Increasing Ranking on Search Engines

Companies that have brick-and-mortar stores tend to have a difficult time conceptualizing the buying journey of their customers. Although one of the most popular marketing efforts that they rely on is word-of-mouth marketing, there are plenty of other ways that customers can find these types of businesses. One of the most effective ways to do that is through search engines, as most customers rely on looking up businesses and learning more about them before they make a purchasing decision with a company. That’s why it’s important for companies to organically improve their ranking on search engine results pages through search engine optimization.


Companies should be regularly sharing content on their business websites to be able to target potential customers more effectively. If a website includes a simple landing page or a blog, companies can also use those pages to update them and appeal to more potential customers that are looking for the solutions that the business provides. Although it’s not easy to control the precise search terms that potential customers use when looking up information on search engines like Google, companies can still get a significant understanding of what their customers have used in the past for their search queries, and then predict what they can expect from them in the future. That’s why the first thing that companies need to do is conduct keyword research on the industry, business, and the solutions they provide. There are a number of platforms that companies can use to get more data regarding the keywords that their target audience uses, and then they need to incorporate those keywords inside their landing pages and blogs. This is a great strategy because optimizing any of the existing content is a lot faster and more efficient when trying to target potential customers, without having to invest in creating brand new content.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Companies that have a frequently asked section on their websites are already ahead of the businesses that have avoided including this type of information on their website. This FAQ section can greatly improve the ranking of a website on search engine results pages. However, it can always be improved, and to do that, companies should look at the questions they’ve answered on their FAQ pages, and then search the same questions on Google. A great way for companies to figure out any additional questions they should be including in the FAQ section of the page is the “People also ask” box that Google provides to its users in the results pages. All those questions are additional pieces of information that potential customers might be interested in learning, and when companies add similar questions to their own pages, they get an opportunity to increase their ranking on search engine results pages. Companies can also utilize this strategy to identify any gaps in content, whether their own gaps, or topics that haven’t been explored inside the niche or industry and provide more information on those topics for the customers.

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