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There are a number of games many of us may have grown up with as kids that had an element of “freeze” in it.  However, when it comes to pensions, that’s a word that workers who are preparing for retirement don’t want to hear. GE was among the latest companies to announce a freeze on […]

Businesses Can Learn from Carol Cone’s Principles

Carol Cone’s Purpose Principles

Carol Cone has built a career around the idea of purpose. In a world that has rapidly progressed to a need for social transparency, particularly from businesses both large and small, Cone has seen an area for her to assist. Through her business, Cone collaborates with clients to help drive their brand purpose forward — and […]

Public Relations Salary Ranges

Public Relations Salary Ranges

As described in an earlier article, the demand for public relations professionals is high today, largely because of the explosion on social media. This is encouraging for current PR folks as well as for students seeking to major in PR. The median annual salary for a PR specialist in 2017 was nearly $60,000 according to […]

The Balance Between Profits and Responsibility

The Business Roundtable, a nationwide organization of America’s CEOs who represent nearly all of our largest companies, recently came out publicly in support of a balance between shareholder profits and social responsibility. More than 94% or 181 of the 192 members signed the statement. Since 1978, the association had always espoused shareholder interests and profits […]

Confidence is Key When it Comes to Female Leaders


The digital realm surely has great potential to be more egalitarian, more inclusive and less prejudiced than the traditional one. Users often don’t know who is sitting behind the screen, who is handling the request they have sent in, and who is writing the words they are reading. Even so, the digital world remains dominated […]

Congrats on the Promotion!

Congrats on the Promotion!

Okay, celebrating is over and it’s your first day on the job as the new marketing director. The CEO said she chose you because of your servant leadership as well as your skills in strategic planning, communications and accountability. She also wanted to see a positive turnaround in revenues but also had confidence that you […]

Strategies for Female Leaders

It is an old adage, but can be used to explain a world of realities: men are from Mars, and women are from Venus. In few industries is the gender divide so obvious than that of the digital and technology sphere. In an emerging realm of a limitless number of workplaces, men still outnumber women […]

Is CPG Dead?


For years, we took it for granted that customers would flock to stores for consumer package goods (CPG), particularly fresh food. There weren’t many people who foresaw a tsunami of delivery services zipping along and the popularity of home-delivered goods soar. For years, we took it for granted that online shopping for nonperishable products would […]

Fools Rush In Where Angels Fear to Tread…

Elvis Presley wailed out lyrics to this song back in 1972, centuries after Greek philosopher Plato said, “Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something.”  Irrespective of which you agree with, communication is very important for marketing success as noted in previous articles. Good communication is not […]