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Delivering Climate Change to the Masses

Climate Change Snow

More Americans are accepting the reports on climate change. A recent poll shows 70% of Americans now believe global warming is real and supported by factual evidence. Even so, there are still many Americans, and other people around the world, who believe otherwise. This is in spite of melting polar ice, rising sea levels, and […]

Is Your B2B Marketing Making the Most of Data?

b2b marketing

According to‘s recent Data Skills Benchmarking Report, nearly three-quarters of all marketers believe their companies are not getting the most from their data. The report was done in the U.K., but the fully 73 percent of marketers were concerned about their company’s ability to gather and proceed with data-driven information and listed is specifically. […]

What’s Up in PR this week?

Survey SEO

Sixth Annual Survey Finds Consumers Prefer Ease-of-Use even over Trust The Sixth Annual Makovsky PR /Kelton “Pulse of Online Search” Survey sent to 1,035 Americans ages 18 and older revealed even though the doctor-patient relationship remains paramount to healthcare, patients seek information online to better understand conversations held with healthcare professionals – particularly regarding treatment […]

Marketing of Nootropics: Onnit Alpha Brain and More


Nootropics are also referred to as memory enhancers, cognitive enhancers, smart drugs, neuro enhancers, and intelligence enhancers. They are supplements, nutraceuticals, functional foods, and drugs used to improve at least one aspect of mental function. You know those television dramas that sometimes show college students or those in ivy-league prep schools taking drugs to help […]

Board of Directors Impact On Publicity Programs

Publicity PR

A study completed recently at the University of Texas at Dallas – Naveen Jindal School of Management looked at the positive difference made to a firm’s publicity in newspapers and other outlets when there is at least one member of the Board of Directors who is a media professional of some type. “This paper presents […]

Women and Public Relations: Improving On a Positive Trend

Women in Public Relations

In August 2015, we here at PR reported that over 72% of public relations professionals are women. What’s more, in recent years, women-owned PR firms continue to experience greater success than those owned by men.  In short, public relations is gaining a reputation for its friendliness to female professionals. Because of this, the profession attracts […]

American Government Is Second Largest PR Firm In the World: $4.5 Billion Spent on Public Relations

government public relations

In 2006, a bill was passed regarding transparency in government. The bill was co-sponsored by Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) & Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL), called the “Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006.” Using that availability, an organization called “Open the Books” has looked at PR spending by the government for fiscal years 2007-2014. […]