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Tips on Investing in Customer Experience

2022-04-25 by EPR Staff

Customer experience is all about the way companies engage with their customers throughout every stage of the buying journey. That means customer experience doesn't just support a business, it's the core of every business. From customer support to marketing and sales, every element gives companies a touchpoint and an opportunity to improve the relationship they have with their customers by building trust. Companies that develop trusting relationships with their customers maintain customer loyalty over the long term. According to recent studies, about 80% of all customers believe that the experience that companies provide for them is just as important as... Read More >

Strategies for Prioritizing Customer Experience

2022-04-24 by EPR Staff
Customer Service

One of the most popular marketing topics this year has been customer experience, but in reality, customer experience has always been at the core of what companies do. However, the pandemic accelerated the world into a digital-first space, and companies have had to navigate the situation quickly by learning to deal with an always-on target audience. One of the first lessons companies learned was that they needed to implement a strong customer experience strategy that helps them understand where and how customers want to engage with them. Always-on The pandemic accelerated the implementation of a digital-first world. Customers quickly started... Read More >

Tips on Ecommerce Key Performance Indicators

2022-04-12 by EPR Staff
how to run an ecommerce business

It's not always easy to build a successful e-commerce company. Plenty of e-commerce businesses have failed, which resulted in a waste of time and money. However, when done right, companies in the e-commerce industry get access to a part of the 4 trillion sales in the market. Tracking the right KPIs helps e-commerce companies generate more business insights and adjust operations in a way that achieves success. With over 2 billion people shopping online every year, companies need to keep track of what is and isn't working to be successful. With the right information, companies can optimize their e-commerce website... Read More >

Promoting Wellness Brands

2021-11-01 by EPR Staff
Valley Health Plan

As another end to a stressful year is approaching, and the world is still trying to navigate the impact of the global pandemic and its constant shifts in consumer behavior and values, one of the industries that has  successfully persisted throughout all of that has been the wellness industry. While innovation has been booming across many industries, with brands trying to show how relevant they can be and implement the latest technologies and promotional strategies, wellness brands have only been pushed further into the spotlight. Hims and Hers One of the brands that has  been pushed into the spotlight and... Read More >

Samsung Takes Risk Hoping for High Reward

2020-08-21 by EPR Staff

It’s no secret to consumers that the price points for smartphones and other mobile devices are climbing rapidly. People complained, but millions still went out and bought the latest and greatest handsets, even as prices climbed over $1,000. Then, COVID-19 hit, and an economic downturn followed. Many people didn’t have the extra cash on hand to buy a new phone, especially one that expensive. Seeing the need for other options, both Apple and Google released phones with a sub-$400 price point. Their biggest competitor, Samsung, is going in the other direction. The latest Galaxy phones, Samsung’s top-of-the-line smartphone handsets, are... Read More >

PR Consumer Beauty: Reassessing Why People Buy

2019-03-11 by EPR Staff

The PR of Consumer Beauty: Reassessing Why People Buy Do people buy to become, or do they buy to enhance? That is the central question currently redefining beauty PR and marketing. The debate is raging online, on social media, and in malls across America, with adherents on both sides digging in and planting flags in what they call “the right answer.” The “traditional” approach, which has been dominant for decades, appears to assume people buy because they aspire. They purchase beauty products to attain an otherwise unattainable level of beauty. They want to become. They see a supermodel in a... Read More >

Nectar Mattress: Best Brand & Marketing

2017-10-17 by EPR Staff
Nectar Mattress: Best Brand & Marketing

If you are looking at buying a new memory foam mattress, then you’ll want to get the best option AND the best deal. Here’s the top mattress we found, you can try it out for up to 365 days for free and get a discount too – great marketing and a testament to success. The deal to check out is on the Nectar foam mattress (, as the mattress is made of a blend between memory foam and gel quilting foam giving great support for the surface while still offering the contouring to a body known in memory foam mattresses.... Read More >

Shkreli guilty of fraud

2017-08-09 by EPR Staff

In what many are already calling a victory for the “good guys,” Martin Shkreli may be looking at the end of his career. The former pharmaceutical CEO who earned the derisive nickname, “Pharma Bro,” has been found guilty of fraud. According to the conviction, Shkreli “deceived investors” in some hedge funds. The jury deliberated for five days before finding Shkreli guilty on three of eight counts. He had been charged with securities fraud and conspiracy to commit fraud. The split decision is not really surprising. Many following the case have some trouble differentiating between where Shkreli actually committed fraud and... Read More >

Tech companies lining up behind net neutrality

2017-07-24 by EPR Staff
Tech companies lining up behind net neutrality

The biggest buzzword in today’s tech politics is no doubt, net neutrality. Millions are talking about it, even though many don’t understand what it means, not really. But that hasn’t stopped people from trying to explain it, as least well enough to get others to sign petitions and get on board online. Enthusiasm is high, and now many tech companies are answering the bell, coming out swinging in support of net neutrality. The group effort was in support of what was called a “Day of Action” which had the hopes of convincing the FCC that net neutrality – defined by... Read More >

Starbucks customers still seething over long lines

2017-02-14 by EPR Staff
Starbucks customers still seething over long lines

If they were going to complain about something, you would think Starbucks customers might complain about paying $5 for a cup of coffee. Nope. They love that. Want to get them all in a lather, though? Make them wait in line. When “in a hurry” coffee customers are stuck waiting for their caffeine fix, they can get downright testy. And they have their phones right there in their hands to tell the world all about it. After a lengthy and massive social media tirade over the state of the wait at Starbucks from coast to coast, the company made a... Read More >

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