Canadian Residential Schools and Fallout for the Catholic Church

2021-09-10 by JamesD
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This summer saw some of the greatest public outrages in Canadian History. The Canadian public continues to admonish the Catholic Church’s refusal to offer an official apology for its role in running the residential schools across Canada. The bodies of over 1300 Indigenous children have been found in unmarked graves across Canada. These gravesites are at residential schools where Indigenous children were abused, neglected, and killed for over 100 years. The schools were run by the government and various church bodies. Catholic Church Faces Backlash Over Silence What started with the discovery of the remains of 215 children at a... Read More >

OnlyFans Backpeddles on Ban of Adult Content

2021-09-09 by Jade Minh
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Earlier in August popular adult content site, OnlyFans caused public outrage when it announced a new ban on “sexually explicit content.” This ban was to be in effect starting October 1st.  However, on August 25, OnlyFans announced the ban was being suspended. As soon as the announcement about the ban was made, rumors surfaced that the reason behind it was a plan for the company to go public.  However, more information followed, which contradicted those rumors. Why Ban Adult Content? Banks. The simple answer is the banks don’t want to process any payments linked to adult content. This is a... Read More >

The City of Chicago sues Food Delivery Platforms Grubhub and DoorDash

2021-09-08 by JamesD
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Grubhub and DoorDash are food delivery platforms under the scrutiny of investigators in Chicago for a year over several violations. Now that the investigation has been concluded, the delivery platforms have been slammed with lawsuits following findings that reveal they employed strategies that went against existing laws. The lawsuit by the city of Chicago is an unprecedented assault on the operation of food delivery operators. It was announced on Friday, along with some allegations of unhealthy tactics employed by the organizations concerning multiple violations of laws governing businesses and consumer rights in the region. Chicago officials criticize the companies for... Read More >

Mocha Red Brings a Kosher Miami Vibe to Union Square in New York

2021-06-01 by JamesD
the loft steakhouse

There has never been a Kosher steakhouse like Mocha Red.  On June 14, Mocha Red, near Union Square in Manhattan, will begin serving customers with an unforgettable dining experience that will satisfy all cravings and keep you coming back: great food, curated cocktails and spectacular aesthetics, in an atmosphere that feels like a tropical vacation in the heart of New York City.  No need to travel!   “Think Wynwood, Miami meets Tulum Mexico,” said owner Naftali Abenaim, who also owns Mocha Burger in Soho and on the Upper East Side, and Mocha Bleu, a gourmet dairy restaurant in Teaneck, New Jersey. ... Read More >

Pastor Norman Quintero Arrested

2021-03-24 by JamesD
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A self-described pastor, real estate broker, psychotherapist, and humanitarian, Norman Quintero, who ran afoul of the law in a November 2020 Orange County Court action that ruled he was unlawfully occupying an Aliso Viejo property was arrested on March 23, 2021. The arrest came in connection with an ongoing criminal investigation of Mr. Quintero’s alleged removal of tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of studio editing equipment, musical instruments, including a grand piano, furnishings, and historic photographs, from the 41 Columbia building in Aliso Viejo he had occupied before the Orange County sheriff finally escorted him off the premises. norn... Read More >

Update on Facebook Ban of Australian News

2021-03-20 by Julio Juarez
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A ban was announced this year on Australian news stories being viewed or shared on the social media platform Facebook. This came after the Australian government drafted a law that would force tech giants Facebook and Google to pay for Australian news and journalism. How the Social Media Giant Will Move Forward Facebook announced this week that they will lift a controversial ban on viewing and sharing of Australian news stories on their platform. Facebook has struck an agreement with the Australian government this month that will make the online giant pay for using Australian journalism. This comes as a... Read More >

Sinclair Broadcast Group is Streaming Live Content for Local Audiences

2021-02-10 by Wilson Scott

Sinclair Broadcast Group, the national telecommunications company, is doing something that is pretty new to the industry, and it's working out well. The company is providing local content to its viewers via streaming. Sinclair named their platform STIRR, and it is supported with advertising; in this sense, the viewer experience is very similar to traditional television. STIRR was launched in January of 2019, and it began to take off even faster than Sinclair Broadcast Group executives had hoped. Industry analysts say that this trend is likely to continue. The platform has served so far largely as an auxiliary service to... Read More >


2020-12-30 by JamesD

Earlier this year, Gucci launched its Sneaker Garage, the highly anticipated section of its mobile app entirely dedicated to the brand’s eclectic sneakers and their digital counterparts. The app enables users to access a series of tools to tweak and design their own Gucci shoe based on parts of existing models. The section also featured the first-ever virtual sneaker designed by creative director Alessandro Michele. To grow the campaign and awareness, they worked with Superplastic’s virtual influencer characters Dayzee & Staxx (boosting over 250K follows in IG) to raise awareness of the new offerings. The personalities of the digital influencers are NYC-based fashion-obsessed waitresses who find work... Read More >

OnlyFans Promoting and Marketing

2020-12-05 by JamesD
only fans

We asked some experts about how to promote and market on OnlyFans, a rapidly growing site which allows content creators to earn money from users who subscribe to their content.  We asked experts how to promote and market and succeed on OnlyFans – here are some answers.  SEO specialist Daniel Foley says “The best avenue for promoting an OnlyFans at the moment looks like it is through peoples Social Media - the likely reason for this because (especially for influencers) there is already an engaged audience who are wanting more content, and this is just a natural progression, it also comes with a big... Read More >

Pastor Norman Quintero Pastor Found Improperly Operating Ministry From a Building He Falsely Claimed to Own

2020-11-25 by JamesD
Pastor Norman Quintero

Hispanic pastor and self-described humanitarian, Norman Quintero, ran afoul of the Orange County Superior Court in a recent action that found he was unlawfully occupying an Aliso Viejo property that he falsely claimed to own. In case number 30-2020-01166386-CU-UD-CJC, Judge Kimberly A. Knill found in favor of the plaintiff, Cal-Tex Acquisition IV, LLC, in an action lodged against Quintero’s charity, NQR, Corp. According to the complaint, Quintero and his associates had entered into a purchase and sale agreement for the property, and Quintero was provided access to inspect and conduct tests on the property in anticipation of the sale. When... Read More >

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