax County Economic Development Authority (FCEDA), located in Fairfax County, Virginia, USA, is seeking a Seoul-based marketing representative to promote Fairfax County as an investment location for Korean IT, telecommunication, biotechnology and other companies. Background: The Fairfax County Economic Development Authority operates under the direction of a seven-member board (officially the Commission), which is […]

Locust Business District Issues Marketing RFP

Locust Business District

With this Request for Proposal (RFP), the Board of Commissioners of the Locust Central Business District (“LBD”) are seeking to acquire the services of a qualified marketing firm to support its marketing initiatives. The LBD invites proposals from interested marketing agencies with experience in brand development and management; marketing; social media strategy, implementation, and management; […]

South Dakota Issues Marketing RFP

South Dakota

The Lottery’s contract with its current agency expires on June 30, 2020. State law requires that the Lottery’s major procurements go through a competitive process and be approved by the Lottery Commission. The purpose of this RFP is to invite competitive proposals from qualified agencies to provide advertising and marketing services for the Lottery. The […]

Hawaii Department of Education Issues Marketing RFP

hawaii rfp

Currently, the HIDOE does not have any targeted marketing materials about teaching in Hawaii, and its reach has been limited to social media, advertising through national publications, and word-of-mouth to get potential candidates to apply online through the Department’s website. The purpose of this RFP is to update our marketing materials and approaches to target […]