Top Business Live Streaming Platforms

Live streaming platforms are video hosting platforms that allow their users to broadcast themselves and their video content to the audiences. Companies can use these types of platforms to create live video content for the purpose of building brand awareness, lead generation, or simply advertising. However, depending on the goals that the company wants to achieve, there are different platforms that businesses can choose from.


YouTube provides companies with a free video streaming platform that’s designed for anyone that doesn’t have a lot of broadcasting experience, as the platform is primarily a consumer-focused video-showing platform. Some of the advantages companies can get from using YouTube as part of their live video content strategies include the fact that the platform is a household name, and is free to use, which means there are millions of people using it on a daily basis. It’s also incredibly easy for companies to embed a video player on their website, and the platform provides live and VOD hosting as well. However, there are strict content restrictions and limitations when it comes to creating live video content, and companies don’t get a chance to remove the platform’s branding from their content.


Another popular platform for sharing live video content for companies is Facebook which also has millions of users all over the world and can help companies tap into their existing follower base. The platform is also free, and companies can use the live chat feature during their broadcast to generate more engagement. However, the broadcast has a time limit, and similar to YouTube, companies can’t remove the branding of the platform from the content itself.


Instagram provides companies with a number of different video-sharing features, aside from the regular photo-sharing capabilities, however, companies can’t host long-form videos on the platform. When it comes to live video content, companies can broadcast via the Stories feature on Instagram, and get access to a number of business tools, as well as in-app and live shopping features. It’s also incredibly easy for people to navigate, which is why it has millions of users all over the world, however, compared to other platforms that companies can use, Instagram doesn’t have a lot of professional features, and the privacy tools are also limited on this platform.


Another popular video-sharing social media platform is TikTok, which is incredibly popular and has made it very easy for anyone to go viral, and develop a following, even by mistake sometimes. Companies can access the live streaming tools to broadcast on the platform, however, the tools are highly controlled. Nevertheless, if a company is able to get over 1000 followers, it will easily be able to share live video content on the platform, which is a great way for companies to achieve some quick growth.

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