PR Jobs

These days, those beginning their PR career journey often have obtained their Bachelor’s degree in public relations, communications, advertising, journalism, or the like. Towards the end of their academic work, they start looking for that first post - usually starting in an internship before eventually moving to full-time employment as a PR, communications, media specialist or press secretary. Many work for more than one firm as an intern, allowing time to find the perfect fit for the type of specialization best suited to their interests and needs.

As their career and experience grow, they’ll find themselves more in the middle of specialized tasks and innovative strategies, but the core work will also always be essential, whether done directly by the worker or if those efforts are directed. Still, the necessary skills and understanding are at the root of PR work.

But no matter where they end up working, as an intern or later, with a large firm offering them any number of divisions to hone their skills, or with a small boutique firm specializing in just one or two sectors, some common tasks on the list include:

·Prepare information for media sources and write press releases
·Maintain corporate image, brand, and identity
·Research and draft speeches
·Arrange interviews for top executives
·Provide information requested by media sources
·Help clients communicate effectively for smoother dealings in their organizations and with the public
·Evaluate existing advertising and promotions determining compatibility with the company’s media and PR efforts.

If there’s a topic or idea you would like covered, we want to know about it. Send us an email to if there’s a topic you want covered or a job we should list. We are devoted to helping the Public Relations industrycontinue to thrive and grow.

Ironman CEO PR Challengers: Aaron Kwittken & Peter Shankman

Ironman andrew messick

The creators of the Ironman fundraising foot-race are seeking sponsorships to help the event grow.  The participants of Ironman include those able to swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles and run 26.2 miles in less than seventeen hours. Obviously a maximal degree of commitment, perseverance, and discipline are required to foster realistic hope of completing […]

Ditka Forced to Apologize After Comments About Race

Ditka forced to apologize after comments about race

When he played, Mike Ditka was a presence on the field. The big tight end made defenses pay every time he ran a route. He took this strong, gruff, no-nonsense approach into his coaching days, building a reputation as a dominant winner during his time in Chicago. Despite his gruff exterior and scowling presence on […]

UNDP Seeks PR Firm

Then United Nations seeks  to  hire  a  Media/event management company to conceive, develop, pretest and produce a multi-media, multi-channel communication campaign  to  promote  the  2030  Agenda  for  Sustainable  Development  and  the Sustainable Development Goals; to conceptualize and implement  UN intervention/e vent  in the  context of the  United Nations Day on  24th  October 2017. Background: At […]

The Southern California Association of Governments Seeks Public Relations Firm

The Southern California Association of Governments Seeks Public Relations Firm

Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) is seeking a marketing and advertising experience to develop and implement the advertising component of Go Human. The primary goal of the Campaign is to reduce vehicle versus pedestrian and bicycle collisions, while increasing levels of walking and biking in Southern California. Background: Founded in 1965, the Southern California […]

BC Public Service Agency Seeks Ad Agency

The BC Public Service Agency (“BCPSA” or “Agency”) is a central agency providing human resource (HR) services to the BC Public Service. Formed in 2003, the organization provides leadership and services in people management. Established by the Public Service Act, the BCPSA provides human resource leadership, expertise, services and programs that contribute to better business […]

Russian Federation Represent Maldives PR

Maldives Is Seeking An Australian PR Agency

MMPRC is the national tourism office of Maldives responsible for carrying out promotional activities to become the most preferred island destination of the world under the slogan of Maldives . . . the sunny side of life; whilst adhering to its mission to promote quality and sustainable growth in the local tourism industry to deliver […]

Government of India Seeks Social Network Management Agency

government of India

Purpose: Ministry of Food Processing Industries, Government of India desires to engage a credible professional agency as a “Social Network Management Agency” on turnkey basis to utilize the social media platform for dissemination of information and creating awareness about the Ministry of Food Processing Industries and services that are delivered under the schemes & programmes […]

PGW Seeks Social Media Marketing Company


PGW is seeking a social media agency or professional to execute up to four defined social media campaigns to drive awareness, measurable engagement and channel growth for PGW’s online community presence. They seek to increase the overall awareness of PGW and its @myPGWcommunity channel which exists in support of @myPGW. This handle is specifically focused […]

City and County of San Francisco Seeks Marketing Agency

City and County of San Francisco

The City and County of San Francisco seeks an agency to assist the International Marketing and Aviation Development staff in developing an overall strategic marketing plan for overseas locations, to improve the level and quality of international service at San Francisco International Airport (“SFO or the “Airport”). Scope of Work: The scope of services for […]

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Seeks Marketing Agency

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) is requesting interested parties experienced in the development of marketing and branding for large scale utilities to provide information and feedback that will assist the LADWP. Background: The utility industry as a whole is undergoing a massive transformation, with the advent of two-way power, smart grid, […]