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That’s the title of the movie HubSpot characterized as one of the “strangest movies of the 80s.”  For marketers who began in the field 20 or more years ago, and who were also responsible for advertising, the usual regime usually meant weeks, if not months of meetings, analysis and manual buys. That ritual was critical […]

Public Relations Skills for 2020

Public Relations Skills for 2020

For those already working in the public relations industry, it goes without saying that this is a world of constant flux and change. Though the purpose of public relations will always be to effectively manage a client’s public perception, be they an individual, business, government or organization, the skills required to do this successfully are […]

Communicating Appreciation in the Workplace


Salary matters, but it’s not the only reason people come to jobs – and it’s certainly not the reason people leave them. If you want the members of your team to be happy and productive, benefitting the bottom line to the best of their ability, you have to work on the culture, not just reflect […]

Types of Crisis a Company Could Face


Mistakes just happen; nobody plans for them. Often these are little mistakes that accumulate into big issues if they go unnoticed by the team. Of course, to anticipate failure is not such a fun task but it goes a long way in equipping the team on how to respond. If a crisis is poorly resolved […]

2020 Influencer Marketing Trends

The world of digital marketing has undergone a series of transformations in recent years, with the evolution of new consumer technology, available platforms and even new languages. As such, there has been a parallel shift in how companies choose to market their products, including a new openness to working with so-called “influencers.” Though the actual […]


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It is one of the modern mysteries of the digital age, and technically no correct answer to the question.  In fact, there are many correct answers depending on how one would define the question and venue. History of The First Influencer Influencer marketing platform and consulting company Grin offered two candidates.  They say “in advertising folklore, […]

Hyperlocal Actors & The Future of Influencer Marketing

the future of influencer marketing

The meteoric rise of Instagram is undeniable. The social media platform has more users than ever before, with 111 million account holders now dedicating their spare minutes and hours of the day to the consumption of a range of media. At the same time, influencer marketing has evolved from a tactical marketing opportunity into a […]

Nike Communications Clients and Campaigns

Nike Communications works with a broad range of clients, many of whom are some of the world’s leading luxury brands, including Gillette Labs, Grey Goose, Billy Reid, and Halo Sport. The firm’s work with its various clients has allowed them to shift brand perceptions through strategies that help to maintain images of quality and luxury. […]

There’s More to Digital PR Than Link Building.

Digital public relations can be one of the most effective ways for a business to increase its online presence. Whether working with a digital PR agency or flying solo, a firm’s digital PR strategy typically involves networking with journalists, bloggers and online influencers to gain high-quality backlinks, mentions on social media, and improved Search Engine […]

Four PR Priorities for 2020

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It’s that time of year: 2019 is coming to an end, and the predictions for 2020 have begun to roll in. It should come as no surprise that the ever-changing world of PR is no different, and those who hope to excel in the industry in the coming year must stay abreast of emerging technologies, […]