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Curbside Is Here to Stay

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Shortly before he passed away in 1937, George Gershwin composed the music to “Our Love is Here to Stay.” His wife, Ira, finished the lyrics to what became a musical standard for many years. Some large shopping center owners who quickly adapted curbside pickup believe this may be a solution to their long-range challenges.          An […]

Great Celebrity Communicators: Will Smith, Robin Williams & More…

We asked our readers to let us know who are some of the best communicators ever.  Here’s our audience replies: Alex Kehoe of Caveni said, “One of the most effective and consistent communicators that many are familiar with is Will Smith. It’s undeniable the effect he has had on an entire generation of Americans and […]

Ronald Reagan & Steve Jobs: Great Communicators!

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We asked communications professionals who are some great communicators, and we got some amazing responses. Margaret J. King, Ph.D., Director of The Center for Cultural Studies & Analysis, said “You can start with Ronald Reagan, the “Great Communicator.”  And I think Fred Rogers qualifies in a totally different way – speaking to children.  Actually, one of […]

The Facebook and Instagram Ad Toss-Up

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It’s a question that most brands with a limited social media advertising budget face on a regular basis: when it comes to advertising on social media, is it better to lead with Facebook or Instagram? While the two platforms have a broad overlap in users, the specific interactions and demographics of audiences on either are […]

10 Things to Prepare Before Hiring a PR Firm

How PR Firms are changing

Hiring a PR firm is an important asset for many different companies, however, it’s important to have a few things in mind before making the decision on choosing the company. Before everything else, it’s important that the company and the PR firm have the right relationship and that both representatives, ideas, and achievements align. Set […]

“That’s when I fell for… the leader of the pack”


Boomers may remember this 1964 hit song first made popular by the Shangri-Las and subsequently recorded by other artists. In today’s fast-moving world of digital communications, the leader of today’s pack is Instagram. So? Recent research by Business Insider Intelligence revealed that 79% of brands relied on Instagram for their influencer campaigns. The research service […]

Revolution in Political and Digital Landscape

Not only is 2020 a major election year, but the tech industry is also bracing for a number of potentially sweeping changes on many fronts around many parts of the U.S. For starters, 49 states and the U.S. territories have joined Texas in a joint bi-partisan antitrust investigation of Google. This probe is happening in […]

“We Try Harder”

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Ever since its early beginnings, Avis, the car rental company, was always second to Hertz. In 1963, its agency Doyle Dane Bernbach decided to capitalize on Avis being second and came out with the slogan, “When you’re only number two, you try harder.” Avis had lost $3.2 million the year before the campaign but within […]

Marketing During A Pandemic

Marketing During A Pandemic

In the wake of a pandemic, which most people have never experienced, the novel coronavirus COVID-19 has managed to affect every part of people’ lives in a matter of weeks. Between the panic buying and the panic selling, crisis communications have become a valuable tool, which is going to be very useful in this ongoing […]

Credit Card or DIP?

Credit card debt continues to rise, according to U.S. personal financial information company NerdWallet, but a recent newcomer is also beginning to make its mark with consumers. That newcomer is digital installment plans or DIP.  CivicScience, a U.S. market research, and intelligence firm revealed that the popularity of interest-free digital payment programs jumped from 24% […]