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Boosting SEO

For centuries Seo enjoyed a monopoly as a Korean surname. However, when search engine optimization got started somewhere around 1991 with the launch of the world’s first website, SEO took on an entirely new and significant meaning. Since then, marketers have come to treasure SEO as an essential … [Read more...]

Year to Come: Rise In Video, SEO & Authenticity

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A lot of talk about what next year will bring for public relations and communications and different experts are sharing different thoughts. []Powerhouse Communications President and PR industry veteran, Kristin Daher says we can expect to see many changes in PR and marketing in … [Read more...]

SEO And PR Intersection

One of the most important advantages that a business can have when it comes to public relations is SEO. Because the goal of PR is to provide relevant and valuable information to the people that are looking for that information. Meanwhile, SEO aims to direct all of that information so that it gets in … [Read more...]

SEO is a Critical Building Block for Any Business


Search engine optimization, or SEO, refers to the process of making a website easy for search engines to find, to analyze, and to categorize. Investing in best SEO practices is an essential element of any brand’s digital marketing strategy: it makes all the difference in helping customers find a … [Read more...]

An SEO Guide for New Websites


It’s never too late, or too early, for organizations to formulate an effective SEO strategy. With COVID-19 turning the global economy on its head, many businesses are now appreciating the importance of a comprehensive online profile. In many cases, this includes establishing a new website. The … [Read more...]


ANNUAL CHECKUP We all know the importance of personal annual health checkups.  The same sage advice applies to companies.  With the holiday season wrapping up, now’s a good time to catch a breath as well as to reassess the health of the current SEO framework in preparation for the new year and … [Read more...]



"SEARCHIN" There’s a line in “Searchin’,” the 1957 hit song by the Coasters that boomers know so well, “Searchin’ every which a-way” that seems so appropriate in today’s all-important SEO world.  Proper search engine optimization is the key to organic success for websites, and what every … [Read more...]


SEO – HERE TO STAY? When famed author and humorist Mark Twain said, “Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated,” he was responding to a rumor that he had passed away while on a trip to London.  Such is the case with SEO or search engine optimization which some people have declared dead as … [Read more...]

SEO for Dummies, Part Two

SEO for Dummies, Part Two On-Page Content While is a huge load of work behind the scenes of SEO, you still need to ensure you are producing high-quality content for visitors to read and view. Google’s latest algorithm puts a major emphasis on useful, high-quality writing rather than heavy … [Read more...]

SEO for Dummies, Part One

SEO for Dummies, Part One For many people, SEO can seem like the elephant in the room. You know your business needs to deal with it, but you would rather not be the person responsible for the task. Indeed, when most people think SEO, they assume a complex and time-consuming process akin to … [Read more...]