Top 5 Law & Litigation PR Firms

The never-ending chaos that accompanies litigation processes means that it is wise to have a consulting professional PR firm to help communicate appropriate messages. Whilst effective communication and engagement is vital, not all PR firms are cut for the highly-sensitive and potentially-life changing law and litigation space. Thus, identifying firms that have cut their teeth […]

Tips on Effective Legal PR Management

Managing a situation that involves a legal PR team is tricky but never impossible. Whatever the outcome happens to be in the court of law, the outcome in the court of public opinion is just as – if not more – important to the future of a business or organization that’s involved in a legal […]

Influencer Marketing Boom

The influencer market is on an upward trajectory when it comes to growth, both in terms of financial and in popularity. At the simplest level, influencer marketing is broadcasting a brand’s message through creators and influencers, who are people with a large number of followers on social media platforms. Whenever a business buys adverts directly […]

Insights from With Global Alliance

Global Business

With Global Alliance, a global network of tech PR and marketing agencies, launched in January of this year with just five founding members. By June, the With Global Alliance (WGA) membership had doubled in size to include 10 firms, servicing 26 countries, all with deep tech expertise and hands-on senior leaders.  Operating in the international […]

The Future of PR from Lion & Lamb Communications and The IPY agency

Future Air Transportation and the Environment Ilan Kroo

During these historical times we are continuing to speak to industry leaders about what their take is on the future. Some thoughts from some leaders: Rachel Harrison, Co-founder of Lion & Lamb Communications said “The Future of PR is being reimagined in this time period of intense economic and lifestyle disruption with quick pivoting, ingenuity, […]

Tracy Lamourie and Brian Stephens of Caissa Public Strategy on PR Post-Pandemic

We spoke to a number of PR pros about the future of the industry post-pandemic.  We got a variety of thoughts. First up, Tracy Lamourie is the author of the upcoming book GET REPPED – Build Your Brand With Effective Public and Media Relations. She’s an effective public relations consultant, and shared her thoughts with […]

Pandemic Affect on PR According To Racepoint Global, Pavlov Agency & more…

How has the pandemic affected the public relations industry?  Everything-PR spoke to some experts recently and we got a variety of feedback:  “Agencies have an important role in helping clients navigate through change. Active communications programs are imperative in the current environment in which we’re reimagining virtually everything and reckoning with systemic challenges across the […]

What is the PR Mentoring Network?

Interview today with Dmitri Vietze, the founder and CEO of music and tech PR firm rock paper scissors, located in Bloomington, IN. He has a background in community organizing and anti-racist activism. The PR Mentoring Network is an all volunteer, grassroots effort meant to give PR professionals and veterans a chance to help diversify the PR field and […]

Safe & Effective Community Management: A Look At Healthcare Social Media Success

A Q&A with Gratia Maley. Gratia is a Digital Account Manager at Pascale Communications, a healthcare communications agency, where she specializes in FDA-compliant community management, social media strategy, and content development, and is a Facebook Certified Media Planning Professional. Gratia was instrumental in building Pasacle’s FDA-recognized community management practice and developing adverse event reporting protocols that […]

Public Relations and Law Firms

In the distant past, public relations and lawyers couldn’t exist in the same sentence. However, during the ‘80s, rules and regulations were relaxed and, for the first time, lawyers could advertise themselves and their services. The further deregulation in the later decades allowed more careers to open up in the space that was being created. […]