Market Research RFP Issued By Florida Municipal Power Agency

2016-08-24 by EPR Staff
Market Research RFP Issued By Florida Municipal Power Agency

Formed by the Florida Legislature in February 1978, the Florida Municipal Power Agency (FMPA) is a non-profit, joint action agency created to serve the needs of municipal electric utilities in Florida. Of the 34 municipal systems in the State, 31 are FMPA members who participate at varying levels in Agency activities. Member utilities of the Agency serve approximately 2 million Floridians. Each member appoints one representative to the Board of Directors which governs the Agency’s activities. Thirteen members currently purchase power from the Agency through the All-Requirements Project (ARP). The ARP serves approximately 250,000 electric customers. For more information on... Read More >

Delivering Climate Change to the Masses

2016-04-11 by EPR Staff
Climate Change Snow

More Americans are accepting the reports on climate change. A recent poll shows 70% of Americans now believe global warming is real and supported by factual evidence. Even so, there are still many Americans, and other people around the world, who believe otherwise. This is in spite of melting polar ice, rising sea levels, and increasing temperatures. Due to the adverse effects, climate change has on humanity and life as we know it, scientists continually struggle to share that concern. But as statistics show, this knowledge often goes in one ear and out the other. Ironically, one of the biggest... Read More >

Is Your B2B Marketing Making the Most of Data?

2016-04-08 by EPR Staff
b2b marketing

According to‘s recent Data Skills Benchmarking Report, nearly three-quarters of all marketers believe their companies are not getting the most from their data. The report was done in the U.K., but the fully 73 percent of marketers were concerned about their company’s ability to gather and proceed with data-driven information and listed is specifically. However, 29 percent of them believe the data skills of their team are either excellent or good. 90 percent of them feel using data effectively is either important or critical and feel their teams continue to need improvement. The head of content for B2B Marketing,... Read More >

What’s Up in PR this week?

2016-03-28 by EPR Staff
Survey SEO

Sixth Annual Survey Finds Consumers Prefer Ease-of-Use even over Trust The Sixth Annual Makovsky PR /Kelton "Pulse of Online Search" Survey sent to 1,035 Americans ages 18 and older revealed even though the doctor-patient relationship remains paramount to healthcare, patients seek information online to better understand conversations held with healthcare professionals – particularly regarding treatment options. Tom Jones, SVP and Practice Director at Makovsky Health, said, "Online search is an essential part of consumer self-care and health education, but the way in which consumers leverage these resources continues to evolve. In this year's survey, we saw significant shifts in consumer... Read More >

Marketing of Nootropics: Onnit Alpha Brain and More

2016-03-17 by EPR Staff

Nootropics are also referred to as memory enhancers, cognitive enhancers, smart drugs, neuro enhancers, and intelligence enhancers. They are supplements, nutraceuticals, functional foods, and drugs used to improve at least one aspect of mental function. You know those television dramas that sometimes show college students or those in ivy-league prep schools taking drugs to help them stay mentally focused and allowing them to study longer and test better. That’s what we’re talking about here. Before we go further, please remember that most of these have not gone through extensive testing and may or may not actually work for the general... Read More >

Women at the Top: Increasing Gender Equity in Coveted Business Positions

2016-02-22 by EPR Staff
Women PR

The year is 2016. Women are enjoying greater representation across all business sectors than their mothers and grandmothers, and “feminism” is no longer considered a dirty word. However, a glaring lack of equality remains. According to a working paper released on Monday, corporate leadership is still a man’s game. The report, produced by the Peterson Institute for International Economics and funded by tax consulting firm EY, presents some discouraging statistics on the percentage of women in high-level executive roles. This is problematic not only for its social implications but because a lack of female executives is correlated with lower profits.... Read More >

Board of Directors Impact On Publicity Programs

2016-01-11 by EPR Staff
Publicity PR

A study completed recently at the University of Texas at Dallas – Naveen Jindal School of Management looked at the positive difference made to a firm’s publicity in newspapers and other outlets when there is at least one member of the Board of Directors who is a media professional of some type. “This paper presents evidence that the composition of a firm’s board of directors can affect the way the firm is covered in the news. Specifically, we show that a board member with media expertise enhances the firm’s ability to manage how the firm is portrayed in mass media.”... Read More >

Women and Public Relations: Improving On a Positive Trend

2016-01-06 by EPR Staff
Women in Public Relations

In August 2015, we here at PR reported that over 72% of public relations professionals are women. What’s more, in recent years, women-owned PR firms continue to experience greater success than those owned by men.  In short, public relations is gaining a reputation for its friendliness to female professionals. Because of this, the profession attracts an increasing number of strategic and business-savvy women to firms across the world. As encouraging as this development is, there still remains issues with the gender balance in public relations. Many experts studying the trend point out that given the percentage of women represented in... Read More >

New Viking Stadium Build Flies High With Ratings

2015-12-22 by EPR Staff

EarthCam has thousands of cameras around the world some moving and many stationary, focused on one building, road, bridge, or such. When the Vikings decided to replace their old Metrodome with the new U.S. Bank Stadium in Minnesota, they wanted to make sure people could watch as it took shape. The broadcasting began before January 18, 2014, with the first day of demolition on the Metrodome – their biggest viewership happened with that event. The new stadium will seat double the people, and its architecture features giant steel girders. The new stadium is 80% complete, and people can see a... Read More >

American Government Is Second Largest PR Firm In the World: $4.5 Billion Spent on Public Relations

2015-12-09 by EPR Staff
government public relations

In 2006, a bill was passed regarding transparency in government. The bill was co-sponsored by Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) & Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL), called the “Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006.” Using that availability, an organization called “Open the Books” has looked at PR spending by the government for fiscal years 2007-2014. You can find it at OpenTheBooksReport. The report calls into question the amount spent on public relations efforts from the various federal, state, and local government agencies. Claiming sometimes government is using public relations more to make themselves look good and garner further funding than... Read More >

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