Marketing strategies for TV shows

A successful TV show requires talented artists and interesting scenarios. It also requires a marketing campaign that can help it to stand out and draw the attention of the public. Marketing a TV show is a very competitive form of marketing. To build a solid base of viewers who will be actively engaged there should be hype leading up to the release of the show. The hype should be built in the right time so that the viewers are enticed. Given below are tips that would help a TV show to engage the interest of the audience.

Use visual content

Visual content helps to narrate a story that needn’t be explained in words. The visual content can be anything from posters to trailers. Shareable video content is even better. They can grab the attention of the audience and attract them to the show. Plain old slides will not suffice anymore, animated slides will help to drive engagement. Even a meme will have more impact than scripted words. If the visual content that is used goes viral, it will be able to promote a TV show to a great extent. Witty captions of memes can also help to promote a show.

Create a website to sell promotional products

A website that sells unique promotional products will bring a TV show to life. A shop on the website can offer apparel and other merchandise for fans. When fans buy the products and use the items the TV show will get more exposure. A TV show is often recognized as a brand and heightened viewership is its goal. For instance, the show Love Island  went to the extent of creating personalized water bottles for its viewers. Customized merchandize helps to create brand awareness and brand loyalty. This also helps to increase the interest of the viewers for the next season.

Involve the audience

TV shows can always use interactivity to keep audiences coming back. Creating a quiz and awarding winners with prizes is a great strategy. There are many ways to do this, there can also be a competition where the winner can be an extra in the show. Some scenes in the show can be shot in public places and people in the community can be encouraged to participate in the background scenes. The audience can also be asked to crowdfund a film, and then can be given exclusive merchandise when they do so.

Use social media platforms

Social media is more than a marketing channel for TV shows. Many viewers share their opinions on Twitter and successfully manage to convince others to watch their favorite shows. TV shows should always use social media platforms to drive views. Facebook can also be used for ads for shows. A Facebook page with creative designs and updates can help to keep viewers hooked. Running contests with hashtags on Instagram can also help in promotion.

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