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Guide to Effective Travel and Tourism PR

2022-06-01 by EPR Staff
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Travel PR is a specialized form of public relations, one that is used to promote and advertise tourism-based services. Travel PR professionals work with travel agencies, hotels, airlines, cruise lines, tour operators, and other travel-related companies to promote services and organizational image. When it comes to travel and tourism PR, the target has to be making a brand a household name. The best way to do this is by getting people talking, and the best way to get people talking is with a well-written press release. Getting a Travel Company’s Word Out There The key to writing a successful press... Read More >

Essential Leadership Qualities in an Inclusive Leader

2022-06-01 by Ronn Torossian
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An inclusive leader is an asset to an organization. A leader who creates an inclusive culture for their teams sees an increase in performance and better collaboration. The trust and compassion they have for their followers yield results. Over the years, how people work, manage responsibilities, and collaborate have changed. The workplace we know will keep evolving. An inclusive leader values differences and will leverage those differences so that organizations can benefit from them. Given below are strategies to adopt to become a more effectively inclusive leader. Practice empathy Empathy is the capacity to relate to the thoughts of others.... Read More >

Accountability in Public Relations

2022-06-01 by EPR Staff
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Accountability is something that most people in the PR industry take seriously. It is something that we all strive for, but can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. When people are accountable for their actions, they are more likely to behave in a way that benefits them and ultimately benefits their organization. Public relations professionals are responsible for creating and maintaining positive relationships between organizations and the people who are impacted by their decisions. They are also responsible for managing crises when they occur and responding to questions from the media and other stakeholders. These responsibilities require a great... Read More >

PR & Diversity

2022-05-29 by EPR Staff
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Public relations is a field that has been traditionally dominated by white men. This can cause problems for diversity because the lack of diversity in the field means that there are not many people with different perspectives in the room when decisions are being made. This lack of diversity can lead to PR teams making decisions without considering how they might affect other people, which can lead to poor decisions and negative publicity for your brand. Here are some examples of how public relations can cause problems for diversity: White men have a tendency to hire other white men, who... Read More >

Future of Work and PR

2022-05-25 by EPR Staff
12 promotional strategies to increase your sales

The main goal of public locations is all about sharing a company's stories through content in the news. Those stories can be about the company itself, what the business is doing now or is planning to in the future, its solutions, and using any effective communication channel to improve the company's reach. Throughout the years, depending on which channel for communication was most effective, public relations have changed greatly. With the latest technological developments having to reshape practically every aspect of interaction and communication, public relations had to keep up to be able to withstand the test of time. Since... Read More >

Starting in PR

2022-05-18 by EPR Staff
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The public relations industry is quite powerful because it helps individuals and companies of all shapes and sizes improve their public image and reputation. PR agencies and professionals tend to have a large influence on their clients’ messaging and public perception. They are in charge of creating press releases for their clients, sharing stats and facts about them to relevant outlets and channels, and even working with their clients to navigate crises.  Anyone that wants to start working in the PR industry first needs to get an entry-level job or internship position in the field. That's because companies in the... Read More >

PR Strategies for Israeli Companies

2022-05-09 by Ronn Torossian
Adding Thought Leadership To Your Marketing Strategy

With the right PR strategies, both big and small Israeli companies can get the chance to get media coverage, engage with their target audiences and convert more customers. With so many businesses of all kinds trying to compete for the attention of the customers these days, companies that want to stand out from the crowd need to be more creative in their PR efforts. Social media Any company that is serious about its PR efforts needs to maintain a consistent presence on relevant social media platforms that the audience already likes to use. This is mainly because social media platforms... Read More >

PR metrics

2022-05-07 by EPR Staff
Essential Metrics to Measure Initial Success

PR metrics track the effect of PR efforts and result in a detailed analysis of what works and what doesn’t. PR metrics  are extremely helpful since they help PR professionals understand what to prioritize and focus on. They help PR professionals understand whether their PR efforts are reaching the right audiences. PR metrics make it possible to bring about changes in existing campaigns, in order to increase ROI and improve their impact. Given below are some essential PR metrics that PR professionals should use. Media reach The number of mentions a business gets in the media, and the number of... Read More >

PR tools to use in 2022

2022-05-06 by EPR Staff

The past couple of years have been turbulent. To some extent, they have made businesses realize the importance of a good PR team. A good PR team needs various tools. Those tools can be presentations, conferences, press tours, brochures, or even company newsletters. A lot of media platforms have moved online, and PR professionals are using online tools. Normally PR tools have a database of press contacts, a CRM, and an outreach engine. Some tools have analytics features that help PR professionals work out which type of pitch would work out best. Given below are some PR tools that can... Read More >

Fintech PR is Essential for Smaller Fintech Companies

2022-05-02 by Ronn Torossian

The Fintech industry has taken over the world, where new businesses offer exciting new financial services or financial institutions become more consumer-friendly and convenient. It is one of the fastest-growing sectors globally and is also the focus of many new start-ups. But increasing growth also brings increasing competition. It can be difficult for smaller businesses to stand out from their competitors. Therefore, it is important for early-stage fintech startups and smaller fintech companies to invest in fintech PR. PR allows the new or smaller companies to put the word out about their products. It can also help them connect with their... Read More >

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