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Essential Steps for a Strategic Public Relations Plan

2022-08-15 by Ronn Torossian
What Is Strategic Planning for Public Relations?

According to Ronn Torossian, when a company wants to develop a strategic public relations plan, aside from doing its mandatory research, it needs to define a handful of core elements that the plan needs to include. There are the goals and the target audience that the company needs to define and identify, and then it needs to create key PR messages, measure the results of its campaigns, and more. Goals The first step in developing a strategic public relations plan is for a company to define the goals that it wants to reach with its public relations efforts. Knowing the results... Read More >

In-House PR Team Essentials

2022-08-05 by EPR Staff
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Companies that rely on in-house public relations departments or teams can always rely on these people for various public relations efforts. Between creating and sharing press releases and emails and communicating with employees, in-house, public relations teams are incredibly effective. In fact, most in-house PR teams don’t need to be made up of dozens of people, as a handful of employees can easily handle all of the essential tasks needed to keep the business moving forward and growing. Press release Companies these days can't rely on anyone but themselves to generate buzz around their events, announcements, or achievements. One of... Read More >

Why Companies Should Be Working With PR Agencies

2022-08-03 by EPR Staff

Many companies have faced a point in time where they've wondered whether they should start working with professional PR agencies to continue their growth. The answer to that question mainly depends on the individual companies and their resources and goals, but for most businesses, it's one of the best choices they can make. One of the biggest reasons why companies should be working with PR agencies instead of pursuing various PR efforts on their own is because those types of efforts take a lot of time and bigger investments that not many companies can do on their own. Goals One... Read More >

Tips to avoid a PR crisis

2022-07-21 by EPR Staff
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PR is no longer confined to interacting with the public. Today, the scope of PR includes presenting a unified brand image and corporate identity, spreading positive news about the brand, building its reputation and protecting it during a crisis. The tools of PR include conducting research, creating special events,  writing pitches, distributing press releases and responding to negative opinions during a crisis. The reputation of a brand is very important for a brand’s ability to succeed. Consumers should trust in a brand. PR makes sure that a company maintains this trust even in the face of a crisis. Given below... Read More >

Podcasting as a growing consumer PR platform

2022-07-06 by EPR Staff
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The objective of consumer Pr is to get people to know about a company, its products and services and to see the company in a positive light. For some businesses and podcasts, podcasting can be an extremely effective tool. The consumer need not read about a company and its products. The message is conveyed by someone telling the listener about the project. The message and information is sent strictly to people who have a special interest in a relevant industry. Given below are advantages that podcasting can offer to consumer PR today. Easier to consume Podcasts are a good source... Read More >

Glenlivet and diverse whisky drinkers

2022-07-05 by EPR Staff
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Quite a few brands are committed to representing real people in their ads and within their organizations. They embrace diversity in their content and their marketing campaigns. The youngest generations often question whether a brand supports diversity both publicly and behind the camera. If brands want to make a meaningful connection with future customers, they have to reflect a range of experiences and backgrounds within their messaging. Customers are also more loyal to brands that take a stand while addressing social inequalities. The changing conversation Many voices have been typically sidelined from conversations around whisky. This is changing. Women and... Read More >

What did People buy for their Pet Dogs during the Pandemic?

2022-07-01 by EPR Staff
Mishka and owner Kate Piaskovskaia

Dogs were a source of comfort in the pandemic, and their owners took extra care to ensure that they were safe from infection. Many people bought masks, gloves, and goggles to protect themselves from the virus when they visited their pets. They also bought special food to feed them and extra blankets and beds to keep them warm. Some people even went as far as buying special dog cages so that they could quarantine their dogs at home if needed. There were many things that people bought for their pets during the pandemic, but it was not to protect them.... Read More >

The different methods of converting leads to sales

2022-06-29 by EPR Staff
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To convert leads into paying customers, they need to be pushed towards purchasing decisions. Leads will not automatically convert to sales. Additional strategies are required to produce the conversion.  Given below are tips that would help a business to convert leads to sales. Research the target audience What customers want and how they want to engage with companies can be a powerful lead conversion tool. Getting to know the target market results in effective data. The data can be used to create offers that would attract leads and convert them into paying customers. Follow-up emails A follow-up email is an... Read More >

PR tactics to build a brand

2022-06-24 by EPR Staff

PR is an important tool for a brand to further its reach. It can help a brand get media placements that can further develop its identity. It is an effective way, not only to build a brand but also to communicate to a target audience and attract further investment. To appeal to various audiences, brands need stories, and PR can effectively organize such stories. It also helps to control an organization’s public reputation. Given below are PR strategies that will help to build a brand effectively. A strong value proposition A value proposition states why a customer should choose a... Read More >

PR for interior designers

2022-06-22 by EPR Staff
100 Miami 10 Creative Interior Designers of Miami 7

To showcase designs and projects for interior spaces, to a targeted audience, PR is crucial. PR can make a big difference and be a game-changer for a business. Since PR involves media coverage, it can help to build a positive reputation for a business. It can increase the credibility of a business and attract new clients. Given below are PR tips that can help to foster the growth of an interior design business. Develop the brand - As in any other business, it is important to build a strong brand identity for an interior design business. Building a brand includes... Read More >

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