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Marketing Goals Should Be Measurable


The idea of measurable goals in marketing is hardly a foreign one. After all, marketing is a data-centric industry and with the advances of technology that enable marketers to track every metric imaginable setting goals is more possible than ever. Believe it or not, some businesses don’t set tangible goals periodically, which makes a marketing […]

Online Reputation Management Makes the Internet Safer

In the digital age, living part of your life online isn’t just a convenience — it’s practically a necessity. We find our apartments on Facebook, scroll through potential dates on Tinder, and apply for job interviews on LinkedIn. Day-to-day life is more convenient, searchable, and organized than ever before. However, this scroll-and-swipe ease comes at […]

Minorities Will Outnumber The Majority by 2040

The U.S. Census Bureau recently reported that sometime in 2020, the number of minority children in our country will outnumber white children and that around 2040, the total number of minorities will outnumber whites.  Other data indicates that four out of ten millennials are non-white and that generation Z (1995-2012) is about 50%.  Yet another […]

Three Marketing Takeaways from a Top Influencer Agency

Last year, Joe Gagliese, co-founder of the popular influencer agency Viral Nation, sat down for an interview with Vox. In the interview, Gagliese talks at length about the makings of a successful influencer career as well as a marketing campaign that converts, and there is useful information to be gleaned from his experience.  Influencer marketing […]

Boosting Your Independent Marketing Profile


The beautiful thing about working in the marketing industry is that it allows for flexibility and creativity. In many cases, a marketer can work solo and maintain a roster of clients, allowing for a more flexible work-life balance and lifestyle. But marketing is an industry that’s always changing, so it’s important that marketers are willing […]

Season Ready?

The music may still be missing but the holiday décor has been up at some stores for a few weeks already.  Are you ready?  Even if you are or think you are, there are some tweaks you may wish to consider in your marketing plan based on the following information. Like What? 83% of pc […]

Marketing With Text Messages


The mushrooming of text messaging today should be sufficient impetus to encourage marketers to leverage MMS sooner than later. So why aren’t more marketers employing text messages? One reason is that many marketers are used to telling stories and want to say a lot more than they can in a text. If you’re on the […]

Client Acquisition versus Client Retention: Which Matters More?

For digital marketers, there are, broadly speaking, two areas of focus when it comes to customer relationships. First, the marketing plan must work to acquire new customers. This process includes areas such as advertising, paid search, social media, and other channels focused on reach. The second area of focus, client retention, pertains to the user […]

Foolproof Ways Podcasters Can Attract Attention


Podcasts, more than ever, are becoming a popular form of media consumption among many different demographics of consumers. One of the advantages of podcasts is that there is a virtually unlimited amount of niches that the content can fit into, meaning consumers can likely find a podcast that fits the subject matter they’re seeking easily. […]