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The Basics of PR

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or an aspiring social media celebrity, you’ll have surely considered the need to form a solid PR strategy. Like most new players, however, you’re unlikely to have much access to...


Maximizing On Public Relations At SXSW

Over the past few years, some brands have seen diminishing returns at the massive Austin, Texas based festival of spectacle known as South By Southwest (SXSW). But not everyone. In recent years, some brands...

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Mark Ragan: Lessons From the King of Content

Everything PR News’ ongoing talks with industry leaders continues today with Mark Ragan. Publisher and Executive Editor at PR Daily, Ragan is one of the world’s most prolific digital evangelists, and a “go to” resource for all things internet communications.

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Qorvis Communications – Says Nothing To The Web

The site lacks nothing in beautiful imagery, but aside a wonderful portfolio interactive, nothing that implies digital world engagement exists. We have raised the question; “How can huge firms claim to be in the Web community without a true engagement?”, to which only a few have responded. My new question is; “Why even bother or waste resources if a facade is all there is?”

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Jason Silva Interview: Humankind’s Greatest Quest

Jason Silva, star of the Emmy winning series The Current, talks about his documentary “Turning Into Gods.” This dynamic, intelligent, and enthusiastic visionary presents a hopeful reality for people in the 21st Century. But, does the march of science, humankind’s age old quest for the unknown, necessarily need to mutually exclude God? These and other questions are probed in this exclusive interview with one of technology’s great thinkers.

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APCO PR: Cold Steel Tool of Big Business

Icy cold as a scalpel, one paragraph that reads like; “If we want to, we will engage the Web too.” The one glimmer of hope I mentioned is their latest StudioAPCO, which is under construction. It occurs to me that this is a reluctant interjection of technology to at least compete with some of the other “power” broker agencies. I feel it is a half hearted and late attempt.

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Cognito PR Expands as Others Contract

Cognito PR and Marketing expands, opening a new office in San Francisco to service technology and financial clients. The London based firm is an up and coming player on the communications scene. Offering a range services with a fully transparent tone, Cognito’s online brand, combined with its excellent track record, should prove very competitive for other players in the space. Only time will tell, but expansion in these tough economic times exhibits such strength.