Creating High-Quality Content

2022-08-09 by EPR Staff

It's not always easy for a company to invest in creating the highest quality content that they can, given the fact that most companies are trying also to create as much content as they can to cater to the target audience at every stage of the buying journey. However, by focusing on the quality instead of the quantity of the content a business produces, companies can ensure that they're able to attract the right customers, at the right time, and on the right platforms, instead of trying to shoot in the dark. Time When a potential customer comes across the... Read More >

Improving Video Marketing Efforts

2022-08-02 by Ronn Torossian
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Video content has started prioritizing with some of the most popular social media platforms. This type of content also tends to be quite dynamic and shareable for many audiences. Many other benefits come with video content, making videos very powerful tools companies can use to target more potential customers. In fact, according to research, video has been incredibly effective for companies in reaching target audiences and improving their engagement rates at every stage of the buying journey that they go through. Over 90% of companies have reported higher customer acquisition rates because of video content, and over 75% have stated... Read More >

Keeping Track of Website Traffic

2022-08-02 by EPR Staff
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By keeping track of website traffic companies can create realistic strategies and goals that are going to result in an increase in revenue for them. Although plenty of companies tend to claim to be data-driven, less than 30% actually have a business strategy that's documented. That means companies need to have a business strategy so they can utilize the data that they collect from their website traffic to grow their businesses. Additionally, if a company isn't measuring the performance of its website, it's not going to be easy to set goals that are going to be realistic. Key performance indicators... Read More >

Conducting Local SEO Audits

2022-07-27 by EPR Staff
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One of the best ways that companies can ensure that they're taking advantage of every opportunity they have to attract local potential customers is by conducting a local SEO audit. This type of audit will assess all of the company's search engine ranking to help it figure out which steps it should take to maintain or improve its local digital presence. Companies that haven't conducted an SEO audit before might think it's a difficult process, but it's not the case, and it's actually quite easy. All that a local SEO audit entails is assessing how a company's website ranks in... Read More >

Increasing Revenue from Business Websites

2022-07-26 by EPR Staff
New technology connects call revenue to marketing activity in seconds

Many companies might be familiar with the concept of revenue marketing, as it's also widely used. However, it's important to note that it takes a bit of work to be put into action and it can be quite complex. Fortunately, it's a lot easier to do so with the help of marketing analysis tools because companies can generate all the data they need to utilize in revenue marketing. There are several steps that companies need to take before implementing a revenue marketing strategy. Consumers Most companies tend to have some sort of time-bound revenue goals, such as quarterly or monthly.... Read More >

Generating Attention Through Content

2022-07-19 by EPR Staff

Companies are always trying to find elements that will help set them apart from their market competitors. One of those things can be content, especially when companies are able to use their content strategies in the right way. Content and value proposition Most companies understand that they've become publishers in the last decade or so since the popularity of Internet use has skyrocketed. In fact, practically everyone these days is in the business of trying to create engaging content for the target audience that's aimed at turning other people into paying customers. In the past, most content strategies used to... Read More >

Using Video Ads in Marketing

2022-07-18 by EPR Staff
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One of the best ways for companies to reach out to their target audiences these days is through video ads. However, it's important for companies to focus on several different elements when they're trying to create video ads that are going to be effective at converting potential customers. Effectiveness of video ads Video ads have been available for companies to use in their campaigns practically since television first began. Although companies can get plenty of benefits when they focus all of their advertising efforts on the latest platforms and tools, video ads have managed to prove themselves as a very... Read More >

Optimizing Lead Generation Ads

2022-07-15 by EPR Staff
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Companies are always looking to add more potential customers to the buying journey and to do that they have to optimize all of the ads they're running on Facebook. The most successful companies are always trying to learn more about the customers they are targeting so they can always ensure their campaigns are going to be as successful as possible. Running Ads Companies that want to generate more leads should be using the lead generation objective inside Facebook ads. With the help of that objective companies can get more potential customers to reach out to the business through an automated... Read More >

Top Email Platforms for Scaling, Segmentation, Lead Generation, and Design

2022-07-14 by EPR Staff

Companies need to use different types of email marketing platforms, depending on the goals of their email marketing campaigns and the results they want to achieve. That’s why it’s important to select the right platform that will help businesses achieve their goals. Drip Smaller businesses that want to start scaling should be using Drip as part of their email marketing campaigns because the platform has different plans for different business sizes. That means the spending of a business will only increase as the business is growing. Additionally, the cost of investing in this platform is uniquely catered to every business... Read More >

When Companies Should End their Marketing Campaigns

2022-07-13 by EPR Staff
Tricks for Launching Influencer Marketing Campaigns

It's not always easy for companies to decide they need to end their marketing campaigns, especially if they've invested a lot of time, money, and effort into them. However, there are specific cases when that's precisely what companies need to do, and companies need to be aware of the signs.  Value One of the signs that companies can look for when they're thinking about whether they should be ending a marketing campaign is if they're not getting enough value out of that campaign. That means companies should look at whether the cost of the campaign is exceeding the value that... Read More >

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