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Efficient PR crisis management in 2022

2022-05-11 by EPR Staff
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A PR crisis can occur anytime. How a company responds to a crisis will determine the impact the crisis has on the company’s reputation. The last couple of years have made businesses experience how a crisis can affect operations. Preparation for a crisis involves assessing the crisis, and readying the tools and  resources that need to be used. Given below are steps that should be followed to maintain a company's reputation while navigating a crisis. Build a team -  Having a team that knows how to handle  a crisis effectively will save a business from ignominy. Ideally, a crisis communications team... Read More >

How restaurants can handle a PR crisis

2022-05-08 by EPR Staff

The restaurant industry is  cutthroat. Some don’t make it beyond the first year of operating, while others are out of business within a couple of years . There are food safety concerns which have intensified during the pandemic. Restaurants are trying to think of new ways to serve customers in a post-pandemic world. Shaping public opinion amidst other challenges is particularly difficult. This is where PR steps in to ensure effective dialogue between restaurants and their target audiences in times of crisis. A timely response to a crisis can help a restaurant come out stronger than ever. Given below are... Read More >

Importance of a Crisis Communication Plan

2022-04-22 by EPR Staff
Demonstrating Leadership in Crisis

The most effective crisis communication plan is consistent and clear. That's why companies have to create a crisis communication plan that includes primary messages, regular updates, and delivery methodologies, which can ensure that all crisis communication is strategic and thoughtful. When a company only communicates in a way that's reactive during a crisis, it results in more confusion, stress, and uncertainty. Crisis communication is all about the information that the company shares to address a crisis situation that might impact the reputation of the business. Whether a company manages its reputation or not, that company is going to be perceived... Read More >

Engaging Employees Throughout a Crisis Situation

2022-03-28 by EPR Staff

When a company is going through a significant change, it's relatively easy for its employees to feel intimidated or out of the loop. Even during the best times clear and consistent communication from a business is very powerful. However, during difficult times of crisis, giving people the information they need becomes a critical practice that can improve morale and inspire confidence in employees. With the world being plunged into uncharted territory in unprecedented times, companies are constantly having to deal with changing variables. The employees that have been used to everyday life in an office quickly turned into remote workers... Read More >

Controversial PR Clients

2022-03-28 by EPR Staff

In a court of law, everyone gets proper and fair legal representation. It shouldn't be any different when it comes to the court of public opinion with the help of proper PR communications. Every PR client deserves to get the best representation possible. PR clients deserve the opportunity to get the real story about them in front of the eyes of the public. However, when a PR professional or agency is dealing with a controversial client, there are times when the backlash is directed at the professional or at the agency. Nevertheless, everyone should get the chance to defend their... Read More >

Handling a PR Crisis

2022-03-25 by EPR Staff
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There are many strategies for getting more media coverage, but one of the easiest ones is for a company to end up in a PR crisis situation. T Companies can't always plan for what might end up happening, and when most crises emerge, instead of improving their credibility through publicity, they end up damaging their reputation. To avoid such situations, companies need to plan ahead of time and figure out all of the different crisis situations that they might end up facing one day. Aside from planning, companies also need to take several other things into account, such as developing... Read More >

Understanding the Early Stages of a Crisis

2022-03-24 by EPR Staff
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In today's digitized world, it's important that companies stay on top of anything that's being said about them on various digital channels. This is a strategy that can help companies stay on top of any developing situations, understand the impact that their communication strategies have on the audience, and when necessary, respond to questions or comments that consumers might have. Social monitoring is also a helpful strategy that allows companies to get ahead of potentially negative situations that can develop into a full-blown PR crisis. When that happens, there are certain things that businesses need to do in order to... Read More >

Debriefing After a Crisis

2022-03-16 by EPR Staff
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When the pandemic started, many of the affected companies decided to either make things up as time progressed or dust off their old crisis communications plan. That meant while some companies were frustrated because they had no detailed plan to follow, others were faring quite well. However, there's an essential step that companies need to take whenever a crisis happens - debrief. With a debrief after a crisis, companies can ensure that they're capable and prepared to navigate any future crisis. Debriefs can also help prevent such situations from happening. While there's no way for companies to know when a... Read More >

Protecting a Business from Cyber Threats

2022-03-15 by EPR Staff
How to Protect your Business from a Cyber Breach

Cybersecurity threats to companies have gotten progressively worse in the last few years, as the digital space is filled with data thieves and all kinds of people who are looking to exploit businesses' digital vulnerabilities. Unfortunately at this time, the bad guys have the upper hand, since many companies haven't managed their digitization processes well, which were made necessary by the pandemic. In fact, according to researchers, over half of the businesses still haven't mitigated any of the risks that digitization created for them. When this issue is paired with a shortage of cybersecurity experts, it creates a scary situation... Read More >

Spotify’s PR Crisis and Response

2022-03-10 by EPR Staff

Spotify has been facing A PR crisis recently after multiple artists pulled their music from the music streaming platform. This was because, according to the statements from the artists, the platform wasn't doing enough to prevent the spread of misinformation regarding the pandemic and vaccines. Toward the end of 2021, on the most popular podcast on Spotify, the Joe Rogan Experience, Rogan interviewed Dr. Robert Malone. Malone is a virologist who is also one of the creators of mRNA Technology. The virologist ended up making several baseless claims regarding the pandemic throughout the interview, saying that a mass formation psychosis... Read More >

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