PR Tips For New Businesses


Any brand new company that’s serious about getting the attention of potential customers and other industry professionals will find PR extremely useful. However, not many business owners make public relations a priority - some due to the small budgets, and due to not realizing how important it really … [Read more...]

How can PR be used to help restaurants?

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What are the stats around restaurant industry success standards? The restaurant industry is among the most cutthroat. Look into the industry statistics, and one will find that 60% of restaurants don’t make it past the first year of operating. Even more hauntingly, 80% are out of business within 5 … [Read more...]

How has PR changed in 2020

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In 2020, trends included AI, live streaming, unique/niche targeting, and even big data integrations. They haven't faded, but the focus on use has drastically changed. Brands have started using the online world more and more. For example, using influencers, social media, targeted content, and even … [Read more...]

Learning From Robinhood Public Relations


The investment platform, Robinhood, had spent years perfecting its brand, by promising to make it easier for the public to invest and trade stocks. However, suddenly, with a very controversial move, one where the platform decided to stop trading certain shares, it effectively managed to take down … [Read more...]

Communication That Bridges the Culture Gap

Representation is a timely issue that all teams should consider, especially where their communication is concerned. Diverse voices not only allow for more connective communication. They promote ideas that are important to a growing number of consumers in a massive and active audience. But are … [Read more...]

Is Public Relations Worthwhile?

Probably the biggest challenge PR professionals face is proving to their bosses or clients that they’re making progress and that they’re being successful. The reason? Proof. Unlike marketers, who may employ coupons or BOGO deals to drive trackable sales to the store or website, proving inroads on … [Read more...]

Bread & Butter: Winning in Food, Drink & Travel

Bread & Butter, a hands-on digital media and public relations agency, specializes in the food, drink, and travel industries. Founded in 2007 by Meredith Vachon and Rachel Mays Ayotte, the agency sought to fill a gap in PR that was: the absence of new, authentic, and innovative approaches to … [Read more...]

Top 5 PR Trend Predictions From Ninico Communications


Today, an interview with Sarah Farrant, Head of Strategy at public relations agency NINICO Communications. What are five trends you see this year? “Podcasts: Easily my top pick. According to Infinite Dial 20, 55 percent—155 million—people in the United States listened to a podcast this year, … [Read more...]

2021 Public Relations Predictions

2021 Predictions

Spoke to some Public Relations and marketing experts for 2021 predictions on whats to come. Here are what experts told us: Susan Thompson of told us “In 2021, Sponsored content will become more essential and useful for the PR program. Publishers spend a great deal of time … [Read more...]