Becoming A Thought Leader on LinkedIn


Thought leadership is no longer just a buzzword. At a time when trust plays a significant role in influencing purchase decisions and shaping perceptions, thought leadership has grown to become an effective PR strategy. As per an Edelman-LinkedIn research study, 55% decision-makers said they use thought leadership to vet organizations they’re considering to work with, proving the importance […]

AMC Theaters Goes After Universal in Public Spat

Movie theaters are closed because of the COVID-19 global pandemic, and that has thrown the entire movie industry into a tailspin, as the big brands try to find an alternative that puts their content in front of fans while protecting their business investment. That process has put a lot of old assumed truisms to the […]

Americas Cardroom To Host All-In for Mount Sinai Virtual Poker Tournament

                                        San Jose, Costa Rica – April 22, 2020 – Americas Cardroom, the popular US-facing online poker site is hosting a celebrity poker tournament this weekend with all proceeds being donated to the Mount Sinai COVID-19 Response Fund. The All-In for Mount Sinai Virtual Poker Tournament takes place this Saturday, April 25thfrom 2pm-5pm ET. The event […]

Tech Giants Respond to Coronavirus Related Delays

More than just a spreading localized epidemic, the coronavirus is creating serious infrastructure challenges for some big-name international brands. Most recently, Microsoft announced that its supply chain is being negatively affected by the outbreaks, delaying some shipments and other operations. One of the biggest sectors hit for the massive international technology company is the supply […]

Corona Beer Affected By Corona Virus

With cases of COVID-19 into the tens of thousands globally, the disease has continued to rake-in casualties. While most of its casualties are human, there has been another unique casualty – Corona Beer. American consumers continue to linger with the question: Corona beer or coronavirus? While the answer is seemingly self-explanatory, Google search trends suggest […]

Son of Inventor of Connect-4 Sues Hasbro

David Wexler, the son of the inventor of Connect 4, has sued Hasbro for allegedly stealing his invention of a new line of toys that combined games and toys controlled by Hasbro.   David is a renowned entertainment interest veteran who has had substantial critical acclaim and success as a director, screenwriter and producer of […]

Gecko Hawaii Partners With Riff Raff

riff raff

Gecko Hawaii has announced a collaborative partnership with Riff Raff. Derek Sciacqua, CEO of Gecko Hawaii said, “Our brand is all about fun and so is Dale Dan Tony!  This partnership started because we learned Riff was a fan of Gecko, and once we met it was a natural win-win. The Neon Icon wore a […]

All Social: New User-Focused Social Media Platform Making Waves


A brand-new social media platform is already making waves across the industry. AllSocial aims to put users first while creating an experience that allows you to discover exciting stories, connect with friends and share content that matters to you. AllSocial has placed control back into the hands of users, which is undoubtedly one of the […]

What is CBD and why is it so popular right now?


Marijuana is legal in 33 states and 11 of those states have made in recreationally legal. In all 33 you will find CBD. If you live in one of the states with a medical requirement for purchasing any type of marijuana product then you should speak with your healthcare provider about receiving medical marijuana for […]