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Shel Horowitz Public Relations & Marketing Book Recommendations

PR Books

Award-winning author Shel Horowitz – “The Transformpreneur”(sm) was gracious enough to share his thoughts on great marketing and public relations books.  He’s a noted and best selling-author well respected in the Public Relations industry. Horowitz said, “Discovering Jeffrey Lant’s Cash Copy back in the 1980s was my introduction to client-centered copy–something I’ve used in my own marketing […]

An In-Depth Analysis on the Outlook of Sports Gaming

sports gaming

It’s no secret that the sports genre is one of the most popular within the world of gaming. According to research by Statista, this area of the market accounted for 11.1% of total video game sales in the United States in 2018. Although MMOs – massively multiplayer online games – and role-playing titles have since piqued the interests […]

Great Celebrity Communicators: Will Smith, Robin Williams & More…

We asked our readers to let us know who are some of the best communicators ever.  Here’s our audience replies: Alex Kehoe of Caveni said, “One of the most effective and consistent communicators that many are familiar with is Will Smith. It’s undeniable the effect he has had on an entire generation of Americans and […]

Tips on Effective Legal PR Management

Managing a situation that involves a legal PR team is tricky but never impossible. Whatever the outcome happens to be in the court of law, the outcome in the court of public opinion is just as – if not more – important to the future of a business or organization that’s involved in a legal […]

Integrating Diversity into the Company

company diversity

Although protests following the videotaped death of George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer are decreasing, there’s still much discussion in communities not just about justice, but also the need for inclusion, diversity, and racial equity. Some brands were quick to publicly state their position on one or more of these topics, […]

Managing a Brand Crisis

Between online misinformation, misleading advertisements, and social media trolls, today’s crisis management planners have to be prepared for any type of emerging disaster. Whether that’s on a familiar front or a new and unexpected one, the best way of managing a crisis is with a solid plan. These days, brands and crisis management planners have […]

Careers in Digital Marketing: Community Managers

A career in digital marketing or digital PR is a rewarding experience for many, and is well-suited to individuals from a range of backgrounds with a keen eye for online communications. One role often discussed is that of a community manager. Here is a brief guide to the role of a community manager in digital marketing. A […]

Insights from With Global Alliance

Global Business

With Global Alliance, a global network of tech PR and marketing agencies, launched in January of this year with just five founding members. By June, the With Global Alliance (WGA) membership had doubled in size to include 10 firms, servicing 26 countries, all with deep tech expertise and hands-on senior leaders.  Operating in the international […]

PR Predictions From SPM Communications, Marketing Maven & More…

Everything-PR continues our round-up stories of speaking to industry experts on the future of PR. Here are some thoughts and feedback: “The pandemic has already refocused the PR industry – the future is here. While I would never say that this devastating global event is “helping” any industry, I believe this is the best time in […]

Blue Fog Communications, Shift Communications and Others on Future Of PR…

Continued interviews on the future of PR, with many differing thoughts. Here’s a few industry leaders: Stephanie Driscoll of Blue Fog Communications predicts, “…  we will see a large increase in individual PR in the future. If you think of some of the greatest brands of all time such as Oprah Winfrey and George Forman, […]