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Samsung Takes Risk Hoping for High Reward

It’s no secret to consumers that the price points for smartphones and other mobile devices are climbing rapidly. People complained, but millions still went out and bought the latest and greatest handsets, even as prices climbed over $1,000. Then, COVID-19 hit, and an economic downturn followed. Many … [Read more...]

Nectar Mattress: Best Brand & Marketing

Nectar Mattress: Best Brand & Marketing

If you are looking at buying a new memory foam mattress, then you’ll want to get the best option AND the best deal. Here’s the top mattress we found, you can try it out for up to 365 days for free and get a discount too – great marketing and a testament to success. The deal to check out is on the … [Read more...]

Shkreli guilty of fraud

In what many are already calling a victory for the “good guys,” Martin Shkreli may be looking at the end of his career. The former pharmaceutical CEO who earned the derisive nickname, “Pharma Bro,” has been found guilty of fraud. According to the conviction, Shkreli “deceived investors” in some … [Read more...]

What recall? Samsung is soaring


Remember last month when the recall of an exploding phone made Samsung the laughingstock of the mobile world? Well, that worm seems to have turned. First, some are reporting that the Galaxy’s top opponent in the marketplace, the iPhone, also has some overheating issues. But, more importantly, … [Read more...]