Top 5 PR Trend Predictions From Ninico Communications


Today, an interview with Sarah Farrant, Head of Strategy at public relations agency NINICO Communications. What are five trends you see this year? “Podcasts: Easily my top pick. According to Infinite Dial 20, 55 percent—155 million—people in the United States listened to a podcast this year, … [Read more...]

2021 Public Relations Predictions

2021 Predictions

Spoke to some Public Relations and marketing experts for 2021 predictions on whats to come. Here are what experts told us: Susan Thompson of told us “In 2021, Sponsored content will become more essential and useful for the PR program. Publishers spend a great deal of time … [Read more...]

The Potential of Podcasts for PR

In the past couple of years, podcasts have started rivaling traditional media, like radio and TV, especially in public relations. Back in the day, if a story wasn’t in the newspapers or presented on TV, no one even heard about it, and the traditional media gatekeepers used to decide what was and … [Read more...]

Equality at a Major Intersection


The sixth annual study, Woman in the Workplace, by McKinsey and, grabbed more attention than usual since the heightened awareness was given to diversity and equality in the workplace. Most alarming was that more than 25% of women polled said they were considering decelerating their … [Read more...]

Pandemic: Upskilling and Reskilling

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What long-term effect will the pandemic have on the global workforce? An October report by the World Economic Forum (WEC) reported that two-fifths of the companies it surveyed are planning to reduce their workforces. The reason? Technology. Accurate or not, the forecast for a shift is shared by … [Read more...]

Why Google Reviews Matter

google ranking

Word of mouth and foot traffic used to be two of the ways for small companies to market themselves and grow. These days, instead of visiting the business itself, customers prefer to look them up online and research what others are saying about it. After doing their online research, according to … [Read more...]

Cannabis PR To-Do From Cannabis PR Pros

It takes a special kind of team to enter into a new industry without any sort of blueprint. NisonCo PR was one of the first to take the plunge into cannabis, hemp and CBD specific PR when the cannabis industry started to take off. Since its beginning, NisonCo has situated advocacy front … [Read more...]

Generating New Leads With PR

Horseshoe magnet attracting new leads in a target, 3d conceptual image for illustraton of lead generation This has been a tumultuous year for everyone around the world. As economies are slowly starting to reopen, brands and corporations need strong PR campaigns to be sure they’ll have strong … [Read more...]

Keys To Communicating During Covid-19

Business leaders understand how crucial it is to communicate during a crisis, especially communicating with empathy and transparency. Having these tones in communication during a crisis is what encourages all those included to make the best and quickest decisions possible, so that they can mitigate … [Read more...]

PR Protection in the Era of “Fake News”

The old saying about how a lie can get around the world before the truth makes it out of bed never met the internet. These days, misinformation and disinformation can become ingrained into the psyche of an audience before the real message is even finished being created. The fact is, fake news is a … [Read more...]