Staying Top Of Mind With Customers Companies that are looking to ensure they’re the first choice for customers have a few

strategies they can use. After all, companies generate more sales when the customers think of the company when they’re trying to find a solution to a pain point. By showing up at the right time and place and making positive associations, companies can make sure they’re the first thought in consumers’ minds.


One of the best tools that companies can use to ensure they’re at the top of their customer’s minds is associations. The human brain creates associations on a daily basis. If a business can make a promotional effort that will create an association in the customer’s mind, it gains a competitive advantage. A piece of content that’s memorable doesn’t mean the company has made a positive association. The key to effective and positive associations is in the relevance and impact on customers. To do that, companies have to start creating personalized content for their target audience. Each piece of content that the company creates should impress a specific audience segment. This is a more effective strategy than focusing on getting the attention of as many people as possible. That’s because specific audience segments will feel like the company is speaking to them directly through the content. That’s a positive feeling, and the potential customers will make a positive association with the company.

Time and place

Another important element when it comes to staying on top of the minds of customers is time and place. Companies have to show up at the right time and place for the target audience to make a positive impact. Making sure a company becomes memorable for its customers is part creativity. It’s also part variety and part repetition. That means companies have to find creative ways to reach their target audiences across communications channels. Once a company has developed creative content, it’s time to focus on variety and repetition. The company has to ensure its creative content shows up at the right time and place for the customers. To do that, companies will have to start investing a lot more in their advertising and marketing campaigns. Investing more is the way to ensure that the creative content from the business will actually show up at the right time and place for customers. And that those potential customers are going to see the content from the business. That means companies have to promote their content on the communications channels their audience is using. And promote the content during the time when the audience is also on those same channels. 

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