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Sales and Marketing in 2020

Incresase Sales

Thanks to the internet, the way that people make purchases has changed quite a bit, which means any business who has been willing to keep up with those changes and adjust their strategies has proven to be the most successful. While both sales, as well as marketing, have been a part of the key elements […]

2020 Perfect Vision

Marketers aiming to break sales records this year may wish to look even harder at influencers for assistance. Between 2014 and 2019, spending for print ads declined at the same rate as the rate of increase in influencer marketing. The study and information was provided by Google Trends and all indications seem to point to […]

Influencer Marketing Trends To Watch

The influencer marketing industry looks like it is here to stay: according to Adweek, the value of Instagram influencer marketing is on track to reach $10 billion this year. Influencers on other platforms, like Snapchat, YouTube, and TikTok, are also finding a foothold with lucrative markets of their own. Meanwhile, the industry seems to reach […]

Creating An Influencer Marketing Strategy

When a brand chooses to invest in influencer marketing, they should know going in how they plan to employ that influencer as well as how they plan to measure the outcome of the campaigns. But those are just the broad strokes. A successful influencer marketing campaign will include multiple different complementary strategies and logistical factors […]

Simple Differences Between Sales and Marketing

Many people tend to think there are practically no differences between the fields of sales and marketing. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. When it comes to marketing, the goal is to inform as well as attract potential leads to a company, a service or a product. On the other hand, with sales, […]

Hype of the Influencer Industry

The growth of the influencer industry has been nothing short of meteoric: having only hit its stride in the last few years, influencer marketing is set to become a $15 billion business by 2022. The credibility of the industry has experienced a recent uplift, with more brands than ever proving ready to put money behind […]

Try These Hacks to Grow Email Marketing Lists

Growing an email marketing list can be a challenge for a business that’s just starting out or that’s only just beginning to integrate email into its marketing strategy. And for smaller businesses, it can be hard to justify the sometimes-steep cost per acquisition for building that email list. For businesses dedicated to doing marketing the […]

How Digital Marketing’s Growth Will Expand Amazon’s Dominance

digital age

Looking at the trends, it’s crystal clear that digital marketing is showing a strong, long-term growth line. According to multiple reports, digital marketing spending will eclipse $146 billion over the next three years. While “search” budgets may plateau, other forms of digital marketing are expected to continue to grow.Voice-based searches powered by Amazon’s Alexa and […]

How to Spot a Sub-Standard Digital Marketer

What makes a good digital marketer? It’s a question a lot of businesses are asking themselves, especially if they are signing pricey invoices for outsourced digital marketing help. The world of digital marketing is not dissimilar to any other industry; there are some seriously passionate professionals and others who are riding down easy street for […]


5W Marketing

Predicting consumer behavior has slowly developed into its own separate industry. This means that gone are the days when companies would blindly gauge the interests of the masses and market to them accordingly. These days, brands need all available information regarding their consumers, their motivations, impulses, and thoughts. It’s the only way to really market […]