Tech Giants Respond to Coronavirus Related Delays

2020-03-16 by JamesD

Tech Giants Respond to Coronavirus Related Supply Chain Delays More than just a spreading localized epidemic, the coronavirus is creating serious infrastructure challenges for some big-name international brands. Most recently, Microsoft announced that its supply chain is being negatively affected by the outbreaks, delaying some shipments and other operations. One of the biggest sectors hit for the massive international technology company is the supply chain for Windows and Surface. As a result, the company announced that it did not expect to meet revenue goals for this quarter. Speaking to stakeholders, Microsoft CFO Amy Hood was circumspect, saying the revenue forecast... Read More >

Son of Inventor of Connect-4 Sues Hasbro

2020-02-20 by Julio Juarez

Son of Inventor of Connect-4 Sues Hasbro David Wexler, the son of the inventor of Connect 4, has sued Hasbro for allegedly stealing his invention of a new line of toys that combined games and toys controlled by Hasbro.   David is a renowned entertainment interest veteran who has had substantial critical acclaim and success as a director, screenwriter and producer of films, television and commercials.  David is also actively engaged in inventing and developing concepts and ideas for toys and games. David’s father, Howard Wexler, is the inventor of Connect 4, which has been licensed to Hasbro and its predecessors... Read More >

Gecko Hawaii Partners With Riff Raff

2020-01-27 by Julio Juarez
riff raff

Gecko Hawaii has announced a collaborative partnership with Riff Raff. Derek Sciacqua, CEO of Gecko Hawaii said, “Our brand is all about fun and so is Dale Dan Tony!  This partnership started because we learned Riff was a fan of Gecko, and once we met it was a natural win-win. The Neon Icon wore a lot of Gecko Hawaii as a kid growing up in Texas and we are so pleased to partner with him. He’s the ideal brand ambassador for us.” “This is a dream partnership I am so excited about. Growing up I loved this brand, and if... Read More >

Nike PR: Year of Two Public Relations Crises

2019-11-08 by Ronn Torossian

Nike Public Relations: Pivotal Time for Nike Brand Nike PR has suffered two PR crises in 2019 that continue to have reverberating effects throughout the company and country even as the year draws to a close. While the two are very different in nature, they have been handled well, but not before causing some damage to Nike’s stock. Zion Williamson Shoe Tearing The first of Nike's PR crisis, was the result of Zion Williamson’s shoe falling off during one of the biggest and most-watched games of the year. As a global sports manufacturing brand, Nike suffered some bad publicity because... Read More >

What is CBD and why is it so popular right now?

2019-09-30 by Julio Juarez

Marijuana is legal in 33 states and 11 of those states have made in recreationally legal. In all 33 you will find CBD. If you live in one of the states with a medical requirement for purchasing any type of marijuana product then you should speak with your healthcare provider about receiving medical marijuana for treatment What is CBD? CBD or Cannabidiol is the portion of marijuana that does not get you high. It is a compound found within all marijuana plants that can be used to treat medical conditions. It is a safe way to find relief for many... Read More >

PR News From Susan Magrino, Golin and Havas PR

2019-05-22 by Jim Crickell

PR News From Susan Magrino, Golin and Havas PR The public relations industry has been busy at the start of this second quarter of 2019. With new hires and fresh faces cropping up weekly, it’s best to stay on top of the latest news. DeVries Bolsters Its Wellness Arm Communications specialty firm DeVries Global has hired a new SVP for Health + Wellness in Christa Lombardi. As consumer behavior continues to embrace health and wellness in 2019, DeVries saw an opportunity to improve its footprint within the space. Lombardi, who will be based in the New York office, will be... Read More >

Microsoft’s PR Reshuffle

2019-04-19 by Jade Minh
Microsoft’s PR Reshuffle

Microsoft’s PR Reshuffle Well-known technology giant Microsoft has moved its six-figure consumer public relations account from London-based 3 Monkeys Zeno to sister shop Assembly, wrapping up a decade-long relationship with the agency. Assembly is a bespoke agency created by Edelman, combining public relations, digital, social, measurement and creative on behalf of Microsoft. Both Edelman and 3 Monkeys Zeno fall under the umbrella of Daniel J. Edelman Holdings. Microsoft’s move to Assembly consolidates consumer PR into a broader mix of PR disciplines that the agency already handles in the United Kingdom. "We feel it is now the right time to consolidate... Read More >

The Era of the News Feed is Over

2019-04-01 by Ronn Torossian

The Era of the News Feed is Over After a decade of executive instability, Mark Zuckerberg announced a series of dramatic changes last May. He moved two top executives in a bid to create a new blockchain division, and installed new heads at WhatsApp and the News Feed. He also appointed someone to run a new group dedicated to privacy initiatives, though this last move has flown very much under the radar ever since. Zuckerberg has become known in recent months for his substantive blog posts, but was uncharacteristically quiet about the strategy behind these moves. Now, the method behind... Read More >

Schnatter and Papa Johns Working Toward Settlement Agreement

2019-03-14 by Julio Juarez

Schnatter and Papa Johns Working Toward Settlement Agreement Papa John’s, one of the top pizza brands in the country, has spent the past year or so reeling from a mix of bad press and uncertainty focusing on its founder, John Schnatter. The split between the company and the former CEO has been contentious, prolonged, and publicly ugly, with Schnatter leaving it all out there in the press as to how he felt and what he believed about the growing rift. Now, finally, the news is out that Papa John’s is moving forward toward a settlement with its founder, who was... Read More >

R. Kelly Once Again Facing Allegations

2019-02-26 by Julio Juarez

R. Kelly Once Again Facing Allegations R&B superstar R. Kelly has been struggling for years with allegations of sexual impropriety. Recently, several big-name acts have very publicly distanced themselves from the work they did with the singer and producer. And, now, two more women have come forward to accuse Kelly of engaging in sexual acts with one of them when they were under age. Some reports also allege that Kelly took advantage of one of the girls while she was under the influence of drugs and alcohol. The women came forward with their legal counsel, Gloria Allred, for the first... Read More >

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