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Current Effective PR Trends

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In the current ever-changing news cycle, companies have to keep up with trends and create content that will help them connect with their target audience. Right now, that type of content should emphasize humanity and lean into core company values. The pandemic managed to shift the day-to-day lives … [Read more...]

What Are the Functions of Public Relations?

Congrats on the Promotion!

The public image of the business is an important asset in any business. With a positive public image, a big part of marketing the business is already done. On the other hand, any event that may ruin the company’s reputation in the eyes of the public puts the company in great jeopardy, no matter how … [Read more...]

What Comes First?

Careers Public Relations

Careers Public Relations 1 Is a number of businesses that provide services or products to others, however, even when they have a great product, they still have to connect with a customer base to be able to make sales. There have been plenty of debates on whether business owners should be focusing … [Read more...]

Converting PR Efforts into Sales

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Whenever a media outlet starts covering a  company, plenty of businesses start to believe that that’s all they need to get more sales. That’s actually not how things work. Although media coverage does mean that more prospects will be directly looking for the company, it still takes a couple … [Read more...]

12 PR Hacks to Boost your Brands Visibility


The primary objective of a PR campaign is to boost a company’s or brand’s visibility to their target audience. There are many conventional as well as unconventional methods that can be used to increase a brand's visibility. Referral Programs Referral programs have been successfully employed by … [Read more...]

Who Needs PR?

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While plenty of business owners seek  to get as much PR coverage as possible, not everyone needs it as much as they might think. Some industries don’t need to have much PR and might  achieve even more public exposure by investing in their advertising. On the other hand, some industries do best in … [Read more...]

Things to Consider When Taking a Stand on Issues

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Although a shift in consumer buying habits has been slowly happening for years, the pandemic managed to speed up that change and now customers prefer shopping from brands that have similar values to their own. This is especially important for the younger generations of consumers. Not only that, but … [Read more...]

Why PR relationship management software is necessary

Management software is an essential digital tool for anyone working in PR. Technology has changed how we interact with our clients, the general consumer market, and colleagues on a day-to-day basis.  Public relations database software helps communications and marketing professionals connect … [Read more...]

Top 7 Areas Covid-19 Should Shift Medical PR Campaigns

Across the country, COVID-19 has caused hospitalization rates to escalate. Attitudes towards hospitals and medical services have become increasingly negative. People have become more cautious about walking into a medical facility. This is largely because of horror stories that spread in the media. … [Read more...]