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Is CPG Dead?


For years, we took it for granted that customers would flock to stores for consumer package goods (CPG), particularly fresh food. There weren’t many people who foresaw a tsunami of delivery services zipping along and the popularity of home-delivered goods soar. For years, we took it for granted that online shopping for nonperishable products would […]

Challenges Facing Modern PR Pros

Public relations is all at once a timeless and a dated industry. Why do we say this? Well for starters, there will always be a need for public relations. The image/message that a business sends to consumers is vital, and having a public relations firm or consultant on retainer can help navigate the tricky world […]

Fools Rush In Where Angels Fear to Tread…

Elvis Presley wailed out lyrics to this song back in 1972, centuries after Greek philosopher Plato said, “Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something.”  Irrespective of which you agree with, communication is very important for marketing success as noted in previous articles. Good communication is not […]

Project-Based Agency Work: Beware the Pitfalls

It wasn’t long ago that brands relied heavily on the services of agencies brimming with marketing and public relations professionals. Agency work was competitive (still is) and many brands outsourced this type of work rather than hiring an in-house team. But this has shifted in recent years. A recent article published by Digiday points to […]

A Bright Future For PR

Public relations firms are elated following the release of a recent report by the Business Research Company saying that sales from the profession are expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of nearly 10% until 2022. In its report, the company said the PR market globally was estimated to be valued at […]

Packaging for Women: Done Right

women product packaging

Over the last few years, a focus on women’s issues has risen in prominence in the public sphere. From the pink tax to inequality in the workplace, gender issues have taken center stage in the news more than ever before. Still, there is one issue that few outlets — and brands — have managed to […]

How is Public Relations Different from Advertising?

There’s an old saying in public relations: “Advertising is what you pay for, publicity is what you pray for.” When it comes to the age-old battle between advertising and public relations, it’s a case of unpaid versus paid, credible versus skeptical, earned versus purchased. Advertising is hardly filling, and public relations just tastes so, so […]

Maximizing Performance as a ‘One-Person Show’

maximize profits

The idea of entrepreneurship or a freelance lifestyle is attractive to many marketing professionals. After all, what could be better than setting one’s own schedule, answering to zero bosses, and finding fulfillment in work? Working solo has a long list of perks and benefits, but this lifestyle is far from easy. It requires a lot […]

Making it in PR in 2019

A career in public relations has long been portrayed as a glamorous career path, filled to bursting with designer products, elaborate parties, and upper-tier clientele. Take Samantha Jones from Sex in the City, for example. She was a powerful woman with a long lunching habit and looked picture perfect at all times (except for that […]

This Summer, Try An Online Public Relations Course

Public relations can make or break a business – large or small. Good PR skills are also a vital tool for a range of professions, from politicians to radio presenters, or anyone trying to promote an idea or product. The internet is packed with bursting with online courses offering to help you improve your PR […]