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Successful co-branding partnerships

2021-09-19 by Ronn Torossian
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When two brands form a brand partnership, they create mutual marketing and PR benefits. The brands may include retailers, car manufacturers, and restaurants, among others. The brands involved pool their resources, creativity, and existing images in order to build an offering that is greater than the sum of its parts. This leads to better customer reach, publicity, and conversions. Co-branding also boosts revenue streams and decreases risks. Sometimes, customers who are loyal to their brands do not attempt to try different brands.  In this case, co-branding helps to reach out to them and increases the acceptance and receptivity of a... Read More >

Lawyers and Public Relations

2021-09-17 by JamesD
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To try to attract or retain clients, most attorneys these days tend to rely on public relations and marketing efforts. The ones that don't utilize these tools end up losing out. Several decades ago, most of the legal industry believed marketing and public relations to be unethical and tended to avoid promoting themselves. However, these days, plenty of lawyers try their best to learn more about the ethics of communication with both existing and potential clients, and plenty of them also understand how important marketing, advertising, and public relations are when trying to attract new business for themselves. Nevertheless, before... Read More >

Maximizing PR Efforts

2021-09-15 by JamesD
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Effective public relations strategies are constantly changing, and what used to be an effective strategy even a year ago may no longer be practical for companies. That’s why companies have to keep up to date with the most relevant and current efforts which will help them get more attention and maximize their PR efforts. Today’s media landscape is also constantly changing, which puts plenty of businesses in a difficult position.  But when a company is able to utilize effective PR strategies, it’s easily going to improve its credibility, raise brand awareness, and improve its bottom line. With effective and strategic... Read More >

Promotional Tips for Companies in a New Era

2021-09-13 by Ronn Torossian
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One of the great ways that business owners can get a head start in launching their companies is by promoting them on social media platforms. As long as they have a strong social media strategy, it’s one of the most cost-effective and efficient tools. Market Research The first step in creating any sort of promotional campaign on social media is to research the market and the target audience of the business. Random promotional efforts will only end up wasting the time and resources of a company -  However, a targeted and knowledgeable approach generates plenty of beneficial results. Most of... Read More >

Important PR Metrics and Measurements

2021-09-09 by Jim Crickell
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More than ever before, public relations professionals are under a lot of pressure from their clients to prove their return on investments. To be able to show clients that PR campaigns actually work, a number of agencies have turned to digital tools and vendors.  Cision  One of the most popular, and most widely used software in the PR industry when it comes to metrics and measurements is Cision. Companies that have a global reach and target audiences across the entire world benefit from utilizing this tool because it allows businesses to get the best global snapshot.   It has a very broad... Read More >

Effective PR Strategies for Brand New Companies

2021-09-08 by Jade Minh
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One of the key aspects of creating a successful business during this time is utilizing public relations, which is strategic communication efforts that are designed to positively influence how the public views and response to a company. Although plenty of big brands and corporations can afford to have big PR campaigns or work with professional PR agencies that will handle all those matters, brand new companies usually can't afford to do the same. Fortunately, there are several effective strategies that even brand new startups can use to build up some positive public relations effort. Most brand new companies don’t look... Read More >

Protecting a Company’s Reputation With Consumer Issues

2021-08-31 by JamesD

Recently, during a flight from Philadelphia to Miami, a passenger on a Frontier Airlines flight had to be duct-taped to his seat. This is because he allegedly groped two flight attendants and tried to go after a third one. News outlets obtained a cell phone video from another passenger on the same flight, where the passenger could be seen shouting various profanities while in his seat. He also claimed that his parents were worth over $2 million and declared that his grandfather was an attorney. Later on, he also punched one of the male flight attendants that were keeping an eye... Read More >

What is a PR firm?

2021-08-24 by JamesD
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A PR firm is an organization consisting of public relations experts who promote clients and get them strategic communications excellence. It is essential that a PR firm is a good fit for the culture of a given business. PR is not simply another tool in the marketer’s toolkit.  It is rather it’s own strategic discipline and management function. In the social media age, the public relations industry needs a broader skill set. The industry has to embrace multiple channels and tools so that they can help client organizations manage relationships with their stakeholders. However, PR experts are more than communicators,... Read More >

Charities and Public Relations

2021-08-23 by Ronn Torossian
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When it comes to charitable organizations, many of their marketing teams prefer having the media come to them, instead of going out of their way to get media coverage. However, charitable organizations could be doing a lot more in terms of public relations efforts, and seizing a lot more opportunities to share their stories with as many people as possible. Fortunately, even when an organization doesn't have a big or even a dedicated budget for PR efforts, there are plenty of beneficial strategies they can employ. Charitable organizations should be working hard to show how their work differs from other... Read More >

Public Relations Rules for Off the Record Chats

2021-08-15 by Ronn Torossian
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Although having an off-the-record conversation with a reporter sounds complex or even mysterious, it's a very effective public relations tool. Whether that means a business owner is providing honest information about a trend in the industry that they find frustrating, or trying to find a way to ease the impact of an upcoming story about the company itself, there are plenty of benefits when it comes to off the record conversations with the press, even though their impact tends to be indirect.  Additionally, off-the-record conversations aren't just limited to crisis management or politics, although they're mostly mentioned in those contexts. These types... Read More >

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