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“Live” to Virtual Shifting

Key insights on how consumers are using smartphones and tablets

The pandemic known as COVID-19 has already disrupted many events, spring expos, conferences and other plans for large gatherings. In addition, more city and state governments are capping the number of people who can gather together so as to minimize exposure to the virus. Consumers like to be personally engaged with a brand, but the […]

Marketing During A Pandemic

Marketing During A Pandemic

In the wake of a pandemic, which most people have never experienced, the novel coronavirus COVID-19 has managed to affect every part of people’ lives in a matter of weeks. Between the panic buying and the panic selling, crisis communications have become a valuable tool, which is going to be very useful in this ongoing […]

Blue Oceans PR Tips On Communications During COVID-19 Quarantine

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Recent WHO (World Health Organization) announcement about COVID-19 pandemic is raising many uncertainties and questions about the way business will now be conducted around the world. In the face of this unusual situation, companies often do not know what to do and how to communicate with customers, partners, even their own employees. Kristina Skindelytė and […]

Stopping A PR Crisis Before It Starts


A misconception about the PR industry is that it is reactive, rather than proactive. The reality, however, is that PR is a tool and trade that is also effective when used as a preventative measure.In other words, it is always much more preferable to take precautions against a PR crisis before one occurs, rather than […]

Epidemic PR: How Should the Media Cover the Coronavirus?

Epidemic PR

Every day on social media, there are memes, articles, and “takes” on what to do, feel, and think about the coronavirus. Some are played for laughs, others purport to be authoritative, and many fall somewhere on a spectrum between those descriptions. This reality, on its face, telegraphs a challenge the traditional media faces when covering […]

American Academy of Pediatrics Issues RFP

American Academy of Pediatrics

The AAP holds a cooperative agreement for the National Center on Early Childhood Health and Wellness (NCECHW) with the Administration for Children and Families (ACF) Office of Head Start and Office of Child Care, as well as with the Health Resources and Services Administration Maternal Child Health Bureau to support the health‐related activities and goals […]

Writing An Influencer Marketing Contract? Read This First

The phenomenon of influencer marketing is going from strength to strength. A growing number of brands are leveraging influencer marketing to reach their target audience, and what was once a niche digital marketing strategy is quickly becoming an established strategy in its own right.  Even so, the path to involvement with influencer marketing is still […]

Running Effective PR Campaigns: 6 Simple Tips

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An effective PR campaign can have a long-lasting effect on a brand’s public image and reputation. If well-planned, a PR campaign can boost sales and attract media attention (positive and national). Further, it can foster positive relationships between a brand and the public over the years to come. What are the six simple but effective […]


That’s the title of the movie HubSpot characterized as one of the “strangest movies of the 80s.”  For marketers who began in the field 20 or more years ago, and who were also responsible for advertising, the usual regime usually meant weeks, if not months of meetings, analysis and manual buys. That ritual was critical […]

Public Relations Skills for 2020

Public Relations Skills for 2020

For those already working in the public relations industry, it goes without saying that this is a world of constant flux and change. Though the purpose of public relations will always be to effectively manage a client’s public perception, be they an individual, business, government or organization, the skills required to do this successfully are […]