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Getting the Most Out of Instagram Hashtags

Hashtags have carved an interesting path in the world of social media: starting off on Twitter, they never quite took off on Facebook, and have instead become the backbone of Instagram marketing. Just the mere adding of # symbol to your post can turn any word or phrase into a clickable, followable topic, with the […]

Coming Back from A Negative Review

Coming Back from A Negative Review

Every business, no matter the size, has to deal with a spat of bad publicity every now and then. It’s an unfortunate side effect of offering a product or service to consumers — not everyone will be satisfied every time. And that’s okay. What matters the most is the way in which a business handles […]

PR in a post-GDPR world

With the first anniversary of the 25 May effective date of the GDPR fast approaching, PR firms- regardless of if they are interacting with stakeholders in and beyond the EU- must be sure to act responsibly, transparently, ethically and legally when handling personal data. Indeed, successful PR is dependent on the ability to build and […]

Neiman Marcus to explore travel market

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Neiman Marcus’ newly launched campaign, dubbed ‘The Art of Travel’, is the retailer’s attempt at reaching out to travel customers. The campaign kicks off a line of travel-themed exclusive items from handbags to fine apparel to beauty. ‘The Art of Travel’ collection boasts over 500 product exclusives across all merchants divisions, which will be offered […]

Storytelling with Experiential PR

The essence of good PR, everyone used to say, is storytelling. Indeed, the ability to convey a powerful message that consumers, governments, media, and a range of stakeholders, can relate to and adopt is, in many ways, a timeless one. Enter social media: initially coming at the expense of good storytelling, the speed of an […]

Best Public Relations Practices for Small Businesses

Even without an enormous budget, small businesses can still make a splash with strategic public relations. PR is necessary for the positive reception of any business, so don’t skip this vital step and be sure to hire a professional if this is unchartered territory for you. Public relations is all about the public, or target […]

PR Campaigns Not Delivering? Do This to Fix It

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When a single PR campaign misfires, there could be a number of different reasons. However, if your public relations efforts are consistently failing to bear fruit, one or more of the following common PR problems are the likely reason. Let’s review these common reasons for PR failure and what you can do to turn that […]

What to expect in the Israeli tech industry in 2019

What to expect in the Israeli tech industry in 2019

The Israeli start-up and tech scene have been a hub for innovation and growth. However, the tech scene is at a time of flux and change. The major sectors to watch out for in the Israeli tech include innovations in blockchain, AI, medical cannabis and advanced manufacturing. In terms of what’s in store for Israeli […]