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Celebrity Marketing With a Twist

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In December 2020, a viral ad debuted online, showing Satan finding his perfect match, a woman, by the name of 2020. The ad showed the journey from the moment that the couple was first matched up online, to their first meeting and date, and ending with the couple’s various misdeeds around a … [Read more...]

Basic Marketing Guidelines

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With the development of the internet, it’s become a lot easier for businesses to communicate with clients, consumers, and target audiences at large, which has made a lot of marketing efforts easier to create and execute. However, with all of the tools that have become available to businesses and … [Read more...]

Creating a Marketing Strategy

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The overall plan that a business has to reach the target audience, or the prospective customers, and then turn those people into consumers of the company’s products or services is that company’s marketing strategy. It also contains all of the key brand messaging for the business, its value … [Read more...]

Difference Between PR and Marketing

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Since the media world is constantly evolving, the ways that brands maintain and grow their presence have to evolve alongside it. In the past, many companies mainly relied on traditional PR, which included working with media outlets and TV to reach a target audience. However, as the world became more … [Read more...]

SEO Will Shine Brighter This Year


It’s expected that Google’s Core Web Vitals, its website development standards, will be merged with some of its other user-focused signals this May. When completed, Google expects to be able to analyze the website experience of visitors even more deeply and further improve its ranking system. In … [Read more...]

Business Growth Through Advertising

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Advertising is an extremely dynamic field that’s constantly reinventing and evolving so it can easily utilize new tech and media to reach audiences.  Companies have to continuously follow suit. However, growing a business through advertising means understanding the target audience’s values on a … [Read more...]

The Most Effective Digital Tools for Businesses

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Today’s marketers are constantly juggling between improving the company’s digital presence and sorting all of the collected data along with learning from it, which is why they have to rely on the best digital tools that are going to cut down on the time they spend navigating between the different … [Read more...]

Marketing and Business Growth

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download 2 Business growth and marketing success are both created on plans that deliver great value, and for companies that are looking to achieve that success, they have to gain an understanding of the emerging opportunities and risks, the current environment, the available tools, and their own … [Read more...]

Marketing Mediums

Marketing is more than most people think it is. There are so many ways to present a campaign or a brand in the marketing world that it can be hard to decide which one is best. Some traditional marketing mediums include print, radio, television and direct mail. Online mediums can include email, pay … [Read more...]