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Profile On Jarrard Phillips Cate & Hancock, Inc.

Jarrard Phillips Cate & Hancock, Inc. is one of the top healthcare strategic communications and engagement firms in the United States, with offices in Chicago and Nashville. This firm is one of the country’s top firms for any healthcare providers that are either looking for opportunities for progression or are going through a significant challenge […]

The Bradford Group: PR Firm Profile

The Bradford Group is a world leader in direct marketing and a provider of limited-edition gifts, collectibles, home décor, and jewelry. The company was founded in 1973 and strives to provide excellent quality of all products it offers, along with exceptional customer service. It’s those two ingredients that have helped the Bradford Group to become […]

BIGFish PR: Decent Boston PR Firm

big fish pr

Listed as a leading Boston PR firm, BIGFish PR brings more than 19 years of expertise to the PR space. outed as an unconventional agency, its team helps clients redefine their space through strategic media campaigns and thoughtful storytelling. BIGFish PR’s award-winning team works with tech firms enabling them to secure leadership positions in their markets. Through traditional […]

AMP3 PR: PR Firm Profile

Based in New York City, AMP3 PR specializes in consumer lifestyle, tech, luxury, beauty and fashion public relations campaigns. The firm raises awareness as well as engagement with its extraordinary storytelling abilities and skilled workforce. Whether it’s through social media posts and influencer marketing campaigns, through traditional public relations and accompanying media outreach, or experiential […]

Beautiful Planning Marketing and PR: Firm Profile

Established in 2005, Beautiful Planning Marketing and PR (BPM-PR) has grown into a full-service global PR firm. To ensure extensive reach, the agency has strived to be one of the best PR companies in the space. Today, BPM-PR maintains a network of offices located in Vancouver, London, San Francisco, and New York to serve its […]

Imre LLC: PR Firm Profile

Imre LLC is an independently-owned and integrated marketing agency with offices in New York City, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Baltimore. They have expertise in social, digital, creative, paid media and public relations. The agency is one of the leaders in modern content and development of meaningful interactions and experiences. The agency is divided into a […]

Clarity PR: Notable PR Firm Profile

After opening its doors in 2013, Clarity PR has had some transformational achievements in the past few years. Now Clarity PR has an estimated annual revenue of $3.5 million. Thanks to its team of senior PR experts and journalists, the fast-growing PR agency draws many benefits from differentiating itself. One of their major benefits is […]

Optimist Consulting: A PR Firm For Luxury Brands

Optimist Consulting is a luxury public relations and digital marketing company that has a talent for developing gripping stories which create meaningful and deep connections between their clients and target audiences. This company has brought together some of the best creative minds in the various luxury markets – from luxury goods and retail to real […]

Imagine PR: Firm Profile

Whoever thought of the idiom “leave nothing to the imagination” must have had Imagine PR in mind in coming up with the lexis because that so accurately describes the result of experiential travel, one of many specialties that clients of the New York-based firm are known for. Somewhat new in the U.S., experiential travel immerses […]

Fitz & Company Marketing For Art Leaders

For nearly 25 years, Fitz & Company has focused on creating strategies for established and emerging leaders in the global art world. The company’s strategy is built upon media relations, integrated marketing, digital marketing and social media, audience engagement, and events. The relationship between the company and its clients begins with brainstorming, followed by analyzing […]