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The Role Of StoryTelling in PR

For many, communicating to connect with an audience is the ultimate goal of public relations. That’s why digital storytelling is a communications trend with no end in sight, with skilled story writers a vital part of any modern marketing team. Take, for example, a shopper looking for a new pair of shoes. On one rack, […]

From A PR Crisis To A New Conversation


In the last few years, Facebook has been facing plenty of scandals. That, along with plenty of calls from regulators to break up this tech giant has led Facebook into a PR crisis. First, it was the scandal where Facebook had been giving its user’s information to a private consumer data company. Which meant that personal […]



There are a number of games many of us may have grown up with as kids that had an element of “freeze” in it.  However, when it comes to pensions, that’s a word that workers who are preparing for retirement don’t want to hear. GE was among the latest companies to announce a freeze on […]

The Key: Personalization And Teamwork

teamwork in the workplace

As if to put an exclamation point on what many marketers already know, CRM manufacturer Salesforce has revealed the results of a recent survey showing that 84% of respondents say that to get their business, companies must treat customers like people and not numbers.  What was even more revealing is that 80% said the experience […]

Public Relations Survey Reveals Industry Patterns and Trends

Public Relations Survey Reveals Industry Patterns and Trend

A confidential survey conducted by Davis & Gilbert LLP collected the responses of 133 public relations firms and agencies in an attempt to collect data and identify industry patterns and trends. The survey, which collected data from respondents ranging from full-service public relations firms to digital and social media professionals, was then organized into statistics […]



It’s not uncommon to hear some leaders debate about having to choose between being well-liked or well-respected.  The simple although not easy answer is that a balance of the two works best.  Well-liked leaders who are also respected have not only proven to be successful business managers, but also motivating and engaging mentors. DO’S Be […]

What Bayer Bringing Marketing In-House Means for Other Companies


Bayer Shifts Marketing Strategies Pharmaceutical juggernaut Bayer has spent the better part of the year preparing to bring all of its marketing work in-house, replacing work previously done through agency contracts. It’s a move mirrored by many companies that are seeking to cut costs, spend more in other areas, and achieve a more genuine quality of […]

Client Acquisition versus Client Retention: Which Matters More?


For digital marketers, there are, broadly speaking, two areas of focus when it comes to customer relationships. First, the marketing plan must work to acquire new customers. This process includes areas such as advertising, paid search, social media, and other channels focused on reach. The second area of focus, client retention, pertains to the user […]

Important Leadership and Management Skills for Success


All project leaders and office managers need to positively interact with team members. As much as communication is a big part of the interaction, employees also need to be motivated, respond to feedback, and solve problems in the workplace. Here are the skills that make a strong leader: Communication  Clear and succinct communication makes it […]