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Marketing & Media RFP Issued By The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation

2020-12-09 by EPR Staff
CBCF19 9845 1200x800 1

The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation (CBCF) is non-profit public policy research and educational institute founded in 1976. For more than four decades CBCF’s programs and events support our focus on eliminating health, economic and education disparities impacting the global black community. CBCF’s mission is to advance the global black community by developing leaders, informing policy, and educating the public. CBCF is achieving the mission by: • Facilitating the exchange of ideas and information to address critical issues affecting our communities. • Providing leadership development and scholarship opportunities to educate the next generation of leaders. • Promoting public health and financial... Read More >

The Basics of PR

2019-07-31 by EPR Staff

The Basics of PR Whether you’re an entrepreneur or an aspiring social media celebrity, you’ll have surely considered the need to form a solid PR strategy. Like most new players, however, you’re unlikely to have much access to a PR professional or agency. In lieu of your own personal PR team, we’ve covered the basics for you. The first thing that often springs to mind with the term “public relations” is media coverage. Often, however, that’s neither the true goal - nor the best course of action. The potential audiences you might want to communicate with are as numerous as... Read More >

Maximizing On Public Relations At SXSW

2019-02-14 by EPR Staff

Maximizing On Public Relations At SXSW Over the past few years, some brands have seen diminishing returns at the massive Austin, Texas based festival of spectacle known as South By Southwest (SXSW). But not everyone. In recent years, some brands have used SXSW as a springboard to major earned media opportunities. This past year some of the biggest winners included companies that focused on equality in the workplace and discussions about how to make social media friendlier and safer for everyone. Meanwhile, mattress maker Beautyrest hit it out of the park by putting their customers to sleep, literally. 150 lucky... Read More >

Mixed reactions to Gillette’s marketing campaign addressing the #MeToo movement

2019-02-05 by EPR Staff

Mixed reactions to Gillette’s marketing campaign addressing the #MeToo movement Gillette recently released a marketing campaign to address the #MeToo movement and vowed to ‘actively challenge the stereotypes and expectations of what it means to be a man’. The company released an ad, putting a new spin on its famous tagline, ‘the best a man can get’. The ad campaign has been met with mixed reactions, with some praising the Gillette’s progressive commercial and others criticizing the move. On its website, the company further explained its new campaign, saying “Our tagline needs to continue to inspire us all to be... Read More >

Mark Ragan: Lessons From the King of Content

2018-06-07 by EPR Staff
Mark Ragan

Everything PR News' ongoing talks with industry leaders continues today with Mark Ragan. Publisher and Executive Editor at PR Daily, Ragan is one of the world's most prolific digital evangelists, and a "go to" resource for all things internet communications. (See the images and video at article end) Insights From Mark Ragan If the world ever needed a "pinup" to brand communicators, Mark Ragan would have to be one candidate for poster boy of the type. To be honest, there are not many people out there in the social or traditional media spheres I can think of who are more... Read More >

Qorvis Communications – Says Nothing To The Web

2018-06-06 by EPR Staff
qorvis pr communications staff

Continuing down the list of the most influential PR firms in the world, we find Qorvis Communications, ranked 6th in terms of fees in 2007. Qurvis is an interesting company on many levels. Over $30 million in fees for a company with only 86 employees in fascinating in itself, but being an entity without an imminently apparent leader is as well. As far as corporate websites go, the Qorvis on is a shambles compared to some of those of competitors. The site lacks nothing in beautiful imagery, but aside a wonderful portfolio interactive, nothing that implies digital world engagement exists.... Read More >

Jason Silva Interview: Humankind’s Greatest Quest

2018-06-04 by EPR Staff
Jason Silva Interview

It's amazing what Facebook does by way of "shortcutting" the process of meeting people. Just the other day I added an interesting fellow named Jason Silva, and he returned the favor. Imagine my surprise when adding a friendly face revealed the star of the Emmy Award winning Current TV. You gotta love Facebook, and I think you will like Jason Silva if you put on your thinking cap. Jason granted Everything PR News an interview to talk about his somewhat controversial (and imminently interesting) new documentary "Turning Into Gods." If the title itself does not do it for you, Jason... Read More >

APCO PR: Cold Steel Tool of Big Business

2018-06-04 by EPR Staff
APCO Worldwide PR

Yesterday I had the pleasant opportunity to take a look at Waggener Edstrom, the second most profitable PR agency in the world. In keeping with my promise, and out of honest curiosity, I am traveling down this list of world shaping PR in an effort to essentially evaluate their online image. Today journey takes me to the website of APCO Worldwide, the third largest firm in the world with something over $97 million in 2007 fees and over 500 employees worldwide. APCO Worldwide was founded in 1984 by its current President and CEO Margery Kraus. Since then Mrs. Kraus has... Read More >

Marina Maher Communications Celebrates 25 Years in Business and a New Website

2018-06-03 by EPR Staff
Marina Maher Communications everything-pr

Marina Maher Communications To celebrate 25 years in business, Marina Maher Communications (MMC) re-launched today its website with a new design, more fit to represent the company in a highly competitive online world. This is another online representation that conveys a lot about a company: the site has a crisp, elegant design, with flash elements that showcase four client case studies on the index page. The dominant color, also the color of the brand, illustrates a feminine approach to business – as a matter of fact there’s no man in the MMC team, even the dog mascot is a female.... Read More >

Cognito PR Expands as Others Contract

2018-06-03 by EPR Staff
Cognito Public Relations

In these trying economic times it is refreshing to see some PR firms actually doing well. One such firm, Cognito, just announced the opening of a branch office in San Francisco. According to the news, the finance and technology specialists at Cognito are building upon their successes in London and Sydney by opening this new branch in the financial district there in SF. PR veteran and San Francisco native, Deborah Eisenberg, is in charge of the new office, and currently there are 5 employees operating there, with plans for hiring more. Cognito - Public Relations and Communications Cognito has established... Read More >

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