Effective Promotional Tips for Fitness Brands

2021-10-21 by Jim Crickell
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With the vast number of marketing channels available to companies, it's easier than ever to reach consumers to raise awareness for brands and generate more sales. Whether it's a small gym or a large fitness brand, marketing is one of the most important segments of its business operations. Although there are some situations where fitness brands can benefit from word-of-mouth marketing and acquire more members or customers that way, when it comes to more competitive markets, that approach is never enough. Most fitness clubs are local businesses, which means that they generally have to compete with other local fitness clubs.... Read More >

Utilizing Video Content Across the Buying Journey

2021-10-21 by JamesD

When a company is creating its business website, it takes a lot more than coding up a homepage and calling it a day. Most of the time, it also involves creating additional pages that give the customers more details about the company itself and its products or services, the overall industry, and much more. The same strategy should be utilized with video content. However, plenty of times, companies tend to utilize a single video that’s presented on the company’s homepage and be done with it. Yet, that’s just the tip of the video content iceberg, especially when it comes to... Read More >

Marketing Tips for Restaurants

2021-10-20 by Jim Crickell
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These days, there are so many restaurants all over the world, that the competition is quite fierce, and the most successful locations are the ones that can give it their all. That’s why restaurants have to employ strong marketing strategies and tactics, that will improve their business, get the attention of consumers, and help them grow. Photography Plenty of people these days are already on Instagram, and anyone that’s ever been on the platform has familiarized themself with the abundance of food photos. Categorized using a variety of food-related hashtags, one of the best ways that restaurants can promote themselves... Read More >

Getting More Clients Through Marketing

2021-10-19 by Jade Minh
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board diversity blog 1024x652 1 Companies that are looking to get ahead in a crowded market have to constantly work on keeping up with consumer needs and demands, along with the latest marketing trends and tools. To execute effective marketing strategies and grow a business, companies, especially those that work in competitive niches, such as real estate, have to work at getting and retaining the attention of the target audience. Building a Brand Real estate is a sales-driven industry, which is why plenty of real estate brokers and agencies tend to focus on quick sales and other types of quick... Read More >

Marketing Strategy Tips for Real Estate

2021-10-18 by Jade Minh
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One of the most challenging, yet lucrative industries has always been real estate, and according to a recent study, many homebuyers tend to make purchases with the help of brokers or real estate agents. Not only that but according to the study, most of those buyers ended up only looking into a single real estate agent, which greatly highlights the importance of getting in front of buyers and building awareness for real estate agencies and brokers. This, along with a few other reasons are why those types of agencies should have a solid understanding of real estate marketing, along with... Read More >

E-commerce Websites and Public Relations

2021-10-14 by Jade Minh

When it comes to utilizing public relations efforts, e-commerce stores can see plenty of benefits-- especially if all efforts come from honesty. Whatever message is going to be shared with the target audience should be true and factual, because making false statements in any PR effort is pointless. This is especially true in today's age when people can fact-check and find the right information at the press of a button. However, there's a big difference between telling people the truth and telling people everything. Most of the time, revealing everything doesn't really help any business.  However, giving honest and relevant... Read More >

Inclusivity in Marketing: LGBTQ+ Advertising Dos and Don’ts

2021-10-13 by Jim Crickell
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Why create an entire campaign geared towards the LGBTQ+ community? How about their over $1 Trillion in buying power in the US today? To top that, the median income of a same-sex couple is 23% above that of straight households. And most importantly to a business? LGBTQ+ consumers are more than twice as loyal to brands they trust. However, plenty of companies still struggle in their approach to advertising and incorporating LGBTQ+ audiences in their efforts. Between including certain groups of LGBTQ+ representation in their campaigns and failing to include or even target all others, there’s plenty of room for... Read More >

The Importance of Creative Content in PR

2021-10-07 by Julio Juarez
Creative Content Get Punchy Even If Your Niche Might Be A Little Boring

Many PR professionals believe that one of the worst things that content can result in is offending people or causing them to find the content ridiculous.   However, that’s not the case. The worst thing that PR professionals can do with creative content is to have their stories ignored by the public  by making the content bland and boring. The best way to avoid this issue is by using creative content that engages audiences and gets them more excited about a company’s products or services. Getting and Keeping Attention Providing target audiences with creative content means content that is going to... Read More >

Promoting and Marketing a Tech Company

2021-10-05 by JamesD
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Companies that are looking to grow, or even survive, will need a customer base. Then, in order to get customers, the company should be promoting itself. In the past, this was a simple matter of deciding between an ad in a local newspaper, or a flyer in a brochure, but these days things have changed. When it comes to the digital world and digital promotional efforts, the possibilities are practically endless. Fortunately, there are certain very effective strategies that companies can promote themselves across a variety of platforms and channels to reach a big number of consumers. One of the... Read More >

Tips on Ranking Higher In Search Engines

2021-10-04 by Jim Crickell
6 Tips to Rank High in Google

Just a few years ago, it was a lot simpler to find businesses on the internet. Searching didn't require any ranking factors, or technical know-how so that people could discover a business in their online searches. However, today, it's a lot more complicated for a business to be discovered on the Internet, partially due to the evolution of Google search algorithms, along with a few other algorithms and factors. Nevertheless, entrepreneurs know that one of the best ways to digitally market a business is through organic search. That means the company should show up as one of the top results... Read More >

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